Looking to get started meditating? Or want to get better? Guided Mediations could be the answer!

Guided meditations walks you through how to meditate yourself to a state of mind where you get there without having to know how. Guided meditations teaches you to meditate without getting into any deep conceptualization of how to meditate.

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You do not need to know how to meditate or even how to be in the “NOW”. Once you are able to get into the state where you can do your own meditation or your own physical activity without knowing how it is done, then you are able to walk out of the experience of being a beginner.

Once you are able to meditate without having to know how, you are able to walk out of the experience of being a beginner.

You do not need to meditate in a certain fashion or in a particular place. You are able to walk in any place or manner you choose.

How it works:

1. Once you are able to meditate, do not meditate just see. If you meditate see. It is not necessary. You may meditate just see or you may meditate in your body at all times, like a walking meditation. The state where you are able to do your own meditation is enough. Once you are in this state, see how it feels. This is the meditative state. Your physical experience, your own, may not be as intense as when you are meditating just see. Then you will be able to see the difference in the intensity of experience.

2. So when you are in the meditative state, it is not necessary to meditate your mind. You are able to be in your own experience and mind your own mind. However, you may, if you wish, meditate your mind with the intention of entering the meditative state. Doing so is enough to enter the meditative state.

3. Key to all is this is when you are meditating just see, what is happening in your own experience. If you choose, you may meditate your mind also. Just do it if you desire. There is no rule. It is not necessary to see the whole process in your mind. The whole process can be seen in your own experience.

4. If you choose to meditate your mind, meditate your own mind also. It is not necessary to see the whole process in your own mind. The whole process can be meditated in your own experience.

Guided Meditations Can help Relax Your Mind

When you meditate in your own mind, you may go on for hours. I have seen both methods. I have seen people go on for hours while having one thought. I have seen people meditating their own mind for half an hour then meditating the whole day. It is up to you to go on as long as you want.

Meditating can be so beneficial but when you get started or even a seasoned pro mediating can be tough so having a guided meditation to help you stay focused and stay meditating for longer can help.

Remember that these are here to guide you and get the best mediation that you possibly can.

Check out this 15 minutes guided meditation we found online which is awesome and you can start using today!

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