At the very beginning, we must say that Spirituality is not the goal. Spirituality is the journey. To choose a Spiritual way of living means to travel, without focusing on „the end“.  So how can you start and get into Spirituality for Beginners?

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Many people are wondering, is it enough to pray, is it enough to meditate, or to apply some similar practice, to call themselves a „Spiritual person“. When we talk about Spirituality, you must know that there is not a specific thing that you must do to become a Spiritual person. Because there are so many things that you need to apply in your everyday life, you need to implement them to your life, you need to make those things an indispensable part of your life and your inner being. 


Just take a moment and look at what are doing the ones that we perceive as Spiritual. Think about Dalai Lama, think about Deepak Chopra. Can you notice one thing here? They are still Meditating every day, even dough we already perceive them as „Spiritual“. That’s because Spirituality is not the goal that they’ve already achieved, Spirituality is the journey, the way of life. 


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Ester Hicks, who channels Abraham, Meditated nine months before she first time got in touch with Abraham. Nine months! And many people feel disappointed after two days of Meditation, for not being able to „see the results“. You can not see the miracles after being a „Spiritual person“ for a week or two, but this doesn’t mean that the miracles won’t appear in the future. You simply need to „build in“ Spirituality into your inner being, make it constant. 


One of the most important advice for Spirituality for Beginners, if you want to become a Spiritual person, is not to give up! Many people, when they start to Meditate, for example, are not persistent. Very often, people have different „consequences“ after Meditating- crying, they feel nauseous, they cough, they have many „negative“ thoughts, etc. But if you are a beginner in the Spirituality field, you should know that all those things are completely normal. Everything that happens to you during the Meditation is good. All of those things are part of the journey.


These things happen for two reasons: the first reason is that you need to „clean“ your inner being, you need to remove all of those negative programs and beliefs from the past, all of those negative emotions that you have been collecting in the past. And the second reason is that your mind is struggling. Your mind intends to „remove“ you from the Meditation and that’s why your mind keeps on sending you different thoughts. But, if you keep on Meditation, as time passes by, you will be able to „turn off“ those thoughts.


If you are finding yourself at the Spirituality for Beginners path, imagine the following thing. Imagine Spirituality as a deep forest. If you want to go from the dark part of the forest to the sunny part of that same forest, you have to go through that whole deep, dark forest. As you are walking, at some point, you are getting to the darkest part of that forest. What would most of the people do? They would turn and go back to the beginning. But, there are also the ones who would keep walking. And those are the ones who are living a Spiritual life!

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Spirituality for Beginners

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