Unless fat burning or general physical conditioning are your Law of attraction manifestation targets and goals, you probably do not think that much with regards to what you eat or drink throughout while your trying to manifest into your life what it is you desire.

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But don’t be fooled by thinking what you consume every day does not have an effect on your vibrational frequency!

It affects everything from your general health and well being all the way to how you feel and act which as we all know are vital for attraction when you start using the law of attraction in your life.

So food and drink do play a huge role but what if you could make just a tiny small change in your life from taking one drink a day?

Well I would like to introduce you to the power of tea! Tea can tackle everything from nausea to improving mental health and wellness, tea really is a killer component that you can start using today in your life to improve your wellness and success with law of attraction.

By just using tea or adding tea into your daily routine can really improve and give you that added lift in your vibrational mood and feelings, this of course ill then help you attract more of what you desire into your life.

So below I have listed the nine best tea I think you can use for manifestation and to improve your health and well being I have also added some tips to prepare them and

Lemon Balm Tea

While lemon balm tea is not one of the big nine or a well known tea to everyone, however for anyone using the law of attraction to manifest lemon balm tea really can be a winner. This is due to the fact it will aid you in being clam, focused and relaxed.

So we use lemon balm tea every morning right before we start to do any meditating or visualisation as it aids in better focus and feeling more relaxed, this will help you to focus and to manifest faster using the law of attraction.

lemon balm tea manifest

Chai Tea

Chai tea is made using the ancient spice of cloves, cardamom, fennel, and also cinnamon, all these services to help you manifest and feel better in different ways….

Cardamom is known because it’s an anti-emetic. So, this will help with anyone suffering from vomiting.

Also both cloves as well as fennel decrease gastrointestinal pain in a lot of people so if you suffer from stomach ache or stomach discomfort chai tea can really help. People have also mentioned that cinnamon assists the control of blood glucose in many people so again this may help people suffering from diabetes and other high blood sugar aliments.

Benefits of Chai Tea

Black Teas

There are lots of different types of black teas ranging from the everyday blends right through to the ones that can really help you in manifestation and in the law of attraction.

If you smoke there has been some really great research for people suffering from lung disease or damage that was caused from smoking. It can additionally be a potent source of polyphenols. These are compounds which are connected to boosting the health of the tummy and also the skin.

Also black tea is high in caffeine so can aid you with a little boost in your focus and energy when your trying to manifest or visualise what it is you want. So using black tea is a great way to stay healthy and alert and in the present tense with regards to the law of attraction and manifestation.

Benefits of Black Teas

Green Teas

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Now this is my tea of choice it’s the easiest to find and with so many taste variants around the one I suggest to start with. It is also very inexpensive and has so many health benefits as stated below it has to be your number one choice.

The majority of the great press obtained by tea revolves around the advantages of using green tea each and every day.

First of all, green tea has something called catechins in it, which researches say increases your  metabolic rate meaning you then have the ability to lose weight and burn fat faster. So if you within law of attraction are trying to lose weight or burn some extra pounds if weight loss green tea is the perfect partner for you in aiding this.

Green tea has also shown very good results for people with Alzheimer’s illness and other kinds of mental deterioration, so it green tea is great to help keep your mental faculties intact (guaranteeing you show up successfully well right into later life!). There are continuous investigations right into its effect on malignancies and helping with the fight against cancer and also heart disease.

The Benefits of green tea

Peppermint Tea

So if you find caffeine or drinks like coffee don’t assist you and you want something that can help you stay focused and alert peppermint tea really is your next stop for the energy and mind boost you are craving. Peppermint tea is an all-natural energizer that can assist you really feel a lot more wide awake and also sharp. So use this first thing in the morning just before you begin to meditate or visualise to get your mind into focus.

Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Hibiscus Tea.

This amazing tea is frequently paired with rosehip (an attractive taste combination), hibiscus tea is great for anyone who starts to feel anxious or anyone suffering from anxiety. This is mainly down to the fact it is excellent at brining down blood pressure. So as it brings down blood pressure it in turn brings down your anxiety levels.

Anytime you come across difficulties or problems when using the law of attraction take this tea. Being able to deal with and handle stress anytime let alone when using the law of attraction is a great way to speed up your manifestation with the law of attraction so using hibiscus tea daily or if and when you need is a fantastic way to speed it up.

Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

White Teas.

White teas are known for the amazing amount of antioxidants that can be found in them in fact there one of the highest teas you can drink for this! Antioxidants may provide some defence against damaging chemicals located in your atmosphere or your everyday life such as pollution, diet, what you drink and many other factors so consuming a tea with a huge amount of these really can help defend you against these.

There is also some compelling research study on the benefits that white tea can supply the skin, potentially preserving youthful elasticity for longer as well as thereby improving self-confidence.

Benefits of White Teas

Echinacea Tea.

This amazing organic tea is great for helping with your immune system function, having this tea around if you can feel yourself feeling down or a cold coming on or your just more vulnerable to disease make sure your larder has this teas handy it will be the best decision you make..

Like hibiscus, Echinacea tea is also an extremely great tea to drink at any time to just sit and relax with. So use it in any sort of unwinding or relaxing routine you have or looking to create as it really is one of the best teas for this.

Benefits of Echinacea Tea

Ginger Tea.

The last tea which I highly suggest you look at and think about using for health and wellness is ginger tea. This tea is often suggested to those who suffer from motion sickness or gastric discomfort, taking just a couple of cups of this tea really can help your stomach relax.

If you don’t like the taste of peppermint tea or you are looking for a tea that also has little to no caffeine, ginger tea can offer much of the same favourable results as this tea so is a great way to get the same benefits.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

So there you have it nine teas you can start using today to help you not only feel better but also focus your mind to help you manifest faster using the law of attraction.

Being able to focus better and manifest faster is key. Try to use all nine if you can or at least 1 starting today. Remember to keep on using them other a specific time.

The health benefits also you will start to feel straight away, the ability to focus better will also provide your body with the ability to use the law of attraction to manifest what it is you desire faster to.

So there you have it go and put the kettle on and bring a cup of tea into your life.

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