Do you want to attract and manifest a new job, a wonderful love partner, good health? Do you want to live in a reality where you are completely satisfied with your social life, with your financial situation? Do you want to live a life full of wonderful things? With the Law of Attraction, you can manifest all the things that you’ve ever wanted. But, to do that, you should know that the key for that is connecting to your Higher Self- connecting with your Non-Physical, with the essence of your Inner Being. So how do you Connect To Your Higher Self?

manifest with the law of attraction

So what does connecting to your higher self mean?

We, human beings, live in a physical reality. In this physical reality, we all witness different situations. We can be satisfied or not with our everyday life circumstances- our job, our financial field, love field, health field, etc.

Depending on the life circumstances that we are experiencing, we can be satisfied or dissatisfied with them. That satisfaction or dissatisfaction that we are experiencing, together with some other factors, is making us feel a certain way.

So, if we are happy with our life, if we are grateful, satisfied, if we experience positive thoughts and beliefs, we are going to experience positive emotions that are going to raise our vibration.

If on another hand, we are not entirely happy with our life, if we are not satisfied and if we experience negative thoughts and repeat negative beliefs, we are going to experience negative emotions that are going to lower our vibration.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is connected with our vibration. When our vibration is high, we are going to manifest all of the things that we are dreaming of. When our vibration is high, we are not going to manifest those things, and we are going to manifest the things that we don’t want to experience in our real life.

When we are using different Law of Attraction tools, when our deep beliefs are positive, when we focus on positive things, and when we succeed to achieve the positive emotion, that means that we are allowing our vibration to move upper. After we spend enough time on that high vibration, that means that we are getting closer to our Vortex.

Vortex is the place in the non-physical reality where all of our wishes, desires, and dreams are already fulfilled. In your Vortex, your Higher-Self (your Non-Physical)is already experiencing the achievement of all those things that you want to experience in the physical reality.

The fulfillment of your wishes comes instantly- as soon as you wish for something, your Higher-Self starts experiencing that.

To move the fulfillment of your wish from the non-physical reality to the physical one, you need to connect to your Higher-Self. And the fastest way for achieving that is by using the Law of Attraction technique called Meditation.

Meditation is key

Ten to fifteen minutes of every day Meditation is more than enough to clean your inner being from all those negative blockages and programs that have been separating you from connecting to your Higher-Self.

And Meditating isn’t a hard thing to do. You simply need to close your eyes and allow yourself to relax your inner being, to remove all of those blockages, and at the same time, to modify all those negative beliefs that may have been separating you from your Higher-Self. The more relaxed you become, the cleaner your energy will be and you will start to experience positive emotions and high vibration. Soon enough, you will enter into your Vortex where you will finally connect to your Higher-Self. After you achieve that, the manifestations will start to appear in your physical life.

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