Is it possible to attract and manifest a specific person into your life with the Law of Attraction methods and techniques? The answer is, definitely yes! With the help of the Law of Attraction you can attract and manifest anything you want. Anything that once was in your mind, you can transfer to your reality, and attracting and manifesting a specific person.

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When it comes to attracting a specific, concrete person to your life means that you will attract everything that comes along with that person- the good things and the bad things.

So, when you work on attracting and manifesting a concrete person, you will work on attracting “the whole package” of that person- all of the virtues, all of the flaws, the type of a relationship that person is capable of in this very moment, etc. And that’s not necessarily the type of relationship you are striving for right now.


For example, at the moment, you are maybe in love with a specific person and you want to attract and manifest that person into your real life. But, that specific person is maybe not ready, right now, for a serious relationship.

Maybe that person is not emotionally available, not ready for a commitment,maybe that person is already in a relationship, etc. By attracting that specific person right now, you will attract that person together with a whole package of problems and unsolved issues.

On another hand, when you are attracting and manifesting a specific person, from a position of “allowing” and not “needing”, when you are aware what kind of relationship you are striving for, then the Universe is helping you to find exactly what you need and exactly what you want.


Then the Universe is bringing to your life a person who is fulfilling all your demands and that’s when the “merging” of you and that specific, concrete person will happen.

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Sometimes, the merging will happen with that specific, concrete person you were thinking of, the person you consciously wanted to attract, but, don’t be surprised if the Universe sends you a completely different person, who, on another hand, has all of the virtues of a person you wanted to attract. 


If you still want to attract a specific person, then, you must bring your vibration to the same level where the vibration of that specific person is, your vibrations must be identical.


The fastest way for manifesting a concrete person is by using the Law of Attraction tool- Visualization. During Visualization, you are helping your vibration to grow, to move upper on the emotional guidance scale. You see, with imagining that specific person, with imagining different situations of you and that specific person, you are feeling like all these things are happening.

And when you are experiencing emotions of being with that specific person, your emotions are “deceiving” the Universe that you already have that specific person in your life. And the Universe always, without exception gives you more and more things that are going to make you feel the same way.


So, if you do want to attract a specific person, just visualize. Think of that person, imagine different scenarios with that person, and when your vibration is high enough, the Universe will bring that concrete person to your real life.


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