Business Success, Love, And Peace, During COVID Pandemic, A Law of Attraction Perspective

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Here it is an article where we will be focusing on the business field of your life, an article which is over needed in the time of this strange spring. Also, we will talk about the love field of your life, and in the end, we will be focusing on inner peace and how to achieve it during circumstances like these. So, let’s begin.


Buisness success during Covid19 pandemic

During these days, during these moments, many people are witnessing “challenges” in their business field. It’s clear as a day what is happening, we can all notice that situation is much more than just “complicated”. What is the best way for dealing with the things that are happening to you, regarding your business, your job field? Can you take advantage of this situation? Can you use the current situation for your greater good? Can you witness the expansion of your business, of your job field, from where you are right now? Can you change your situation?


No matter how bad the situation is right now, no matter that it seems that there is no way out of this, it is possible that, in the future, when you look back at this situation right now, you can say “That was the best thing that ever happened to me!”. Maybe it seems impossible to you, right now, but it is possible. With the help of the Law of Attraction, you can do that!


What is happening right now? Well, right now, many of you are having big resistances, which is completely normal. When you spend so many years of your life with a belief that ”it is somebody else’s fault for something bad that happened to you”, that “you must take physical action if you want to achieve some results”, when you don’t understand the vibrational reality, because nobody taught you that, when you have spent your whole life thinking that you should plan your future just with observing your present, it is completely normal to have resistances and blockages. We were all there once. Even the ones who are right now on the highest level of consciousness, they were also there once.


But, when you learn how to observe the things differently, when you just start to believe, the situation will start to change. 


If you are, right now, without a job, without money, without some kind of “safe place”, without basic needs, with fears, stress, insomnia, coming to the Law of Attraction is the best thing that you could do for yourself and your future. The teacher shows up when the student is ready. So, the Law of Attraction is here for you at the best possible time. If it weren’t for this negative situation of yours, maybe you wouldn’t even pay attention to these Law of Attraction things, and maybe you wouldn’t found something that will have a positive effect on your future. There is always a reason for everything. You just have to convince yourself that everything is happening for your greater good, that everything happens for some reason. You are not able to see “the big picture”, but, according to the Law of Attraction, somebody else can see it, and that somebody is the Universe. You just have to believe. Faith is the key. Remember that.


All of the things that you will read here today, all of those things are going to take just fifteen minutes of your time. Do you have fifteen minutes every day for transforming this situation that you are experiencing these days? We think that you do.

All of you reading these words have fifteen minutes every day. But, do you know where is the problem? The problem is that many of you still think that, “jumping” from one situation to another, from one reality to the other, requires physical action. And that is not true.


Let’s now explain something important. Why people have a problem with taking responsibility for the things that are happening to them? The basic difference between the ones who are conscious and the ones who are unconscious when it comes to creating their lives is that the first ones are always taking the responsibility for their own choices, the responsibility for their own lives. Why some other people have a problem with doing the same thing? First of all, they are learning to think that it is easier to say that “somebody else is doing something bad” to them. If they would accept the responsibility, for the things that are happening to them in their reality, they should be putting the focus on themselves.


If we accept that “our children are our reflection in the mirror”, and our child is not behaving very nicely, if it is not respecting me, if it’s screaming, if it’s not well educated, etc, then, that is not the child’s fault. Then we must turn to ourselves and say: “Is it my fault?”

If, early in the morning, you meet a nervous person who yells at you, without any reason, then whose fault that is? Is it that person’s fault? Or is it maybe something from your vibration that attracted that kind of manifestation?


Always do that! Always take responsibility for the things that are happening to you and don’t blame others! From the moment when you truly take responsibility for the things that are happening to you, your life will transform from the foundation.


Do you think that it is hard to take responsibility? Believe us, it is so much harder to think that somebody else is doing something to you, that it is somebody else’s fault for your lack of happiness.  Thinking that you are powerless and that somebody else is deciding about the flow of your life is the heaviest baggage that you could wear on your back.

Why people have a problem with taking responsibility? Because they have been taught guilt and not responsibility. Most of us have been raised in the same way. After we would do something, our parents, our teachers, they would say that we did it wrong, that we are not worthy of something, etc. They have done all those things because they didn’t know the difference between self-consciousness and self-esteem. They didn’t know that they were raising us in the way where they were connecting your values with your achievements. And our achievements don’t have anything with how much we are worth, remember that! We are not our achievements, we are who we truly are.

We were taught that we are “guilty” for something, and that is why, when we have to take the responsibility for something, we connect that responsibility with the feeling of not being worthy enough. Taking responsibility is the first step, and now, when you understand this, it will be easier for you to do that.

So if you are now dealing with losing your job, with the stagnation or the failure of your business, with the lack of your money in your wallet, you have two choices:

  1. a) You will choose positive thoughts and you will feel good.
  2. b) You will choose negative thoughts and you will feel bad.

You see, we are all living in the same physical reality. We are all experiencing the Covid19 pandemic. But, let’s now observe only two people- Person A and Person B. Person A is experiencing the Covid19 pandemic. This person has lost her job. This person doesn’t have any more money and she doesn’t know how will find the money to pay the bills. But, Person A is choosing only positive thoughts. This person knows that nothing good can came from being negative. That’s why this person turns to the things that she loves. Now, she finally has the time to do all the things that fill her with positive energy. Person A reads books, watches nice movies, spends time talking with her friends. During the day, a negative thought pops on her mind, but Person A doesn’t allow that thought to stay there too long. Every day, during this Covid19 pandemic, Person A chooses her thoughts and emotions and climbs higher and higher on the emotional guidance scale.

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What is the situation with Person B? Well, the circumstances are the same. No job, no money, bills waiting to be paid. But, Person B is negative. Person B is focusing only on the lack of money, Person B worries all the time.

Do you have the idea of what will happen to these two people? Person B will sink, deeper and deeper. The debts will gather, the minus on the bank account will be bigger. Person B will fail.

And what about Person A? Well, that is a completely different scenario. Even dough the job has stagnated or failed, eve dough the person is unemployed, this person will always have something in her wallet. Things will come to her from expected and unexpected sources. Soon enough, the job will expand, or she will move to an even better job.

Do you now understand how important your thoughts are?


But here it is something to think about- if you’ve manifested, with your thoughts, something bad, what makes you think that you can’t manifest something good, something that you want? From your unconscious creation you’ve manifested s many things that you are not completely satisfied with, now imagine, what can you attract if you do that consciously? Just think about this.


With your conscious thoughts, conscious emotions, conscious vibration– you can make miracles!


Let’s go back to business success. No matter what is your current situation, no matter how “bad” it is right now, you should know that you can make the best out of this situation, you should know that this situation can also serve to you in a good way, you should know that this situation has also caused the expansion, etc. That’s why can often see the people who are transferring the Contrasts with ease and that is because they understand the purpose of the Contrast. On another hand, you can see the ones who are truly living “dramas”, just because they don’t understand that the Contrast is a good thing.

Without Contrast, there is no Vortex. Without Contrast, the Universe doesn’t know what is your true desire, what is your biggest wish. In the moments if Contrast, you are telling the Universe, loud and clear, what it is that you want to manifest. After that, the only important thing is that you keep your vibration high. When you are vibrating high, you are getting closer to the fulfillment of your wish. So, Contrast can be a good thing, as you can see, and you should always observe it that way.


Right now, while we are all dealing with the Covid19 pandemic, that is also a Contrast. But, as you can see, we have those who are struggling with this Contrast and those are the people who don’t understand that the Contrast is a thing that can help them to improve their lives. And the ones who understand Contrast, they are dealing with this pandemic and all of the consequences of this pandemic, much easier. That is because they understand that this happened for some reason, for their greater good.


Now, after you’ve read all this, you can conclude what is going to happen with your business, with your job. If you are the one who was negative the whole time, we don’t have good news for you. But, if you start, right now, with changing your point of view about your job, about money, about the global economy, etc- the great news is that it is not late! You can transform your situation and you can witness a huge benefit in your job field after this pandemic ends. Try it!


Love in the time of the isolation


If you are struggling with Isolation caused by the Covid19 pandemic at the moment, if you are not living your regular, “normal” life, the life you are used to live, maybe it hard for you to keep your positive attitude and to keep your high emotion. Don’t be mad at yourself because of that- that is a completely normal thing in circumstances like this.


But, if you want to work on yourself, if you want to help yourself during these times, you can do something that will help you with raising your vibration and that is choosing your focus. That will keep you happy, fulfilled, and in nice emotions.


So, ask yourself, is your focus on those things that you don’t have at the moment, or you are focusing on those things that you do have right now?


All of you who are right now in a relationship, and you are not close to your love partners for some reason, try to do something. Are you able to “wake up” the emotion of gratitude for having love in your life, for living love? Think about the fact that somebody else doesn’t have that, maybe it will be easier for you to feel the emotion of gratitude. You have somebody that you can call, you have somebody that you can message, you have somebody to see on the camera, etc. Is that not enough for being grateful? We think that is more than enough.


So, where is your focus? Is it on the things that you have or on the things that you’re missing right now?


Another thing- do you know that some people live like this all the time? Somebody’s husband is Seaman, somebody’s girlfriend is working in a different country, etc. You see, for some people, this is everyday life. For someone, it is completely normal to see his wife after three months. That’s all about– in which way you’re going to perceive this situation? When you talk to your partner on the phone, will you two talk about the future, and all the wonderful things that you are going to do? Or, you will cry, complain, be negative, and talk about “the horror” you are experiencing right now?


Accept that today’s situation is the way it is. Don’t resist the circumstances. Feel free to accept that today you are not completely ok, and that is fine. If you are sad today, and you accept that, tomorrow you can change that! And if you continue to hesitate, then you will sink deeper and deeper. That is why every hesitation is confirming something.


It is ok to feel sad, it is ok to feel powerless in one moment, but you must know that you are feeling that way because you have put your focus on the things that you don’t have at the moment, and not on the things that you do have.


How to keep your inner peace during the Covid19 pandemic?


How are you spending these days? From the first day of the Covid19 pandemic, how were your days? Are you a positive or a negative person? How are you feeling right now? If you are one of many people who have a challenge with being at peace during these strange circumstances, here it is what we suggest that you do.


First of all, if you want to achieve inner peace, we suggest that you accept the current situation. Accepting the situation the way it is is the first step in every life situation, and the same situation is here. Do you know why? Because if you are resisting something, that thing will grow even more. The situation is the way it is. And you should accept it. The acceptance of the situation is instantly helping you in raising your vibration. You may think that you haven’t done anything important, but accepting the situation is extremely important.


From the moment you have accepted the situation, you are going to make different choices and different decisions. You’re going to have different thoughts, you are going to have a different focus. You will talk differently, you will manifest differently. Try to accept this situation the way it is because you will benefit from that, you will see.


Also, remember that the Contrast is a part of the Expansion. When you are in Contrast, you are sending your wishes from there to the Universe. The Expansion is a part of the Creation process and the Universe is unable to stagnate. Now, it is only a question where you will put your focus? Are you going to focus on the presence of the Contrast, or maybe you are going to focus on the Expansion?

Are you going to focus on the Contrast or, you are going to focus on all the wonderful things that were created with the help of this Contrast? You have sent so many wonderful wishes and desires, do you know that? Your wish for inner peace, your wish for everybody’s health, your wish for freedom, etc. We have, all together, sent so many wonderful wishes with the help of this Contrast. Now, the question is, are we going to experience the fulfillment of all these wishes? Well, many of us will witness the fulfillment of those wishes, and many of us will not. And that is because some of us will stay in Contrast and some of us will exit from it. We are choosing that by ourselves- by choosing our thoughts, emotions, and vibrations.

The point is to raise the vibration, from Contrast. When we succeed in raising the vibration, we will witness everything we wished for, when we were experiencing the Contrast.

How can we raise our vibration, how can we achieve our inner peace? We have the Law of Attraction tools and methods for that. We can use Affirmations, Visualization, Gratitude, and Meditation. 


Now, during this Covid19 pandemic, it is the ideal time to test all the things that we have been learning about the Law of Attraction. Now it is the ideal time to test all the methods and to see, on our example, how powerful they are! And when we see that they all work, that is what is going to bring the inner peace for us

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