How do I get my mindset to stop smoking?

When a strong smoking craving hits, it’s very easy to forget why you ever made a decision to give up we all know the health benefits of giving up but we can make the whole thing easier. Using quit smoking affirmations in your stop smoking campaign.

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That’s why, when your right in the middle of your quest and things are getting really tough you need everything you can at your disposal to aid you in quitting smoking, you require everything on your side– especially a Stop smoking affirmations to help you stay quitpositive attitude.

Making use of stop-smoking affirmations or quit smoking affirmations is among the very best means to reinforce your self-discipline, your thought, feelings and help you reset your mind to your best goal of quitting smoking. Using quit smoking affirmations can help you focus your mind on actually quitting smoking, you will get ad find tough times.

Whether this be wanting to smoke after food or a beer, using quit smoking affirmations can re focus every time you feel yourself wanting to smoke.

Here are the best stop-smoking affirmations you can use to increase your resolve and come back on course whenever a thought of having a smoke comes into your mind.


I will never smoke again.


I am breathing healthy and smoke free air


I release the need for smoking.


I am free from smoking and very happy about it


Smoking no longer serves me.


Smoking has absolutely no appeal to me


Smoking has absolutely no appeal to me


I can easily stop smoking forever.


I will stop smoking forever with ease and comfort


My lungs are healthy and clean.


I can easily overcome my smoking addiction.


I am not addicted to smoking

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My natural state is that of a non-smoker


I am stronger than cigarettes.


I am not addicted to nicotine.


I am highly motivated to stop smoking.


Being healthy is my priority.


I enjoy not smoking.


It is great to live in a non-smoking environment


My lungs are clean of nicotine.


Do not hesitate to make these quit smoking affirmations your own by rephrasing them they are just here as starters.

Remember we each resonate with different words or phrases, so what might for someone really resonate, another quit smoking affirmations for someone else might be no good. Its all personal choice and taste there is no wrong or right answer. As long as that affirmation is yours and makes you really fee and want to quit smoking.

As a matter of fact, you could even try writing the quit smoking affirmations down and change the meaning, so if its I feel better for not smoking after food, change this to every time I have a beer I do not need a cigarette as you may struggle more with beer than food etc etc.

Not just is it an enjoyable practice, it’s also really self-empowering to uncover that the motivating words and also phrases you most require to remain quit can come out of your own innovative mind!

Want extra quit smoking affirmations? Simply take the other affirmations we have on our site and change them to suit your preference!

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