How many times have you heard sentences such as „Be positive and you will attract positive things.“, „Be the thing that you want to become.“, „If you are negative, you will attract the things that you don’t want.“, etc? Use this and discover How To Restore And Attract Positive Energy In Abundance.

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Ok, we must admit, all these sentences do have sense, but, when you are not feeling good with yourself, when you are feeling down, negative, when you are experiencing negative emotions, and when you are vibrating low, these sentences are not helpful. They can be very frustrating.


That’s why, when you are experiencing negative energy, you need to stop forcing yourself to do anything. You see if you are feeling negative, and you want to restore and attract positive energy, you say to yourself: „I am positive and I will attract only good things.“ is counterproductive. Do you know why? Because the Universe can sense that you are not sincere. The Universe is not listening to the words you are saying, but the emotions you are sensing, remember that. So, instead of lying to yourself and the Universe, you simply need to accept your current state and your current situation. You can restore and attract positive energy by affirming: „I know that tomorrow I will get the new amount of fresh and positive energy. Tomorrow I will experience a better day than I have experienced today. It is ok not to feel ok from time to time. My life is a constant change- I could be feeling negative today, but that just means that I will be feeling wonderful tomorrow. I am at peace with myself and I am ready for receiving that new, fresh positive energy.


Many of us struggle with negative energy when it comes to money issues. For example, when your wallet is empty, and you need to pay for the bills, a normal emotion will be fear, worry, etc. You can just say „I am thankful for these bills“, because deep down you know that is not true. Instead of lying to yourself and the Universe, which is lowering your vibration, even more, you can do something that is going to make your energy grow. You can visualize the desired outcome. In those moments when you are feeling that your energy is leaving you, just go to a quiet place, close your eyes and paint a picture of the things that you want to experience in your real life. Imagine getting some additional money, imagine putting the money in your wallet, imagine paying for those bills, and imagine the relief for this financial security you are experiencing. During the visualization, you will feel better instantly. In your visualization, your problems are solved, and you are feeling good. New amounts of fresh, clean, and positive energy are starting to appear in your physical reality and the Universe senses that.


So, no matter how bad you are feeling, no matter how low your vibration is, remember that you can change your emotions in a second. Your thoughts are making you feel positive or negative emotions, and those positive or negative emotions are attracting positive or negative energy. And you are choosing your thoughts by yourself! Choose the positive thoughts, affirm and visualize, and allow the positive energy to appear in your life.

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How To Restore And Attract Positive Energy In Abundance

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