Are You A person who wants to be positive? Did you know that by using the power of affirmations everyday in your life can literally change everything?

manifest with the law of attraction

‘It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.’
~ Muhammad Ali

The power of spoken word should never be down played as something minuscule, the power of words and spoken words can be and is so powerful. A single word or thought can plant the seed within the brain that is so powerful.


What the law of attraction teaches is simple your thoughts turn into thing! So as soon as we realize that our thoughts and feeling control our lives we can indeed move forward and start to put together the life that we want. We can now use the “thoughts become things” and use t to our advantage and start planting positive thoughts within our brains so we can attract things that we want.


You Are basically Every Thought That You Thought!


So as the law of attraction states you are right now everything that you have thought before, so if you want to change what is in your life change the way you think. These thoughts could come through things you have seen, things you have heard from people about you or about a certain circumstance.


Throughout our lives, we often let others tell us what we are and how we should think instead of doing this ourselves.

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daily wealth affirmations

Maybe when you where younger you where told you will never amount to anything, or you have to get good grades or you will never succeed or your not bright enough to be a success.


These affirmations from others would have most certainly had a considerable effect as you grew up and who you turned to be into now. Whether you knew it or not these where powerful.


This is because the subconscious mind never knows the difference in between an idea based on truth as well as an envisioned one.


For that reason, continually informing yourself that you are fat/shy/lazy/ unsuccessful (whether it is true or not) might ultimately lead to this manifesting into a daily reality.


So as you see the power of affirmations and words can have a bad effect on you but fear not the same is said for the other way round. Good affirmations have exactly the same effect, so for manifestation and bringing more abundance in with the power of affirmations is easy enough to!


So hopefully you now realise the power of thoughts and the power they have to bring in and give you the life you want. You now know the power of affirmations and that you can literally transform your life into whatever you want using them.


Just one powerful positive affirmation can change your path forever!

If you want to change something in your life it should always start with a thought. When you repeat an affirmation on your own on repeat, be it out-loud or in your mind, your mind is re-trained to start to see these affirmations as outright fact. Once your mind sees them as outright fact the universe or law of attraction will start to manifest them into your life.

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money affirmations

So if you want to use affirmations to start to change your life for the better and start to manifest things or people into your life follow these three steps.


  • Create affirmations that are in today’s tense and also as though they have already been achieved. So “I am financially free” I am not be but as I am writing them down in today’s tense that these have already been achieved.
  • Act as if, the secret to the law of attraction and using affirmations to manifest abundance is amazingly simple. You first must have the thought, so be that with an affirmation. However, the real key the secret is to get the feeling, feeling is vital. So act as if, so if your affirmation was “I Love my new job in finance” Act as if you already have that job feel the feeling of having it. A great tip to get into this feeling is to start with “thank you” before each affirmation.
  • Now you just need to immerse yourself within that affirmation. So have it everywhere in your house the bathroom the car your phone everywhere see it daily get immersed within that affirmation. Also make sure you repeat it often to yourself or outload. A little tip use it in the bathroom in the shower if your nervous about your family hearing you shout it our aloud!

Here are just a couple of amazing affirmations you can use today to being in more positive things to your life.

law of attraction quiz
  • I am fit healthy and strong
  • Happiness is all around me and I love myself
  • I enjoy countless love-filled relationships and people love to be around me
  • I am confident and comfortable in myself

So there are just a few affirmations you can use today in your life to bring in new success new people and new feelings.

But don’t just use these create your own whether it be on health, wealth, love or anything in between.

So what I suggest is start by really thinking deep by what it is that you really want and then from there go create your life changing affirmatios say them out loud and start to see a fundamental change in your life.

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