An effective way to make the subconscious mind believe in your unending capabilities is by utilizing positive affirmations for success or autosuggestions and this is even stronger when doing morning affirmations. This trick, is an effective psychological strategy, which doesn’t only positively regenerates the mind, but also oppose the negative brouhaha that often finds its way into your mind.  When carrying out the affirmation exercise, you are consciously making use of some terms that will assist you in getting rid of somethings from your life or help you create new things. As you speak the affirmation words, you retain the vision of your transforming self. Saying the words of affirmation means you are making a formal declaration to the universe of your goals so that they can end up coming to pass. Making positive declarations has helped thousands of people achieve their goal in life.

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How does it work?  

By making use of affirmations, especially morning affirmations, we can make the subconscious mind overcome some certain obstacles that we once thought was insuperable. To practice positive affirmation for success, you have to continuously repeat some statements. When these statements are repeated, a new pathway which strengthens these statements is created by our brain. Eventually, our mind believe in the statements we utter and manifests the changes we need in our lives.

How to use morning affirmations

There exist lots of methods for utilizing affirmations, and these methods may include writing them down, uttering them aloud, repeating them in your head, saying them into a recorder then hearing them, and having a person repeat the affirmations.  The most widely used method is the writing method. Several people cherish this method because it can be carried out quietly with minute or no difficulties. You should feel powerful while you scribble down these affirmations. You can choose to write 3 to 10 affirmations per sitting.

Uttering the affirmations loudly is the tested and affirmed method, which is also quite common. To ensure that this method is effective, practice in front of a mirror and ensure that your focus is on your eyes while you utter the affirmations.  It is very significant that you believe in every world you utter.

To ensure that the mind understands all that you speak, do not rush the statements, speak using a very calm voice. Talk to yourself in the same way you will talk to a good friend. If you don’t feel cool uttering the statements out loud, you can choose to say them in your head. This method comes with an advantage, which is that it can be used anytime and anywhere.

Recording your statement is another effective method. With the aid of a recording device, record the positive morning affirmations for success, and play back the record repeating the statement as you drift to sleep to enhance and maximize the outcome. A friend or a coach can also assist you in repeating your affirmations.


Echo the positive statements

Repeating or echoing the affirmations can be calming as you free yourself from the prison of limited beliefs. While you repeat the positive affirmations for success statements, you should picture yourself discarding your limiting beliefs by jettisoning them into the river.

Below are some positive affirmations you can adopt to get started.

  • I cherish and approve myself
  • I deserve to be loved and respected; so does my body.
  • I alone is in charge of creating my reality
  • I am getting unending abundance
  • I am wealthy in all areas of my life
  • My capability to be as success is unending
  • I have an awesome body
  • I cherish all aspect of life
  • I will always fully utilize whatever I am given



By integrating the practice of positive morning affirmations for success in your daily routine, you are constantly reminding yourself of their significance, which will ensure that you remain focused and determined.


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