Have you ever asked yourself, what is that one thing that you need to become a truly happy person? Many people dream of finding the love of their life, some of them dream of having a big family with a lot of children. Others dream about travelling the whole planet and some others want only to remain healthy. But one thing is in common for a big number of people- they all want to have the money. Some people dream just to have enough money to survive and some others set higher goals for themselves. Ask yourself, which type are you? If you are looking to attract more money your not alone, manifesting money into your life using the law of attraction is not as hard as you think.

manifest with the law of attraction


Taking about common belief, some would think that they will become happy after something happens in their life. When they win the lottery, when they fall in love, when their children finish college, etc. But the Law of Attraction says the opposite thing- first you have to sense the feeling of something and then that thing will manifest into your real life. If you want to attract something, then you must behave like you already have that specific thing.


The Universe doesn’t work in the way where you have a situation in which you get a million dollars and then you become happy. No. First, you need to be happy, you need to act as if you have that amount of money. After you’ve caused that feeling inside your inner being, then you will witness the existence of that money in your real life. We’ve exaggerated with the example just so you could understand this better.


If you do want to attract some money to your reality, then here is one advice for you. It would be good that you start this process with visualization of smaller amounts of money, at the beginning. Why the amounts should be small, you may wonder? Well, it’s because in our minds we have deep beliefs and programs that are blocking our imagination. Our rational part of the brain understands that it is easier to find 50$ on the street, rather than finding 1000$. That’s why it is important to start with small amounts, and as time goes by, your mind will transform and it will begin to understand the idea that “money grows on the trees”.


Visualization is the key process in manifesting money. But, in the process of visualization, the crucial thing is to sense the emotion because emotion is the thing that parts successful manifestation from an unsuccessful one.


For example, use the power of visualization and imagine that you’ve got a raise at work. But while you visualize, it is important not just to look at the picture of yourself counting the money you’ve got. You must sense how you are touching that money. It is important that you, in your imagination, go and spend some time shopping. Imagine everything that you will buy with the money you’ve got and enjoy these feelings.


Once again, you must concentrate on your emotions because that’s what the Universe will do. The Universe will react to your emotions and the answer from the Universe will consist of sending you more and more reasons that will make you feel the same way.

So if you are looking to manifesting money into your life visualise that you already have it.


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