So who is Bob Proctor and how can he make me rich and should I listen to him?

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Bob Proctor is a towering figure wherever the reference of self help enters into conversation he is maninly noted or came into the public eye when the movie on the law of attraction came in “the secret”.

In 1973, he started his firm and ever since then he has been a public figure and well hugely popular within the “self help” area. Being an entrepreneur, an instructor, an author, a business specialist and also counsellor, Bob is very popular for his amazing and inspirational speeches on exactly how to be a much better variation of you and as he will say to make more money, with his most brilliant bits of work “the science of getting rich”.bob proctor science of getting rich


Bob has found his fame and his fortune by the study of books and other material from all the great leaders like people such as Earl Nightingale, Wallace D. Wattles and Napoleon Hill they have established strong ideas to him as well as principles about exactly how one must live life in order to be totally thriving in whatever it is that he wishes to accomplishes, as well as extra notably, as Proctor himself areas, to live a glamorous life. What Bob has done in return has turned their teachings mainstream allowing literally anyone to understand and use the power of these teaching in their life. Bob Proctor’s great power is the power for people to grab on what he says and take the desired action to the results they want in their life, it’s as simple as that.


He great attribute is he can bring people along with him and take them past where they are now and where they want to go in such a small time, they then get to acknowledge their real capacity and also it is with this wonderful inspirational spirit that the man has gained so much allure. He literally attracts people to him with his vibrant and almost magnetic personality which is why when Bob Proctor speaks people listen and more importantly take action.


Bob Procter Early life where did it all begin?

Bo was born and raised in the city of Ontario in Canada, back then he definitely did not think he would be where he is now back then that’s for sure the early ages for Bob where tough and trying. By the age of 25, he was a secondary school dropout with his life going no were with no purpose, at this point his in his life there was no direction no where to turn and literally nothing from which he could see was going to change for him..

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It was then that this kind natured man known as Bob Proctor found the book “think and grow rich” by Napoleon hill, this boko was responsible for helping 1000s of people before him turn there life around and start making a lot of money in there life, it was based around the fact of what you think about most you will attract into your life, so if its money you need to then change you thoughts and feelings on this. So bob then decided to change his whole outlook on money with just this one little book.


So then he decided to go work for himself just starting out tidying and cleaning offices for large firms to start with this was long hours and with little pay he felt he had put the law of attraction and think and grow rich to work but he hadn’t quite grasped it – he was working longer and with less pay hours than before. So then as he saw himself working longer hours for less money, he decided to sign up with Earl Nightingale and get direct help from the man himself learn direct from the best. This is when his life and everything in it changed for him.


The Meeting Of Earl Nightingale, Where It All Changed

So for bob Proctor to get the mentoring he knew needed from Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor transferred to Chicago USA where he spent the much valued 1-1 time with Nightingale this gave him the much needed motivation as well as shaped him to be a better individual as a whole which he knew he wanted to be and he knew he had to be for him to get the wealth and success he so desperately wanted. The mentoring that he received transformed his life for life and made him greatly flourishing in all areas of his life but mainly in the area of wealth and money.


He then quickly climbed up ranks f Nightingale-Conant and soon became Vice President of Sales and marketing. As the organization that he was working with Nightingale was all about motivation and personal development he excelled within this firm and got the much needed 1-1 mentoring from the great man at the same time as building his business, Bob Proctor then had the brain wave on incorporating seminars into the business this meant they could teach far more people and give them the face to face experience not just from a book or audio but they will the get the vibe and passion that was with them both.


So from then Bob has made it his mission to help people excel in their lives and do and have what they want in their lives but above all for them realise that the power they have inside them is so strong. His company brought several pupils from the US and Canada that quickly began to climb up in their lives they started to go out and earn more money build more wealth for themselves but above all do what made them happy.


Its never always about the money with Bob

While Bob Proctor knows that everyone ought to live a lavish life filled with pomp and luxury and everything they and their family desire and want, he clarifies that his work is not concerning cash approach entirely. You have heard the saying money won’t make you rich well this is true but lets be honest it does make life a hell of lot easier!!

He says one of the main ideas to ensure that wealth and cash manifest into your life a positive mental attitude must be ahead to, so staying and being happy is a must not only for money for a great life in general.

He further admits that if one concentrates on truly aiding individuals the cash will certainly come instantly and there is no demand to stress over them whatsoever.


How a mind works to bring you success and money

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Bob states that, in order to be successful, one should understand how the mind works in essence the sub conscious mind. He differentiates in between the mindful mind and also the subconscious mind and how different both areas of the mind are.


The sub conscious part of your mind is where Bob Proctor says you must concentrate, its where we get our beliefs our beliefs around money wealth and happiness so if we are to become wealth and rich we must re programme this part of the mind to be rich.Bob-Proctor-Sandy Gallagher


He substantially emphasizes on how in order to achieve success, you must always have a positive outlook on life as this will allow you to attract more great things that life can send you which is the key.


Second of all, he says that everyone should develop there imagination, imagine having what is it you want now, what would it feel like what would it look like etc, this is a tool which when used right will allow anyone along with a positive attitude to have success.


He additionally enhances the value of focus by detailing it as one of the prerequisites for any type of achievement. Most notably, he discusses self idea and also how it is gravely crucial for every single individual to recognize as well as recognize their self well worth and capabilities as well as how mental hunts in order to accomplish this are valuable.



Bob instilled his concept of how elitism lies within all of us and also is waiting to be found he put this best in his bestselling book and world famous self help guide “You Were Born Rich” .


Then Bob proctor really hit the bigtime and became an almost household name with his feature in the award winning “the secret” along with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield, in the secret he showed a small percentage of his knowledge but what he did along with everyone else gave us a great insight into the law of attraction and everything it can do to give us what we really want.


Bob has even been interviewed by the great Larry King, where he tried to describe the new way of thinking within the self help area, still to this day a lot of what bob teaches can be seen as hocus pocus by a few bringing into light his explanation on exactly how one should get on the quest to identify his ideal self as well as to brighten that variation and also take it with him on the road to success.


Starred in The Secret motion picture

The DVD presentation of The Secret, together with the wonderfully inspirational book, has been gigantic in the area of self help, the law of attraction and “think and grow rich”. The film would not even of existed if it was not for Bob Proctor as a result of his role in the factor of the book as well as also a starring star in the motion picture.

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Rhonda Byrne, the director, casted Bob out of respect for him as an instructor and believed that no one else could do the role better. Bob is additionally among the largest specialists on the LOA as well as the Law of Vibration that the world has ever before understood.

He bought to role such and enthusiasm it was hard for anyone not to be taken in by him and listen and take on board everything he taught us.



Bob Proctor is just one of one of the most prominent figures in the field of self development and the law of attraction and think and grow rich that the world mentions today even at his age he still leads the field. He located motivation from napoleon Hillside as well as with the coaching of Earl Nightingale, became one of the very best motivational audio speakers to have actually existed.


His capacity to describe plainly exactly how mind functions is tough to match as well as makes him one of the most effective professionals in the location.


His bestselling book You Were Born Rich carries his beliefs about exactly how all of us have prospective which every person is worthy of to as well as ought to attempt to live a lavish and enjoyable life.


So if you want to learn how to be rich or the science behind being rich Bob Proctor there is no one else better than him to do this. His enthusiasm and love for helping people will always be there and no matter how you listen or get his material you will not be disappointed.

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