How can you live everyday life in total and utter abundance? Are you living the abundance you want? If you are not living it, why is that? We all want to live the abundance. That is our nature as human beings. Many people want to live something that they even don’t know what it is. That’s why, first of all, we need to define, what is the abundance and how Manifesting abundance can be achieved in your life.

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When you hear the word „abundance“, what does this mean to you? A great number of people, after they hear the word „abundance“, the first thing that comes to their mind is the word „money“. That is not completely wrong. But, the abundance is not just money, it is so much more than just money. That’s why many people don’t understand that they are already living the abundance. They don’t understand how much abundance they already have. Just because you, at the moment don’t have that one thing that you want, it doesn’t mean that you are not living the abundance. Once when you start working on your self, you will start to understand what abundance actually is.

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The definition of abundance means that you do the thing that you want when you want. If you accept this definition, then the abundance in this definition you can’t find the word „money“. Doing something that you want to do, when you want to do it, and we can add, with whomever you want to do it.

This life, this world, this Universe is full of abundance. Manifesting abundance is here for all of us. And it is not related only to money. You can experience the abundance, and you can live the abundance, without the money. When you start to observe as something that doesn’t have to contain the money, the money will come to your life also.

People think that they must have money for everything. They think that they need to have the money to travel somewhere, to have a roof overhead, to have nice clothes… These are all the beliefs that are not completely true. You can get all these things without money. If you don’t believe, just take the example of somebody who has won the free travelling from a travelling agency on the Instagram giveaway. You don’t need the money if you want to achieve something in your life because there is always an alternative way of doing that. When you truly believe that, then you will witness that.

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Now you understand that Manifesting abundance is not related only to money. So, there is abundance, but there is also financial abundance, the abundance of love, family abundance, the abundance of health, abundance of friendship, the abundance of food, the abundance of water, you name it. There is an abundance of everything in this world and in this Universe. Try to look at the abundance with a different pair of glasses.

If the Universe is full of the abundance of every kind, why do you think that you don’t deserve to have a part of that abundance? What do you think, what is the purpose of all the resources in this world? Well,  all those resources are here to serve all the people who live in this world, and that means, you too.

When you love yourself, when you understand that you are worthy, when you understand that you deserve the abundance, that’s when you will start to live that abundance. Abundance is your family, abundance is your good health, abundance is the knowledge that you have. You are already living the abundance. Just take a look at all the things that you have right now, and you will understand that you have the abundance of so many things in your life already.

If you think that you are going to live the abundance when you get some amount of money, you are blocking every possible resource. If your belief is that the abundance is connected only with money, and you are living the reality in which you don’t have that money, you have the negative belief that you can’t have money- then you are missing all the benefits that you can get from other abundances. If you don’t have money at the moment, but you put your focus on all the other abundances that you have at the moment, then you will open yourself for the abundance of money.

People are ungrateful and they claim that they don’t have the abundance when they do have it. If you have a healthy child, parents who are having a child who is sick will look at you and say: “Oh, you are living the abundance of health”. If you are having a wonderful partner, someone who is single will say: “Oh, you are living the abundance of love”. And you are still ungrateful, just because you don’t have an abundance of money. So, if you want to start living financial abundance, move your focus from the things that you don’t have on the things that you have. Move your focus on your love partner, on your good health, on your good job. When you start to observe all the abundances that you are living, the Universe will send you more and more of those things, and soon enough you will get that one abundance you’ve been missing. Just focus on the things you have and be thankful for having them, because as you probably know, the Universe is very fast in sending you the things that you want, when you are truly grateful.

Open up your mind for the fact that you don’t need the money for everything. Open up your mind for the fact that things can work out for you without even one dollar invested. With the help of positive beliefs, with the help of the Law of Attraction, everything is possible.

Manifesting abundance is so much more than just money. Don’t ignore the abundances you’re already living- the abundance of drinking water, the abundance of food, the abundance of love…Focus on all those things, and you will soon witness the abundance of everything in your life.

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