Money is one of the most sought material in this life, and manifesting it is merely about the energy that you bring to the experience. The more exuberant you are with the universe, the more likely it is that you will manifest money fast. But, when money is manifested from the viewpoint of lack or desperation, it can boomerang and impede the flow of sufficiency faster than anything you have ever imagined.

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But what if your dream is to manifest money fast?

How do you reject the fearful feeling and choose to be inspired?

How do you transcend above desperation when you are short of cash?

The energy we put into making money can be a sore spot for some individuals, which is very significant that we approach the process with exuberance. I’ve Experienced It Before, and this was when I didn’t know how to manifest money fast.

Of course, just like most people out there, I’ve been broke before. I’m not referring to the “I can’t purchase a game ticket” or “I can’t buy a gift for a friend” type of broke. The type of broke am referring to is the type where I have just 70 cents in my wallet to cater for my whole family for some days.  It was certainly my nadir. I can vividly recall strolling around the supermarket while the thought of how I’ll make it to the next welfare payday tormented my mind.  I bought a bag of plain pasta with no-name, and the kids could have this plain pasta for dinner and lunch with some remnant tomato sauce that was in the storage.  The feeling of having no money was very shameful that I made a deal with the universe never to return to that state again.

But, surprisingly, I returned there again on numerous occasions. But, with each time that I was there, it became less hard, and I found out that I could manage unlike the previous times, and this was because of the experience I had garnered which assisted me in developing my strength, resilience, and the ability to handle any uncertainty that came my way.

I now recall those amazing times and see them as a blessing in disguise because now I am aware of where I grew from, that place of being cashless and scared of the future, to being financially buoyant and believing in the process. This has made me thankful for the abundance in all forms that I have made in my life today.

Having been briefed with that, I would love to share with you some of my secrets to manifesting money.

Secret 1: Set your aim

You have to be sure of the amount of money you need from the universe, and the time it’ll take before you get it. Specificity is key when requesting something from the universe. If you don’t make an explicit request, then you will be manifesting by default, and various kinds of terrible surprises will be the result of you failing to pay attention to conscious awareness.

This boils down to how powerful your intentions are. When you channel your energy towards having a transparent vision of your desires, you will purposely develop a flow of abundance and manifest money fast.


Secret 2: Imprint Your Subconscious Mind + Imprint “the Field” Of Energy.

This potent practice will assist you in getting to that realm where you can usher in prosperity, encircle yourself in the energy of abundance, and eventually feel deserving of it. You can do this in many ways. Here are some suggestions that were very effective for me:

  • Putting on your favorite clothes
  • Each day be thankful for all that you have at that moment
  • Echoing mantras, including affirmations that can help change your feeling regarding money.

Secret 3: Have the feeling that your money has manifested already

It would be best if you imagined yourself swimming in abundance. Always give thanks for your potential prosperity regardless of the physical reality. This, I tell you, is the greatest act of getting that which you need from the etheric world. The best way to perform this is to practice creative imagination or manifesting meditation that can assist you in calling forth the feeling of not desiring wealth.

Secret 4: Transmit loving energy to the flow of money within and without

You cherish the view of paychecks, while we hate to think about the piled up bills. You must renew your mind to get out of your way. The moment you get angry when you receive the bills, you are inadvertently impeding the flow of abundance, and you are creating room for more bills and expenses. There is nothing as costly as behavior that impedes prosperity flow.

Secret 5: Be respectful and show reverence for the money you have now

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Prove to your money that you cherish it so much by taking good care of it. Your wallet/purse, what does it look like currently? Do you still have several receipts in your wallet? What is your wallet or purse saying about your abundance attitude? To show gratitude or reverence for the energy of your existing abundance, you have to make sure that it is resting well in your purse, neatly stacked. Make a haven for it so that it can feel loved and secure.

Secret 6: Take one day at a time

When I was at the brink of bankruptcy in the year 2009, this was the fantastic piece of advice my mom dished out to me, and it did help me in getting back to my feet. My mom told me that I shouldn’t go hard on myself; she advised that I take one day at a time. Her advice helped to retain focus on my power presently and not ruin my vibration by overthinking. This is an essential factor in energy management in the whole manifestation process and how you can manifest money fast.

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