Are you looking to manifest your dream life, your thinking to yourself does law of attraction work or am I wasting my time? Well fear not there are six simple things to look out for that can show you your on the right path and what your doing isn’t a waste of time! By watching out for these signs from the universe, you can prove to yourself that what are looking to bring into your life is on route. It may sound surprising, but the universe provides us with indications telling us that what we want is on the way and to carry on the path your on. You can use the strategy of asking the universe for a sign to get whatever you want, but first, you need to know when the signs arrive you can spot them and go arhhhhh we are on the right track bring it on!

manifest with the law of attraction

There are times when I will sit down and ask myself some questions like, “How will I know when that these signs are from the universe?” however if like me you have done this a fair bit you can then watch out for the signs and know good things are coming. Soon enough the process will become natural and it will literally become second nature to you. So what do you have to lose? Ask the universe follow every bit of information on this site and wait for these signs to appear so will a big heart i say…………. Read on to find out!

       6 ways to know that you are getting signs from the universe


  1. There is this random thought you get and you wish to take action on

When I began my recent hotel business, I experienced this. I also experienced it when I was creating my new blog. That faithful day, the thought hit me, and I was propelled to act on it. You must remember this: there is a dividing line between a concept and a mere thought they are two very different things. Ideas are always locked up in your head, while thoughts are so inspiring that they can propel you to take massive desired action. So, if that thought hits you and it literally forces you to carry out action, don’t think twice, take action as this will be inspired action. That random thought can be one of those signs from the universe.

Remember there is a massive difference between “action” and inspired action. Inspired action fells effortless this is the action you need to take.

  1. When that high level of synchronicity hits you

I am quite aware that most of us might be seeing the word “Synchronicity” for the very first time. So, let’s begin by defining the word synchronicity. Synchronicity was brought into existence by Carl Jung, the psychologist. We can regard synchronicity as a conscience that has meaning. If you observe that a certain number, object, animal, etc., Keeps on appearing to you regularly, that is synchronicity. People refer to this as a sign from the universe. It is like the universe is indicating to you that what you truly desire is well and truly on the way so hold tight.


  1. When things relating to what you desire appear

You shouldn’t mix this up with thinking its not actually what i asked for. What I’m trying to say to you here is those little manifestations that are connected to the big things you wish to manifest. For instance, I wish to manifest 1 million pounds before the end of the year; of course, this is a long-term aim because it wouldn’t occur overnight, so I don’t envision it to manifest next week, and if I am lucky enough, it may end up manifesting before the end of the year . However this is where the fun starts I observed the occurrence of several random things just coming into my life. I began to get money from several new and exciting sources. I got cash in small and medium sums from random individuals. I began to discover money in random places.  If you get something that is connected to what you wish to manifest, then it is one of those signs the universe is talking to you and telling you good things are on the way.

  1. Random happenings and events will dispel any doubt in your faith you have

Trust me, when your right at that point, the point when you are about to lose all hope, that sign you where looking for from the universe will appear. For instance, let us assume that you have a certain fear regarding establishing a business. You are always scared because you have no clue how this business will materialize or how you will even begin to start it. You feel like giving up, then you switch on your TV set, and a movie appears. The actor in this movie says something about not losing hope, something relating to what you are going through. That is  a sign from the universe simply telling you to keep faith, telling you that what you wish for is on its way. The universe will normally send these signs when we need them the most.


  1. You will know the reasons behind your predicament

The universe has a great way of showing you the way! Have you ever taken part in something that didn’t go as you expected and rather than let it take you other you shrug it off, however you were then led to something so much better? You probably didn’t take note of it at that time, but what your plan didn’t go as your wanted the universe always pops up with your true path and what it had in store for you. As soon as you begin to realise why certain things didn’t turn out the way you imagined them to, you will start to see that those experiences were simply there to guide you to your true path that the universe has for you..

For instance, you apply for a job, one that comes with huge pay and benefit you think this is the dream job and its signs from the universe that this is what they want for you. You go for the interview full of confidence only to discover a few days later that you didn’t get the job. You feel let down and almost ready to give up, but whilst thinking, an inspired thought hits you and you decide to start a business. One year later, this business you started reluctantly has blossomed into a big venture. Now, if you had taken that job, you would have lost this opportunity. So, not getting that job is  the universe telling you that it has something better for you,


  1. You misplace or destroy something you cherish

Yes, you may find this quite strange, but it is one of the best signs the universe will ever give you that your on the right path. Sometimes, you have to let go of something to acquire something much better. For example, you are walking down the street with your laptop in your backpack, you get hit by a bicycle, and it damages your laptop. You are fuming because you have to purchase another laptop.

The following day, you visit the store to get a new one, and you ended up purchasing one that is cheaper and much better than the one that was destroyed. So your former laptop had to be damaged for a better one to manifest.

Or for instance the universe needs you to get rid of that car you have now in order to give you that dream car!


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