When you know how to activate the law of attraction, you will be able to use it in several aspects of your life, particularly health-wise. Whether your wish is to shed some fat and lose weight, enhance your general health, or overcome a severe health condition, there exist some manifestation tools that you can adopt to achieve an optimum state of health. Below is how you can use the law of attraction to lose weight and to enhance your health.

manifest with the law of attraction

Setting-up health and weight aims

While you can use the law of attraction to lose weight and to enhance your health, it is very significant that you don’t make your health goal a usual statement such as “I want to have healthy meals” or something like “I want to slim down.”  It is a widespread mistake made by most individuals. When you aim at certain health goals, it helps you to channel your focus on aspects of your health you want to alter, not just shedding weight.

Set goals that are quantifiable, realistic, and achievable. Also, imagine the reward that will be gained when you achieve your goals.  You can make use of a vision board to enhance your motivation. What is a vision board, you may say? Well, a vision board is simply a little piece of placard or corkboard that consist of sets of words and depictions, which incites the feeling you relate with things you desire to achieve.  You can make use of some well-suited pictures, a good inspirational quote, and images that describe your goal.

Utilizing mental imagery and affirmations to achieve better health

Visualization, which is also known as mental imagery, is a very important aspect of the law of attraction to lose weight and for optimum health. With the aid of meditation, which is a form of mental imagery, you can generate a force of energy that will attract to your life the changes you require to get your desired health goals. You can likewise make use of guided imagery for improving several health conditions you may be faced with.

Go to a quiet place and sit for several minutes. Shut your eyes and inhale deeply to soothe your mind. Now, picture yourself in a place such as a cinema. Put on the TV by clicking on a button located on the armrest of your seat. The TV comes on, and the movie begins. Imagine that in this movie, you are the protagonist. Clearly imagine every little detail; integrate color as well as sound. Now click on the button located on the armrest that opens a door somewhere on the screen that allows you to join the characters in the movie.

Stand up from your chair, walk towards the TV and enter into the movie.  Your aim is to discard high-calorie fast food from your diet and adopt a healthy diet. You can picture a scenario that makes you prone to cravings. For instance, you are at home, alone, and you have your favorite high-calorie meal staring at you, picture every bit of the meal, the color, and the nice aroma emanating from the meal. Do not struggle with the craving; allow it to overwhelm you. Now, picture yourself discarding that meal and eating something healthy like salad. Integrate sensory properties such as color, smell, and even taste. Imagine yourself having a powerful metabolic system, and the food you are consuming is beneficial to your muscular development and maintains the fitness of your body. Enjoy the food to the last morsel!

Recall that you are no longer viewing a movie. You are now in that movie. Thus, picture yourself as the protagonist or the first person.

If you desire to lose weight, you can imagine yourself in a gym. Picture your gym environment; imagine the equipment such as the racks of dumbbells, stakes of iron plates, and a row of machines. Visualize yourself performing each exercise, all sets, and reps. Imagine every detail of the exercise procedure, the pace of your breath, your pounding heart, the sweats dripping, etc. Picture your body being transformed into that shape that you desire while you carry out the exercises.

Now, with a mirror in front of you, examine your new look and repeat these affirmations:

  • I cherish and approve myself
  • I boast of all it takes to make positive modifications in my life
  • I will always overcome the pain
  • Each day, I’m getting closer to achieving that perfect shape I desire
  • I trust my body

The law of attraction isn’t only beneficial in losing weight; with the law of attraction money can be gotten with ease. All you need do is know how best to apply it.


If your wish is to use the law of attraction to lose weight and to attain optimum health, then make sure you harbor no thoughts of illness or unhealthy lifestyle. Always think of health and other positive things related to your health.

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