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So, you have come here to look to manifest something or someone into your life using the law of attraction and the art of manifestation.

So, from being here I take it you know about the law of attraction either from a book, or more than likely through the secret film. The secret bought the whole idea of the law of attraction and manifestation and being able to manifest overnight or manifest in 24 hours into peoples eyeline. Why? Because of lot of the film just concentrated on think feel and it will appear.

But I bet it’s a bit hit or miss, or you think it just doesn’t work.


Two reasons:

First and foremost, know that when you start working to try and manifest something with the law of attraction there is a massive risk that you could actually push what you want further away. As when you start you put out to the universe the act of wanting something in yourself your telling the universe that your life lacks something that you want.

The very act of WANTING something is telling the universe that you lack this and thus you know the carry the negative energy of lack. If you think about the very act of wanting something is the feeling of lack of that something in our life, this can be dangerous and can work against you!

So in simply terms when you start thinking and feeling a lack of wealth, or a or a healthier body, you now start to feel LACK in that location of your life– otherwise why would you even be asking for it? …

This is where the famous quote or saying come in “like attracts like” and this is key to the whole manifestation process and using the law of attraction in your life.

So it is vital that you hold the feeling of having abundance in your life much more than the image of having abundance. The image of abundance in your life will simply mean you are suffering from a lack of. Whereas the feeling of abundance send out to the universe that you already have abundance and that you want more of this good feeling. This is the power of like attracts like, you are feeling abundant so the universe will send you more abundance.

If you feel a deep lack of abundance and a lack of money but put out to the law of attraction and the universe that you want more money and abundance, unfortunately because you have that feeling deep down of lack of, the universe and the law of attraction will respond and send you more of lack of, as that’s the feeling you have.

So how can you not hold the image of lack of (due to feeling you want something) but change this to a feeling of abundance to attract more into your life?

Right here is one idea that actually works.

It is using the idea of being grateful.

So be sure not just to be grateful for something you want to bring into your life, be grateful for everything you already have make it a habit, start blessing everything in your life, the car you drive the women you have your friends everything that you feel wow ok I have this and am thankful.

This will tell the universe though the law of attraction that you are happy and grateful now and put the power of like attracts like into action and guess what it will start to send you more of what you want.

Look and before you start going but there is nothing in my life to be grateful for, stop I don’t believe you there is always something to be grateful for. The car the house you live in right now, being alive, the trees the sunshine the rain the water your drinking there is always something for you to be grateful for and start changing how you feel, because that’s the key to manifest overnight or manifest in 24 hours, change how you feel, feel more abundant feel richer and the universe will send more.

Now before you ask David how can I be grateful for something that has not even appeared or happened yet?

Look the thing is you have already created it, you created it in your mind in your conscious thought, so it does exist on a cellular level. In your mind is where everything begins anyway so you have now created that thing that you desire.

Whatever has existed always started from a thought everything around you, your tv your computer all started by someone having a thought in their mind, so it’s the same with you. You had a thought 20 mins ago to find out more on how to manifest in 24 hours or manifest overnight right? Well guess what you then where able to find this article on it!

Being grateful or having an attitude of gratitude when using the law of attraction is key for another reason to.

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It is what makes you happy in the present moment, it is what your level of happiness is right now.

So if you want to manifest overnight or manifest in 24 hours being grateful for what you have now and living with an attitude of gratitude is far more important that anything.

Remember when you are grateful you are telling the universe that you want more of this feeling so the universe will send and bring more into your life that is making you happy.

Start today and see your life change be grateful for everything in your life!

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