Have you ever noticed that people often talk about people or places that have good energy or bad energy, its something we can feel but we can never really touch? It’s a feeling.

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In scientific terms this good feeling or bad feeling is basically describing their rate of vibration whether they vibrate at a high level or a low level its as simply a vibrational frequency that someone or something vibrates at. As a person of consciousness, we can then feel this whether they are vibrating at a high level or low level.


So as with a vibration of a house when we enter it we can often fell if it vibrates at a high level.


We feel better and calmer around people and places that are vibrating at a higher level we are simply drawn to things and people that vibrate at a higher level it’s the law of the universe.


So when it comes to houses we are drawn to and more importantly feeler safer in houses that vibrate at a higher level. They then become somewhere where we recharge our batteries.


So in the following 12 paragraphs I have listed 12 ways you can raise the vibration of your house so you can turn it into a PowerStation of good vibration!




Removing clutter and mess and just being a little tidier will always raise the vibration not only of yourself but most importantly of your house. Having a house with no clutter leaves us feeling happier.


Start with your wardrobe get in there clear out clothes and things you will never wear again or things just there because one day you might. Your house and yourself with thank you for it and doing this will also allow new clothes to enter your world!


The burning of natural herbs, a technique referred to as smudging, has been used for thousands of years to clean the air of contamination’s such as germs as well as infections. Smearing is additionally utilised as a conventional mystical ritual, transforming, cleaning and also shifting the surrounding air.


So take out a lot of dried herbs then simply light it and blow it out straight away this will allow the smoke to go and enter the house and diffuse every part of it.


Smudging can be used to remove your room when:


When you move into a new house or home

You get a new job

When a guest leaves your house after a long stay

You have argued with your partner or you have had a health concern recently.


The best herbs or spices to use are, sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, ache needles, frankincense or patchouli to clarify, and also your area.



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Vital oils function to clean your home as well as aid you really feel light as well as boosted by diffusing their one-of-a-kind and enjoyable fragrance with the home. Many additionally have powerful antimicrobial residential or commercial properties which remove airborne infections as well as bacteria.


To raise the resonances in your living space, attempt diffusing rose, basil, cypress, frankincense, juniper, lavender, incense, sage, pepper mint, sandalwood, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus.



Mix one tablespoon of vodka, six tbsps of filtered water and also 10 to 40 declines of necessary oils of your selection in a little spray container. Shake well before each usage.




These amazing salt lamps diffuse the air instantly raise vibration and clean the air all in one they are amazing.


Because they are great at attracting water to them they are great at attracting dust, pollen and other things in the air. They also when used give off negative irons this means they are increasing the vibration and energy levels within the room just by being on.


Want to try them for yourself? Get a lamp or two from this page on Amazon.com.



Playing songs not only for your entertainment but they can also increase the vibration of your house.


Several researches have shown that the appropriate sort of music gives discomfort alleviation; advantages the heart, blood and body immune system; enhances discovering; fights fatigue; and also promotes sleep.


We all know that listening to our favorite music lifts our mood – so whether its your favorite music or not find something you like and simple crank it up and raise your vibration and your house!




We know that we all feel better after being in nature it has a lovely feeling of relaxation and at being one with your self. So why not bring some of that nature into your house.


A few plants here or there will certainly raise the vibration of the house. Not only that plants are very good at cleaning the air and adding more air to the house, they turn carbon dioxide into co2 so why not bring some of that extra air into your home.


Don’t forget also that the more air in your home the better you breathe and this leads to better sleep, feeling better and more work getting done..


7. Use colours that improve your mood.

The colours made use of in our house are a direct representation of our individualises and can affect our moods and our thoughts– in one of the most subtle of ways!


Our response to a shade is distinct to us so select what feels right for you. As a whole, we are impacted by shade in the adhering to ways:


Red– raises a room’s energy level and also gets the adrenaline as well as blood pumping. It can be too promoting for some individuals, and some rooms. Crimson can conjure up feelings of rage and also hostility.

Yellow– is invigorating and also uplifting, it catches the pleasure of sunshine as well as signals happiness. Excessive yellow can produce sensations of irritation and temper.

Blue– can be relaxing, stress-free and also calm but can likewise create feelings of unhappiness.

Environment-friendly– the most relaxed shade for the eye, it promotes comfort, calmness and growth.

Purple– dark tones are connected with luxury, imagination and the remarkable. Lighter variations bring the very same relaxing quality as blue, but with more warmth.

Orange– evokes exhilaration, excitement and also power.

8. Use candles in your home


Candle lights have actually been made use of for millennia to supply light, communicate calm and also emphasise party. Their deep yellow glow is hypnotic, reflective and a wonderful centrepiece for reflection.


Burning any candle lights will aid raise the vibrations in your home, however selecting your candle lights in specific colors and also fragrances (like those detailed throughout this message) will increase them also higher.



Increasing the oxygen in your home will make it feel more airey and not only that give you more energy. You can do this just by opening a window or by adding plants. Either way making your home more airey will certainly raise the vibration.



Yes so fill your home will pictures things that make you happy and bring in good memories this will not only raise the house vibration it will make you feel better thus increase your vibration.




Having the tv on all the time is not good for you or your home. It has a direct link to anxiety as when you do turn it people often get panic attacks because its not on. So be careful plus make sure what your watching is good for you and your body.



Having s home loaded with chemicals is not great, so get rid of all those harmful toxic cleaners and start to use natural cleaners it will make the house vibrate at a higher level!



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