So you found out about the law of attraction or you want o manifest faster or get a little help and you want to use your mobile to help bring more of what you want into your life. Using law of attraction apps can be a great way to manifest faster. These free apps can turn your mobile phone into something that not only is just for facebook but can help you actually attract more abundance into your life.

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The law of attraction apps I have listed below are a great way to make more and better use of your phone and best part there free!


5 Law of Attraction Apps Applications For Manifesting More in your Life


So without further waiting lets introduce the first law of attraction app you can use every day on your phone instead of Facebook or cod mobile!…

Law Of Attraction Toolbox Application

law of attraction app

This app is like your swiss army knife of law of attraction tools that you can take on the move with your mobile phone.


It has all sorts of tools, amazing little games and other little parts to it that will help you to manifest and more importantly with the law of attraction raise your vibration whilst on the move. As said its great at home, but what about on the train or in a waiting room? Well this can really help you!


The games within this little app are:


  • Feel As If Video game
  • Receive & Spend Video Game
  • The Magic– Daily Thankfulness
  • Thank You Journal Video Game
  • List of Favorable Aspects
  • Daily Wants Listing
  • Focus Wheel
  • Appreciation Game
  • Rampages of Gratitude


The app resolves around the secret and a guy by the name of Abraham hicks if you don’t know these guys or the secret take a look around this site we have loads of articles on it.


Yes you can use the games and tools only a few times a day or you upgrade but I found that with my use I was fine as a free member.


One of the best things this has on it is the Abraham Hicks 68-second timer.


In Abrahams training’s, it’s stated that 17 seconds of pure thought will stir up the manifestation and at 68 secs you will have totally activated the law of attraction and the universe will know exactly what it is you desire, so just by using this really can help you in your manifestation.


Have you got 68 seconds spare to show up something impressive?


ThinkUp Positive Affirmation Application

free vision board app

So, this little app helps you with your affirmations.

Now we all know how powerful affirmations are for your manifesting, but as we know thinking them up every day and remembering them can be hard, especially if like me you have other 100!


With this app I basically record all the affirmations I want, so whether that be on love, wealth or anything I want to manifest into my life, I have them saved. Then other the day at set intervals it will play them


With this app you can:


  • Record affirmations in your own voice (this is very powerful having them in your own voice)
  • Choose affirmations from there huge list and change them to suit you or just keep them.
  • Play background music to make listening to your affirmation feel more uplifting.
  • Track your day-to-day exercise with their Mindful Minutes metrics.


They have 300+ affirmations in 10 different life groups so they have a huge list you can use so this app is a must for you if your are wanting to get these affirmations into your subconscious mind

law of attraction quiz


I locate it actually useful to choose their well-written ones and afterwards simply videotape them in my voice.


Hay House NOW Application

law of attraction apps

This law of attraction app is a great way to listen to audio and personal development courses and mediations all around the law of attraction


You get 5 free credits then after that its $10 per month for unlimited use and an unlimited download of all there self-help audios, mediation and visualization tools!


If you think about that for one-minute amazing charges that for just one book with the audiobooks program so in essence this is great value!


That’s a bargain considering the majority of the audiobooks on their own are from $20-$ 40 usually.


It includes all the leading metaphysical authors consisting of Jerry and Ester hicks, Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, Sonia Choquette and also many more.


The Law of attraction library app.

law of attraction podcasts

This law of attraction application is 100% FREE.


It has other 50+ books on the law of attraction manifesting and everything to do with think and grow rich..


The only issue for this is you have to watch a 10 second ad but for what you get in return I feel that’s amazing value. Having this arsenal available on your phone 24/7 so whenever you have free time you can just pick up a book is great.


Use your time wisely instead of music or playing games use your phone as a tool for a better life for you.


Vision Board App.

free vision board app

So just imagine being able to have a vision board on your phone! Imagine every time you tuned on your phone up popped what it is you desire.


NO more cutting out pictures or printing things and sticking them up how about everything you need on your phone!


All you need to do is imagine your goals daily.


So with this app you can


  • Create as lots of vision boards as you want.
  • Search their collection of motivating images, or you can submit your very own.
  • Use their library of affirmations, or develop your own.
  • Tape-record your own voice as well as add your uplifting songs to a vision board.


Podcast App.

self help manifesting apps

So this last one is not a law of attraction app but there are amazing podcasts out there you can listen to daily to help you with the law of attraction and manifesting.


Right here’s a few of the law of attraction podcasts:.


  • The Mind Your Service Podcast.
  • Journey to Materializing with Sarah Prout.
  • The Manifesting Mum.
  • Flowdreaming for Reflection and Manifesting.
  • Subconscious Mind Proficiency Podcast.
  • LOA Recon with the Great Vibe Train.
  • Regulation of Tourist Attraction Keys.
  • Regulation of Destination Talk Radio.


Plently to listen to there.


Keep loading your mind with the messages from these podcasts each and everyday and you will start to turn your mind. Remember you need to start filling your mind wit the good in the world.


One tip can significantly transform your life.


So, there you have it the 5 best law of attraction apps I use every day.


One more quick point is to also use YouTube there are hundreds or self-help videos there to help you on your journey.


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