What is “The Wealth Mindset”?

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The first thing that you have here is to define things! What is wealth for you, personally? What does it mean? What are your deepest beliefs regarding wealth? Do you think that only „bad“ people live a wealthy life? Do you think that having an abundance of everything will never happen to you, no matter how hard you try? Do you think that you have to work very hard if you want to earn a lot of money? Or not? Or maybe you think that you deserve to live a wealthy life and that you will live it in the future? Do you believe that you are a magnet for money, that money falls from the trees, that wherever you look, you find the money? Define your beliefs regarding money and wealth because that is the starting point. Don’t be afraid to say your beliefs out loud because your beliefs can be changed, you don’t have to worry about that. You can change your current situation with your high vibration!


  1. How can you create your ideal wealth mindset?


Now go back to the definition of the wealth and „copy“ all the things from the definition into your mind. Easy to say, but, is it easy to apply? Of course, it is when you have tips&tricks.  So if you now know that you have negative beliefs regarding wealth, and most of the people do have negative beliefs, the time has come to change that situation! We can start by creating and developing your ideal wealth mindset!


What should you do if you wanna keep with constant creating of your wealth mindset?

You have to:

  • Meditate
  • Affirm
  • Visualize
  • Be thankful


Use the Meditation to clean all the negative beliefs regarding your wealth mindset!

Use the Affirmations to convince your mind that you deserve to live a wealthy life!

Use the Visualization to keep your wealth mindset strong and constant!

Be grateful so the Universe could send you more experiences that confirm that you are living your life with a strong wealth mindset!

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Use the Law of Attraction and its methods and enjoy creating, developing, and experiencing a strong wealth mindset, and don’t forget to enjoy all the things that come from having that! When you raise your vibration, you can attract anything you want. When your vibration is high, you can also use your wealth mindset to attract wealth into your life!


  1. Be passionate if you want to attract wealth!


If you want to attract wealth, and if you want to keep it in your life, then, we suggest that you behave passionately when you are thinking and talking about it. You should be passionate while you are thinking and talking about wealth and money because of the lack of wealth and money enters every field of your life. The lack of wealth and money can harm your health, the relations in your family, the relation between you and your partner, etc. When you are living a life without wealth and money then you are pretty annoyed about it and you are transferring that dissatisfaction to all the other fields of your life. The lack of wealth can often be the reason for your “bad” behaviour to other people. The lack of wealth, worrying about the money, and the fact that you are not capable of affording the things you want can cause a deep dissatisfaction. And the Universe always listens to your emotions and your vibration. When you are feeling like this, you are attracting more and more of the things that will make you feel the same way. When you are experiencing the lack of wealth then you are on a very low vibration.


  1. Remove your blockages regarding wealth and money!


If you are experiencing the lack of wealth and the lack of money that means that you are a person who has big resistance and big blockage when it comes to wealth and money.

Why are you having these blockages regarding wealth and money?

Well, one of the reasons is that maybe you are living the illusion and thinking that wealth and spirituality don’t go together. Maybe you are thinking that you can’t be a good person while having more money than you need. Why this illusion was created? First of all, because of religion. And when you take a look at the religion you can see that the ones who are talking about the wealth and money are not good the ones who are living the abundance of wealth in its fulness. The ones who don’t pay the taxes, the ones who have a roof over their heads, the ones who are driving expensive cars- they are telling you that having a lot of money is a sin and that you are not a good person if you are living a wealthy life. The ones who don’t have to worry about the money are telling you that you should live in modesty and poverty. Do you realize now how stupid this is? Do you realize how unnecessary these blockages regarding the wealth are?

Now, when you understand this, don’t allow this to become your belief. Move your focus!


  1. Turn to the people who are living wealth!


If you want to change your wealth mindset then you should pay attention to those people who are living that same thing. Observe the people who are telling you that you also deserve to live a wealthy life. Because you do deserve it! Look at those people who are showing you, with their life examples, that it is possible to have a wealthy life and, at the same time, to be a good person, happy, spiritual, at peace, etc.


  1. Do I deserve wealth?


The first thing that you should ask yourself is this: “Do I deserve wealth and do I deserve to have a lot of money?”. Do you think that you deserve this? You can apply all of the Law of Attraction methods but if you, deep down in your mind, think that you don’t deserve to live a wealthy life, you will never live that life in the future. Why do you think that you don’t deserve wealthy life? Well, it’s because during your whole life, trough your education, you have adopted these negative beliefs that they have become part of you. You have adopted the beliefs that “Only bad people have a lot of money”, that “Money is taking the worst out of people”, that “If you want to be wealthy than you must be dishonest”, that “Money ruins families”, that “Money is the source of evil”, etc.

This is nothing but your defence mechanism because you “don’t want to allow money to ruin your life in that way”. When you understand this, and when you start to observe the people who are living a wealthy life and at the same time, they are wonderful, then, you will slowly start with transforming your beliefs regarding wealth and money. Then you will slowly start to believe that you also deserve to have a wealthy life.


  1. Is there enough wealth for everybody?


The Wealth Mindset This is the second question that you should be asking yourself. What do you think? Is there enough wealth and enough money for everybody, or no? Many of us thought that there is no enough money for everybody because somebody is trying to convince us of that for our whole life. When we don’t get paid for something, we are thinking that there is not enough money. When we see a homeless person on the street, we think that there is not enough money. When we look at all the poverty, that assures us that every person on this planet can’t live a wealthy life. Is that so? Are we missing something here? How is it possible that there is no enough money when politicians are “earning” a salary 30 times bigger than a regular worker? How can we say that “there is not enough money”? How can we say that when we can see that they are going on expensive trips, when we can see that they are driving expensive cars, etc? We cant say that there is not enough money! They are convincing us that there is no enough money but at the same time, they are showing us that it is possible to live a wealthy life.

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The truth is that there is more than enough money for everybody. The “problem” is that they tried to convince us that there is not enough for everybody and that it is impossible, for most people, to live a wealthy life.

Be the example of what you want the others to be

When you set yourself as an example of what you want others to be, and when you become the change that you want to see in the world, that is when you will experience wonderful things. If you want to be the person who gets paid, the behave as a person who won’t do anything without getting paid. You should stop all the relations where you are getting exploited, where you are not getting the things that you deserve- that is a very important thing if you want to manifest a wealthy life.


  1. The “I deserve” vibration


The vibration “I deserve” and the vibration “I am worthy”, are the vibrations that are helping you to develop your wealth mindset and to attract and keep that wealth into your real life. These vibrations are going to get you another, a better job, where you will earn more money, they will create new opportunities for earning new amounts of money. That is why you must create these vibrations with the help of the Law of Attraction methods. When you are on the job where you are not being paid enough, where your salary is running late, then you are vibrating that you are “not worth”, that you “don’t deserve”. And what you vibrate will soon become your reality. Remember, the Universe always hears you, through your vibration. Meditate, Affirm, Visualize, do whatever feels better to change your vibration into the “I deserve”. Because deep down, you know that you deserve.


  1. Nothing is “too expensive” and nothing is “too cheep”


To change your wealth mindset you should know than nothing is too expensive and nothing is too cheap. It is just a matter of do you have the money or you don’t have it. A product is not expensive, it is just that you don’t have enough money to afford it. If a person has 3000 dollars every month, then 3 dollars means nothing to him. But, if a person has 50 dollars a month, then 3 dollars is a big thing for him. If you are unemployed, then paying 3 dollars for something is expensive. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will stop with saying that something is expensive. This is important because whenever you say that something is expensive, you are vibrating like you don’t have money, and you are getting away from having a wealthy life.


  1. Living in the material world


You should know one more thing- we came, by our choice, into a material world. When we say “we”, we think “we”, the spiritual beings. Spiritual beings in the material world. Then why the money and the wealth shouldn’t be a part of spirituality? What if, the point is to understand that wealth and money are one significant part of spirituality? The ones from whom you will learn the most about spirituality are the ones who are living wealth in its fulness. Those are the ones who are not struggling with money-related problems. Those are the ones who are living abundance. The ones who created and manifested the abundance with their strong wealth mindset. So, when you are choosing the people to look up to, choose the ones who have found the balance between spiritual and material.

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