As we know, money is one of the most desired material in this life, and manifesting it is merely about the energy that you bring to the experience. The more exuberant you are with the universe, the more likely it is that you will manifest money now. That is the reason why the regular repetition of the mantra “I can manifest money now” is made to be playful and to as well open up room of infinite possibilities of abundance.

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You may end up discovering some lost coins underneath your couch, in your old jacket, or somewhere beside your bedstand…

And if you are very keen on playing with the energy of the universe, you may end up finding yourself manifesting something greater like a check in the mail, a pay hike or maybe an unforeseen “cash back”.

You must be open to manifesting money now and also in the future without impeding the energy with negative thoughts.

When you feel so keen to manifest money it impedes the flow of abundance faster than you can ever imagine.

But what if your dream is to manifest money in no time?

How do you reject the fearful feeling and choose to be inspired?

How do you transcend above desperation when you are short of cash?

Hint: As soon as I was able to fully grasp the secrets I am about to provide you with, I manifested a whopping $250,000 in less than a year. After some years, I manifested that in same amount in few days. You will have more on this soon.

Trust me, I know what it means to be broke. At my lowest financial point, I had just 70 cents with me, and I was supposed to use this meagre amount of cash to cater for my family for some days. I could clearly recall walking into the supermarket and thinking of how I was going to cope till the next welfare pay day. I bought a bag of plain pasta with no-name, and the kids could have this plain pasta for dinner and lunch with some tomato sauce that was in the storage.

The pain was quite severe that I made a promise to the universe never to go back there again. Surprisingly, I returned there, several times. But the amazing thing about it is that each time I returned to that state, the pain and everything lessened. Now, I recall those amazing moments and I see them as a blessing because I am truly thankful for the abundance I have created in my life, and also that which I have assisted my 65,597+ students manifest in their lives.

To manifest money now, you have to adopt these secrets I am about to share with you:


Secret 1: Set your aim with clear clarity

You have to be sure of the amount of money you need from the universe, and the time it’ll take before you get it. Specificity is key when requesting something from the universe. If you don’t make an explicit request, then you will be manifesting by default, and various kinds of terrible surprises will be the result of you failing to pay attention to conscious awareness. This is quite effective during the night of a new moon or during periods when you are high on inspiration.


Secret 2: Imprint Your Subconscious Mind + Imprint “the Field” Of Energy.

You can do this via affirmations and placing yourself in the center of abundance. You can as well do this buy going to luxurious stores, wearing your best clothes, a daily routine of gratitude for all that you currently own and echoing mantras and affirmations that helps change your feeling regarding money. This practice is quite effective.


Secret 3: Have the feeling that the money has manifested already

You must feel like you have manifest money now. Be grateful for your prosperity as well, irrespective of your current physical situation. With that act, you can unlock all your wishes from the captivity of the etheric world.

Secret 4: Transmit loving impulse to the flow of money in and out

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You love the view of paychecks, while we hate to think about the piled up bills. You must renew your mind to get out of your way. The moment you get angry when you receive the bills, you are inadvertently impeding the flow of abundance, and you are creating room for more bills and expenses. There is nothing as costly as behaviour that impedes prosperity flow.  Moreover, money is just energy.

Secret 5: Reverence and respect money

At all times, ensure that you show your money how much you love it and care for it. What is the current appearance of your wallet or purse? Is it crammed with several receipts? Your wallet or purse, what does it speak about your attitude?

To display gratitude and reverence for the energy of your existing abundance, make sure it is being placed nicely in your purse or wallet. Make a safe abode for it so that it can feel safe and cared for.

Secret 6: Take one day at a time

During the period when I was at the brink of bankruptcy (in the year 2009), this was the amazing piece of advice my mom spoke to my ears, and it did help me in getting back to my feet. My mom told me that I shouldn’t go hard on myself; she advised that I take one day at a time. Her advice helped to retain focus on my power presently and not ruin my vibration by overthinking. This is an essential factor in energy management in the whole manifestation process.


Secret 7: Begin your old manifesting ritual

The above mentioned steps are a great start, particularly if you want to try this “manifesting” business out. When you feel that you are ready to “play big” you can try out my ancient ritual…

I used the ritual to manifest more than $250,000 and moved from welfare to wealth in less than a year. This particular ritual is being cherished by over 65,977 people and they used it to manifest their greatest desireSeveral people have manifested soul mates, enhanced relationships, pay raises, career opportunities with this ritual. The ritual is quite effective and easy to perform.

So if you need to manifest money now follow these 7 secrets and wealth and money will follow!

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