What is Manifestation And How does It effect me?


It is inevitable that when I meet someone and then we inevitably get on the topic of how and “what is manifestation” and this is where is gets tricky usually down to people thinking your taking drugs 😊

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The oxford dictionary explains manifestation manifestation (of something) an event, action or thing that is a sign that something exists or is happening; the act of appearing as a sign that something exists or is happening.. Which makes sense (and you’ll see why in a little), but to me manifestation is something you bring forth right into your physical life experience through past thoughts, feelings, or ideas. This could be an experience, an item, an individual … anything, but manifestation is bringing a thought feeling into reality that you desire.


Consequently, what is manifestation, to manifest (verb) something is to bring something forth right into your physical life experience by using your thoughts, sensations, or beliefs.

So how does this affect me and why should I care?


There are two huge reasons why you ought to care:


  1. Anything you want in your life whether it be a new car or new house or to become a millionaire you can manifest that into your life live the life of your dreams.


  1. But when talking about what is manifestation you can easily manifest things into your life you don’t want by using the same techniques and things you will learn here manifestation works both ways I’m afraid!


Just think of it like this everything you have in your life now or had before or how your life is now is all created by you! Not by anyone else you have manifested everything that you see feel in your life right now. Whether that be where you live or the car you drive you have manifested this through your thoughts and feelings this is how powerful and how much you need to understand what is manifestation so you can start attracting and manifesting more of what it is you desire into your life each and everyday.


So in essence your whole life is one big manifestation as you have manifested everything up to and before this point.


Scientists know and so do we everything in the universe and what we can see and what we cant is made up of energy from the table to the car its all energy. Even thoughts are energy so what you think and want is all energy you have created and put out there.


Now stay with me here out in deep space or otherwise known as the universe there is an energy field were all energy connect to itself. Albert Einstein called this the Zero Point Field. Pam Grout calls this Field of Potentiality..

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For me its just called the universe. Lets be honest what it is called is neither here nor there. What matters is that it exists, it is 100% constantly dependable which you can utilize it to manifest anything you desire from that new love in your life to the new car to the new house it does not matter its there to serve you. You can look at it spiritually or scientifically it does not matter you just need to know it exists and its here to serve you, almost think of it like the genie in the lamp my wish is your command that’s how powerful it is for you and what you want in your life.


No the problem is that it works to well and if you don’t understand how and what is manifestation it can be a really bad thing in your life and lead to more bad things appearing in your life. So if you have a negative thought so say against someone the universe will now send more things for you to feel this way and it s thinks that is what you want to manifest into your life no matter if its good or bad the universe see your thoughts and acts on it for you.


But worry no longer my friend that is all about to change we are going to show you the easy way to make sure you only manifest good things into your life from now on.


So if you want to have or be anything you just now need to realise and stay focused on what thoughts you are thinking and the feelings you have towards them, you may not even be aware you are thinking negative thoughts and as such not even aware that you are manifesting negative things into your life. You can manifest and you will manifest what it is you desire just by using positive thoughts and concentrating on what it is you desire, remaining in touch with your emotions, and changing any kind of beliefs that no longer offer you.


Its sounds easy right? Well yes in theory it is just thinking good thoughts about what you want and any negative thoughts you stop well hang on in practise this really can be a bit of a challenge however there are things you can do to make this easier.


So when asking hat is manifestation it is a means to get what we want I our life. It is also known as “like attracts like” you think positive thoughts about a certain thing or person you will attract that person or thing into your life.


For me manifesting is a really great way to spend your time and energy, I also call it visualisation, I visualise what it is I want and I see myself with it, this makes it real. This then brings it forward and tell the universe to manifest it into your life. Naturally, we are all creators and also I think it is our single purpose on this earth to create an experience we enjoy.


I am so good at it now that when I start to visualise what it is I want to manifest into my life its like a game I feel like I have this magical power at my fingertips that is able to give me whatever it is I want and want in my life right now!


When you get so good at it you will start tell everyone hey look at me I manifested this again! They will simply go crazy person lol, but fear not you now have the power at your fingertips to manifest what ever it is you want in your life.


So you might be saying “what is manifestation” and why does it seem like witchcraft or some super natural power that I’m unaware of? Guess what it really isn’t this power is open to anyone looking for the answers to what manifestation is. Simply put you get what you focus on. I simply pick to focus on the things that I desire in life and the Universe conspires to aid me get it. Easy. That is manifestation you simply ask and you shall receive it works every time, you just need to remain and stay within what it is you desire.

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So next time someone asks you what is manifestation and how are you able to manifest anything you desire simply tell them look ask and you shall receive and leave it as that!


So what have I manifested and what does it mean to me? Well I manifested a brand new business and to work with the person I wanted to! I have manifested my brand new house my new car money coming into my life faster and more than I could ever see possible! Its just amazing, I wanted to go to Dubai I did! I want to buy a villa out there guess what I got offered my dream villa for next to nothing now we holiday and stay in Dubai when I want! The only hold up I have is my imagination and what it is I desire.


Let me explain, now you do have to “believe” you will manifest it, why? Again this is a thought and feeling, so saying “ I want a million pounds” but deep down you know this wont happen well guess what the universe hears you baby and guess what it wont send you that money! This is now where people think this does not work and again you have thought at feeling!


I understand you want to learn just how to take control of your life as well as start manifesting fantastic things in your life so below I have listed a few pointers to get started, again take a look around my blog on Law of attraction “like attracts like” remember so lets get started and get you from saying what is manifesting to how do I manifest more into my life!

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So what is manifestation and how can I use it now.


Right first point. What is you really want? Now a new car more money wont get you excited will it? You have to want and feel it.

So lets get clear of what it is you really want.


Right got it?


Now visualise yourself having it.

To do this find a quiet room somewhere close your eyes take four deep breaths in and out…..Become relaxed, now see your self with that is you want to manifest. It could be that new cause feel yourself touch it starting it up sitting in it what does it feel like?


Do this for ten minutes or so really see yourself with what it is you want to manifest in your life.


Secondly and this is all I want you to do, get a journal. What?


Yes a journal and now I want you to write in it every day what’s it like to won this new item or person what does it feel like?


That’s it do this for 30 days minimum….


Now there is other ways you can really improve this and get it even faster but again take a look around my blog here to find more ways to speed up and don’t forget you now never have to say “what is manifestation”


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