How To Use The Law Of Attraction Scripting to Manifest your Dream Life

manifest with the law of attraction

How many times have you heard that you can create and manifest everything you imagine? Well, just in the last few years we assumed that you’ve heard that too many times. Don’t get us wrong, with some people, this sentence can resonate, but, there are more of those who get frustrated with this sentence.

When we achieve a lack of something, one of our first emotions is frustration. And that is completely normal. When you hear too many times that „you can attract and manifest anything you want“, but you just can’t do it- you get frustrated. You don’t need to worry because after you find out a few more things related to the Law of Attraction, you will eject those frustrations with ease.

What are the most important things regarding the Law of Attraction? Maybe you already know this, but a little reminding won’t harm. In this whole Law of Attraction process, the most important parts are your thoughts, your emotions, and your vibrations.

With your thoughts (which can be caused by your previous beliefs) and with your focus (no matter if you are focusing on „good“ or „bad“ things), you are causing different emotions inside your inner being. Depending on your thoughts, you can feel „good“ or „bad“, you could be experiencing positive or negative emotions. And why the emotions are so important? It is because every emotion has its vibration. When you are experiencing negative emotions, your vibration is low, and when you are experiencing positive emotions, your vibration is high. The higher your vibration is, the closer you are to the achievement of your desires. The lower your vibration is, the more you are getting away from everything you want.

When you observe these facts, then you can conclude that for the fulfillment of your desires, the crucial thing is that you feel good the more often you can.

So, be careful with choosing your thoughts, be careful with choosing the things you are going to put your focus on.scripting with the LAO

For example, if your wish is to find a love partner and sail into a wonderful relationship, you shouldn’t say things such: „I am alone“ or „I am unhappy when it comes to love. “  You see, you shouldn’t focus on those things because when you are thinking about the fact that you are alone, you are not feeling good and you are vibrating low. And with your low vibration, you are getting away from the thing that you want- from finding the right person for yourself. So, what should you do? Easily- turn the story around. Instead of focusing on bad things, focus on the good ones. Say things such as „ I am such a good person and I really know how to make somebody happy“, or „ The moment my future boyfriend/ girlfriend steps into my life, I am going to give him/her unconditional love“, etc. Say these things to yourself or out loud. You are feeling better already? The Universe senses that, keep doing the same for all other things that you want to attract and manifest to your life.

But, how can the Universe know what it is that you want to attract and manifest?

For sending your wishes to the Universe, you have the thing called „The Contrast“. Contrasts are all those situations that you perceive as negative. When you experience a negative situation, at that same moment, the Universe gets the signal from you that the thing that you want is completely opposite to that.

But, giving that Contrasts are not the part of everyday life living with the Law of Attraction, they are happening from time to time, we can suggest that you use one of the Law of Attraction techniques for sending your wishes to the Universe. And that wonderful technique is called „The Law of Attraction scripting“.

The Law of Attraction scripting


Let’s explain, what is the Law of Attraction scripting? As we already explained, it is one of the Law of Attraction techniques for sending your wishes to the Universe and for attracting and manifesting your wishes to your real life. To be more precise, to be successful in applying this technique, all you need to do is to describe the things that you want to attract and manifest, and, at the same time, you need to describe all those things as if you are already witnessing them in your real life. Sounds difficult? Well, it is not at all difficult, we will now give you a few tips and tricks of how can you apply this technique easy and how can you get the fastest possible results from it.


So, let’s say that, for example, you want to attract the job of your dreams. Your wish is to attract a job where you will do the things that you love, where you will be more than satisfied with your co-workers, with your boss, with your salary and with your working hours. So, what should you do? Simply, take a piece of paper and write down all the details related to your dream job. Write the whole script, the whole scenario. Be concrete. Write down at what time you are waking up, write down which clothes are you wearing. Write down are you going to your job by bus, in your car, or you are maybe walking to your job. Write down how many hours manifest your dream jobdaily you are spending on your job. Write down what are you eating on your job. Write down what kind of coffee are you drinking there. Write down the relation with your boss, and with your co-workers. Write down everything that happens during your workday. And write it as if it is happening to you. Experience all those things that you are writing about. Then, you can also write down the amount of your salary. Describe the day you receive the money. Describe the things you are going to do with that money. Spend that money you’ve earned in your imagination, buy everything that you want to buy, pay all the things that you need to pay. Enjoy spending that money, you’ve earned by doing the things that you love, and you will do the same thing next month. Describe everything related to your dream job. When you put the script on the paper, precise and concrete, you are helping the Universe to hear your wish better. When you do this, the Universe knows exactly what you want. And your only job after „writing the scenario“ is raising your vibration. When you spend enough time on a high vibration, the job of your dreams will manifest into your reality.


Let’s observe the Law of Attraction scripting technique trough one more example. Let’s say that, for example, you want to become a parent. You see, when you just have the desire to become a parent, you are giving various possibilities to the Universe. The Universe can manifest your wish in different forms- you could attract a situation where you are not able to become a parent „in the old fashioned way“, a situation where you must adopt a child. That’s why it is so important that you are precise in your desire. You can write down the script of yourself as a parent, but detailed, so the Universe can understand you. You can write down that you, or your partner, got pregnant, naturally, without any effort. You can write down that the whole pregnancy went wonderful, without any complication. You can write down that labor also went great. You can describe everything related to the process of you becoming a parent. The more detailed you are, the louder the Universe will hear your wish.

And it is the same thing with applying this technique to all other fields of your life. Write down the script, the scenario of the fulfillment of your wish, and after that, just keep raising your vibration and the results will not miss, you can be sure in that.


So, let’s conclude the tips for successful use of Law of Attraction scripting technique: 

  • Be detailed and concrete in describing your wish
  • Don’t forget to experience emotions while writing the script
  • Write as you are already experiencing the fulfillment of your wish
  • Focus on the things that you want to manifest, not on the things that „may go wrong“


After we have explained how can you use the Law of Attraction scripting technique, and what it is that you should focus on, to be successful in attracting and manifesting your wishes, we will now explain what is the right time for Law of Attraction scripting.



Do the  Law of Attraction scripting every single morning

law of attraction quiz

Make the Law of Attraction scripting a part of your morning routine. Simply, after you wake up, take a few minutes for yourself and create the scrip of day ahead of you. Decribe the things that you want to experience that day. You will feel better, your vibration will be high and the Universe will know what to send you, during that day.

Do the Law of Attraction scripting of your ideal week, your ideal month,and your ideal year

Don’t be affraid to create your weekly, monthly and yearly Law of Attraction scripting. Name all the things that you want to experience and write down the date, when do you want to manifest specific things.

Do the Law of Attraction scripting of your ideal life

There is nothing bad in creating your Law of Attraction cripting for your whole life. Decribe all of the things that you want to achieve, no matter how „big“ or „small“ those things are. Name all those things and give the Universe the time to make a plan when he will send you all those things. You can be sure in one- all those things will manifest at the best possible time for you.


Few more additional tips for using the Law of Attraction scripting

  • We mentioned that the Law of Attraction scripting is a technique where you are writing down all the things that you want to attract and manifest. But, if you are a person who is not a fan of writing things on paper, you can write your script in your mind. Just close your eyes and imagine all the things that you want, allow your imagination to find a way of all those things happening. And while you do that- don’t forget to experience the emotions. So, you can do the Law of Attraction scripting both ways.
  • We mentioned that you should do the Law of Attraction scripting daily. But, if that is some kind of commitment for you, if it is making you uncomfortable in any way- you don’t have to do it every day. When you just don’t feel like do it- feel free to skip a day or two. If you want to be successful in applying the Law of Attraction scripting technique, it is important that you „write down your scenarios“ only if that process is making you feel good. If you are not in the mood for writing down the scripting, it is better that you skip it than to force yourself into doing something that you don’t want to do.
  • We mentioned that the emotions are very important when you are applying the Law of Attraction scripting technique. With choosing the thoughts that are making you feel good, you are consciously choosing positive emotions that have a high vibration. But, there are few more methods and techniques that are going to help you to put your vibration high on the emotional guidance scale. We suggest Meditations, Affirmations, Creative Visualizations. Choose the method that makes you feel good, use one of them, or combine them all.


With the Law of Attraction scripting technique, you have sent your wishes and desires to the Universe. The Universe now knows what it is that you want. And you can get all those things. It is just a matter of time when you are going to witness the manifestation of all your wishes and dreams. Now, the only thing you need to do is to keep your vibration high and to enjoy the manifestations that are coming to you every day.

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