Today, we will focus on just one question because this question is so important that requires complete attention, and, on another hand, from this topic, you can get so many crucial things in order to upgrade your Law of Attraction practice.  As you can see from the title, today we will be talking about Subconscious, Subconscious Mind, and the Power of the Subconscious mind.

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Those of you who are into the Law of Attraction field, probably already meet with the phrase „Subconscious Mind“. Subconsciousness is the part of the Law of Attraction, but, Subconscious Mind is not the most important part of the Law of Attraction practice, and we will now explain why.

We are not saying that the Subconscious is not important, we are not saying that the Subconscious is not necessarily affecting our life. The thing that we want to say is that Subconscious Mind is not affecting your life too much. Your Subconscious Mind is important, but it isn’t the most important thing.

Subconscious, Subconscious Mind, is not as important as people who are practicing The Law of Attraction believe it is. And this is the crucial thing- the belief.

On another hand, for many people, that same Subconscious, their Subconscious Mind, serves as some kind of an excuse. Many people are using their Subconscious Mind, as an excuse for the decisions they make, the choices they bring, the life they are living, etc.

The thing is, when you put enormous attention on your Subconscious, on your Subconscious Mind, you are, at that moment, vibrating low. When you are giving enormous attention to the Subconscious Mind, you are vibrating with powerless.

When you say things such as: „But that’s in my Subconscious Mind…“, or „My Subconscious Mind is responsible for that thing happening.“, etc, you are vibrating low, you are vibrating as a person who is powerless, you are vibrating like a person who can’t do anything, can’t change anything, can’t attract anything.

And here is a revelation for you- Your Conscious Mind has more power than your Subconscious. Mind. You must remember that, while you are using the Law of Attraction, you are attracting consciously all the things that you want to witness in your reality. When you are using the Law of Attraction- you are a conscious creator of your life!

Let’s now go back to the beginning. Do we have a Subconscious Mind? The answer is- absolutely yes. Does the Unconsciousness also exist? Absolutely yes. Do we have a Conscious Mind? The answer is the same. Does the Superconsciousness also exist? Absolutely yes. So, we concluded that all these things do exist.

Does your Subconscious Mind have the power to influence your life? Yes, it has. But, as Joseph Murphy explained in his book „Power of Subconscious Mind“, your Subconscious is „the boat“, but you are the boat captain. Your Subconscious Mind is not the captain, you are, you are in charge, you have more responsibility and more power than your Subconscious Mind. You are navigating the boat.


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When we talk about the Subconscious Mind, you must accept one fact- you can transform your Subconscious Mind, with the power of your Conscious Mind. You can consciously transform your Subconscious Mind.

You can find many people saying statements such „Until now, I succeeded in transforming deep beliefs that didn’t serve me in a good way, but they are still are some deep beliefs left in my Subconscious Mind that I can’t transform. „ This and similar statements are confirming the thing we talked about a few minutes before- when a person is using the Subconscious Mind as an excuse. And we know this is an excuse because, with the power of the Law of Attraction, every single belief that we have can be transformed. Maybe sometimes it takes more time, but every single belief can be changed because belief is nothing but a too many times repeated statement. If we do the opposite thing, if we start with repeating opposite statements, we can change our deep beliefs. And we can indeed transform our Subconscious Mind. After all, remember, Subconscious Mind is the boat, you are the captain!

Let’s go back one more time to the sentence: „Until now, I succeeded in transforming deep beliefs that didn’t serve me in a good way, but there are still some deep beliefs in my Subconscious Mind that I can’t transform. „Isn’t this also a belief? Your belief is that you can’t transform a belief. What’s the difference between changing all these beliefs you’ve succeeded to transform during the past, and this one that you still didn’t transform? Well, you didn’t transform it yet because of your belief. You convinced yourself that this second thing is hard to achieve.

You see, for some people, the hardest thing is changing beliefs regarding money, for others, it can be changing beliefs about finding a soulmate. It doesn’t matter, because, all these beliefs can be transformed.

And the fastest way for transforming your negative beliefs and for putting the positive ones in your Subconscious Mind is with practicing  Meditations and using daily Affirmations.

When you spend enough amount of time while practicing these Law of Attraction methods and techniques, you will transform the negative beliefs that are stuck in your Subconscious Mind. What is the „enough amount of time“? Well, it depends. If the negative belief that you have in your Conscious and/or Subconscious Mind is with you from your early childhood, then you can’t expect do transform that overnight. The longer the negative belief has been placed in your Subconscious Mind, the more time you have to Affirm and Meditate.

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If you want to change all of the things form your Subconscious Mind, then you first need to truly understand how important your beliefs are. You see, your beliefs are traveling from your Conscious Mind to your Subconscious and they are deciding to stay there for a long, long time. But you must remember, that you can keep your beliefs consciously, or you can throw them out of your Subconscious Mind, in the same way- consciously.

If you are a person who often says „I can change all my beliefs except one belief. “, stop saying that and start saying: „When I succeed in changing that deep belief, I will become the biggest living proof how even the deepest beliefs can be transformed and how the Subconscious Mind can also be transformed.“ Repeat this Affirmation every day, repeat it until it becomes your deep belief. When this Affirmation becomes your deep belief, that is when you will start to vibrate completely different and that is when you will start witnessing the things that seemed impossible to you.

As you know, your belief is nothing more than something that you’ve heard too many times, something that you’ve repeated too many times, enough amount of times that made you believe in it. If you want to put opposite beliefs in your Subconscious Mind, then you need to do the opposite thing, for the same amount of time. Of course, it is easier to transform the beliefs that you have for a day, for a month, or for a year than the beliefs that you have for your whole life. But it doesn’t mean that is impossible to do that.

So, to conclude, don’t give your Subconscious Mind enormous power. Don’t do it, because your Conscious Mind is stronger than your Subconscious Mind. Does your Subconscious Mind have the power? Yes, many people are not even aware of all the things that are coming out of their Subconscious Mind. But, is your Subconscious Mind omnipotent? Definitely no. After all, if you are using the Law of Attraction, you know that you are the Conscious Creator of your own life.  

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The Power of Subconscious Mind

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