Before we start by explaining what does manifestation means spiritually, we first need to talk about the manifestations and explain them deeper. If you are into the Law of Attraction field, then probably one of the first terms you’ve heard is the term “Manifestation”.

manifest with the law of attraction


But what does it mean to manifest something? It means that, with the power of your subconscious mind, your deep beliefs, your emotions, and your vibration, you can create all the things that you desire, all the things that you wish, and move them to your real life. You can attract all those things from your Vortex to your real life.


When you wish for something, you just need to get in tune with that desired thing. You need to behave like you are already witnessing that thing, and you need to experience the emotion of already having that desired thing. The moment you wish for something, your wish manifests in your Vortex. A Vortex is a place where all of your dreams, wishes, and desires are already manifested. To attract those things to your real life, you simply need to work on your vibration and to allow your vibration to grow. After you spend enough amount of time on a high vibration, the things that you desire will manifest in your real life.


Is there some connection between manifestation and spirituality? What does manifestation mean spiritually?


Well, you should know that the spiritual manifestation operates on three different levels. The first level is the spiritual level, the second one is the psychological, and the last one is the physical level. We will now explain each level.


The Spiritual level

This level implies that thoughts have their energy and with that energy, you can attract and manifest anything you imagine. The energy of your thoughts is defined as neither positive nor negative, this energy simply exists as such. If you want to use the power of this energy to attract and manifest the desired things, you must do the following thing: First of all, you need to know what it is that you want to attract and manifest. Then, you need to ask the Universe to send you that thing. After that, you need to experience the emotion of already having that thing, and you need to act like you already have that thing. And, in the end, you need to be open to receiving the desired thing. 


The Psychological level

On this level, a spiritual manifestation is considered a form of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. It means that, if you believe that your dreams and desires are unattainable, you will only make a half-hearted attempt, be overly receptive to any obstacles as signs of impending failure, and you will become discouraged and give up. But, if you are sure that your dreams and desires are attainable, even inevitable, you will behave differently, you will “work hard” on achieving all those desired things. 




The Physical level 

The physical level gives us an explanation of how this works- human thought is just a biochemical process of neurons being transferred between different synapses in the brain. According to this level, we have the power to control our thoughts. If we use this power wisely, we can attract and manifest anything we want. 


So there you have it so the question of What does manifestation mean spiritually we have answered and hopefully made it clear the differences and how to manifest physically and spiritually.

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what does manifestation mean spiritually

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