Do you know that you have the power to attract and manifest everything you want? If you are reading this article, then you are probably familiar with that. But, if you want to take the maximum out of this amazing power of yours, then you should learn how important your sleep is for that purpose and more importantly using sleep hypnosis for manifesting what you desire. Imagine being able to create a positive mindset and get closer to your goals in your sleep!

manifest with the law of attraction


Let’s start from the very beginning. Everything that you want to witness in your real life, every wish, every dream, and every desire, together with all of the things that you don’t want to witness (every bad experience) is attracted and manifested with the help of your deep beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, and in the end- your vibration. 


And it is all fine when you have positive deep beliefs, when your thoughts are positive, when you experience positive emotions and when you vibrate high. When you are in a situation like that, you are getting closer and closer to manifesting all of the things that you want.

Sleep Hypnosis

But what happens when your deep beliefs are negative when you are focusing on negative thoughts? That’s right, in those moments, you are feeling „bad“, you are experiencing different kinds of negative emotions that are lowering your vibration. And when your vibration is low, you are getting closer to experiencing the Contrast and to experiencing all those things that you actually don’t want to experience and you are moving away from all of those things that you do want to experience. That means that if you spend too much time focusing on some negative things, you will manifest exactly those things.


For example, let’ say that there is a chance that you will lose your job. You’ve heard that many people have been fired, and now all you are doing is thinking about when will that happen to you too. You spend your days focusing only on that. Every day, you are experiencing fear and insecurity, and those emotions are lowering your vibration constantly. Soon enough, if you keep focusing on those things, instead of focusing on the good things in your life, you will attract and manifest a reality where you will indeed experience being fired.


But, if you do want to avoid losing your job, what it is that you can do? The Law of Attraction gives you a few different options- you can use some of the Law of Attraction methods such as Affirmations, Meditation, Gratitude, etc, or you can simply- go to sleep! Yes, you’ve heard that right! That’s all you need to do.

Imagine just being able to go to sleep!

You see, sleeping, or better to say, sleep hypnosis, is something that can be very helpful when it comes to changing your dominant vibration, and manifesting the things that you do want to witness in your real life!


During your night’s sleep, you can give your body and your mind a few important benefits. First of all, you can give your body and your mind a rest. When your body and your mind are fully relaxed, fresh, and energized, then it’s time to start attracting and manifesting desired things.


Another extremely significant thing that will happen during your sleep hypnosis is the break of the negative thoughts flows! As we already mentioned, instead of being awake and focusing on the negative possibilities that could occur in the future, you can simply lie down, fall asleep, and allow your body to reject those negative possibilities. In that way, you will avoid attracting and manifesting the experiences you don’t want to witness!


But, we must say that there are a lot of people who are struggling with sleeping. Many people are dealing with challenges when it comes to falling asleep. But, sleep hypnosis is helpful when it comes to this issue too.


So, what is the „right way“ to apply sleep hypnosis? Well, here it is what you need to do.


First of all, you need to plan your day and find enough time for sleeping. If you are a person who has a lot of chores from the early morning, then you need to go to bed earlier than you are used to. Plan your schedule in a way where you will have at least six hours of night sleep. In the ideal conditions, we recommend eight hours of night sleep.


Another thing that we suggest is „creating the atmosphere“. Meaning that your sleeping place should be nice, calm, relaxed. Find the bedsheets that you like, put on your favorite pajamas, take a hot relaxing bath before your sleep, and why not, light up some aromatic candles that are helping you to relax!


Then, lie down in your bed and allow yourself a few minutes of conscious relaxation. Breathe in and breathe out a few times.


Take a look at the video below it will help you with your sleep hypnosis and help speed up the process.


The next thing that you need to do, to apply the sleeping hypnosis „the right way“ is to do small online research for the „guided sleep hypnosis“. YouTube is full of different videos that can serve that purpose. Choose any sleep hypnosis video that you like, and press the play button. For a better experience, we suggest that you put on your headphones.


After you’ve done that, it is time to close your eyes and relax. Allow the voice from the YouTube video to guide you during this night. And don’t put too much effort here. Your job is to breathe deeply and relaxed while listening to the words you’re listening to and not to „work hard“ to understand those words. The words from the video will find their way to your mind without your conscious effort.

Sleep Hypnosis law of attraction

After some time ( a few minutes or more, it depends from person to person) you will fall asleep, but the voice inside of your headphones will remain and your mind will keep absorbing the positive sentences and additional relaxation.


And that’s about it. That’s all you need to do if you want to apply the sleep hypnosis „the right way“. There is a huge amount of benefits that sleep hypnosis will bring to your everyday life. And you will notice the first benefit as soon as you open up your eyes in the morning. The first manifestation will be your positive emotion together with your high vibration. And after you achieve that high vibration, then you will start manifesting more and more wonderful things!

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