So your life is like a radio station! Let me explain, so you don’t like the station or the music that’s playing on the radio what do you do? Yes you change it! You change your law of attraction frequency.

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The law of attraction works like this you have the ability to change what you are experiencing much like the radio. The radio works on a frequency level so do you. You simply have to change the frequency to start to manifest more of what you want into your life.


The secret to the law of attraction is to change the way you feel this is also know as changing the frequency. Or better still raise your frequency to manifest things that are on a higher level.


Bad things or thing people do not want to manifest are bad vibration or bad frequencies so it stands to reason we want to change these.


Ok David great but how do we go about raising our frequency? To manifest more abundance and good things into our lives?


We are a mass of energy

Right so first up you must realise that everything in the universe is just pure energy we are made up of energy and vibrate either at a higher level or lower level. The universe then reacts to the vibration or energy that we give off, so if we are at a higher level of energy we attract things of the same energy.


This is how the law of attraction works by aligning us with the energies or frequency that we give off that we attract more of the same. So if your law of attraction frequency is bringing you a life right now which is not what you want guess what you need to change that frequency you need to change that station!


Raising Your Law of Attraction Frequency Instantly Is Easy!


Raising your law of attraction frequency is easy, you just need to stop bringing it down, life im afraid through the day has a habit of just bringing your vibration down a level or two.


You are the highest possible frequency when you just let things go, let what will be will be, remember what has happened to you now has happened now so the future is not set.


Stop giving focus to what could be wrong in your life give focus to everything good become so grateful for everything you have right now, not what you don’t have and you will soon raise your vibration.


Below are five ways to increase your law of attraction frequency and raise your vibration to a new level.

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1.Pay attention To Your Thoughts

The art of happiness really does depend on self-awareness as well as the capacity to pay attention carefully to your thoughts. Is what your thinking right now good for your vibration or not?


If there not great thoughts that will empower you how do you stop them and change them?


Simple really, next time you have a low vibration thought turn it on its head stop it right there in its tracks say this…. Thankyou universe for that thought but no please leave and I love you. Then focus on something of high vibration or something that makes you happy.


Once you start doing this is will become easier and you will soon find yourself stopping those bad thoughts.


2.Breathe Deeply


When we take a breath deeply, sensations of calmness as well as wellness are dispersed throughout our bodies.

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The best way to do this is find somewhere quite lay there and do 10 really deep breaths, so breathe through your nose hold it for 10 secs then release slowly though your mouth all the time focusing on the breath nothing  else.


This will allow your body to calm thus bringing your mind into a state of relaxation and stillness all the time raising your vibration.


3. Do Something That You Love

The way to get and stay in the highest possible frequency is to do something you love! Being happy is the highest form of vibration so the more you stay in a happy place the more you will keep a high vibration.


So start from today doing something fun!


4. Meditate

Meditation has to do with emptying your mind of all ideas, both unfavorable and also favorable. Consequently, every time you meditate, your powers are returned to their neutral state– permitting your frequency to rise to the higher state that it continuously strives for.


5. Take A Power Nap

Similarly to mediation, when we rest our mind is cleared of the many ideas and also feelings that influence our regularity. This allows it to normally return to its high vibrational state.


So, if you ever before feel as though you simply can not shake off those pesky, adverse feelings and also can feel yourself dragging your law of attraction frequency and vibration down simply take a short power nap!


As we all know after we have had a sleep we all feel better so a short power nap is a great way to press the reset button raise your vibration and get that good law of attraction frequency back.


How will you recognize if you have done well in increasing your law of attraction frequency? You will know since you will really feel great!


Remember this when you look to raise your vibration. The better you really feel, the higher your frequency or vibration can become; you will also feel happier and better about yourself and life so guess what it really is a win win win!


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