So if your like me sometimes you wake up and you find your motivation is totally lacking or none at all, maybe you have days weeks or even months feeling like this. Maybe you decided to get a new job however you still not done that CV or you joined your local gym and guess what you not even been yet!

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So how can we give our motivation and ourselves the kick up the arse we probably need to get ourselves to follow our desire and wants?


Motivation is totally key to all our desires and goals without it they are just dreams we need the desire the motivation to start that new business, get your CV out there we need motivation. Setting the right goals is key also, as if we set goals that are not in align with our desires we simply will never hit them.

Below are 7 great motivational tips you can use today to get yourself going.


# 1: Do the toughest things first!

Yes we do generally do the hardest things last as they just seem to daunt us and those easy tasks seem like they are easy but that is procrastination and this can be a killer for motivation.

Soon that big job will turn into a massive job that will push you down and create a feeling of fear!

However, once we do that big job our motivation goes through the roof, as we have proven to ourselves we can do it our motivation and feeling of we can do everything will shoot through our body!


# 2: Do What You Love

When we do something we love and enjoy doing, the motivation for that comes so much easier than doing things we find boring.


So, if you start to feel like this is boring and your motivation is going sit back and just ask yourself these questions.


Why am I attempting to do this?

Is what your doing going to bring you happiness in the long run?

Whatever part of your life it is always look to do things that you love and make you happy that is what matters and is key to your success and motivation and above feeling happy.


# 3: Always keep the end goal in sight!

So you are working towards your goal however its taking a lot longer that you first thought, you feel your motivation getting less, if you get to this stage always keep focused on the end goal the reason you started this in the first place.


A vision board is great for this, keeping pictures and images up of what it is you desire can really boost your motivation to keep going.


So if it’s a new business, pictures of success and what your dream business looks like. Or maybe the new car or new house always keep them close by to keep you motivated and pushing on.


# 4: Be Careful With What You choose

The problem in life is people take on way to much whether socially or work life, this then means it becomes so hard to be motivated about anything.

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So simply prioritise what’s important and lighten your load, see less friends concentrate on that one business and go from there, you will find your motivation go through the roof!


# 5: Take Breaks

We are always at our best when we are rested and focused. So it says how can we be motivated be at our best when we are tired and run down from being overworked right.


So try to take as many short breaks as you can throughout the day whether that be for a cup of tea a short nap a small walk to get some fresh air whatever it may be you will find this really helps.


# 6: Reward Yourself

A great way to get and stay motivated is the incentive of using rewards. So if your looking to lose weight set goal for a weight and at the end of it a small treat.


If your looking to build your business hit a certain target and treat yourself to night out etc.


Using this will allow you to stay motivated keep pushing to your main goal and keep your motivation and confidence high.


Be good to yourself treat yourself life is meant to be fun and exciting so make it that. Using rewards will keep you pushing to your main goal!

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