Using the law of attraction is an amazing way to bring into your life what it is you desire. However when you are trying to manifest something or someone it is vital you look out for the signals, this is because A) it’s the law of attraction giving you what you want and it will also help you keep on track and not think this isn’t working when it is.

manifest with the law of attraction


So if you have been following all the advice and help to tell you to mediate and visualize and setup dream boards and do your daily affirmations but still nothing shows up or you think nothing shows up it simply might just be that you have actually missed the signs from the universe that law of attraction is actually in action!!


Understand and recognise sent opportunities from the universe.

I know a few people out there think that the law of attraction is just some sort of hocus pocus mystical type thing that doesn’t really exist. The law of attraction is just about how energy flows to us and through us really, it’s about whether we have good energy to attract good energy back to us or bad energy to attract bad things to us. Learning how to use the law of attraction is all about how to use this energy to bring into existence things that we want.


So when things that we want simply turn up like money, love etc they haven’t we have put into power the law of attraction and given what it is we want the energy it needs.


This is why visualizing everyday our dream life is so important, as it attunes our energy to what it is we desire most and what our dream life looks like. By visualizing daily, we are affirming to ourselves that we truly can have what it is we want in our lives.


So then the universe in return will start putting things into motion that will assist you ultimately in your desired dream life or the goal that you want. But for this to happen you do need to look out for signs of this is happening to not only know that they are happening but the signs of you on the right path and or the universe is giving you what you want.



So how to start seeing the Law of attraction in action?

So now you might be wandering to yourself what are these sent opportunities and how do I know or look out for them and improve my chances or actually seeing them?. So the first point is you must get rid of any notion how you think your goal or dreams will actually come true. The universe works in funny ways so don’t think your dream car will come from a new job earning you more, it might come from a lucky win etc you don’t know and that’s the key here. Have faith that what you desire will be shown.


So you must keep visualizing your goal each and every day I do this sometimes three times a day. I love visualising the more real you can make it the better. But do not fixate yourself on how this will come about take for instance you want a new house, but you believe it will come through earning extra money or a new biz.


However the universe will give you your new house via a small payoff however you couldn’t see this due to the fact you where blinkered by the fact you only thought this could come via that better job!


law of attraction


Here are some examples of the universe in action you need to watch out for.

  • A stranger sits next to you on the train or bus and strikes up a conversation could this be the person you need for that new business, or better job you where after? Or could they offer you a contact for that new lead or person you need to speak to.
  • An advert on Facebook to an event that normally you would never go to but this has caught your eye, could this be the universe drawing your attention to something that will help you with your goals?
  • Dreams that seem to say the say thing or tell you to do something or go somewhere, this is normally he universe giving you instructions on what to do next.
  • All of a sudden a desire to go or drive a different way to the store, could this be the universe and the law of attraction telling you to do somewhere to show you something or introduce you to someone new?
  • Reconnecting with someone who you had good vibes and good memories with. People often re appear in our lives for a reason and this is what you need to make sure you keep an eye on. So all you need to do is just think oh why have they re appeared in my life what is it and what does this show and mean?

These are just a few examples of the universe and law of attraction in action, remember it is not you want a new car then it appears, the law of attraction works by bringing people and events together so that you can achieve and have your desire or goal.


So the real lesson here is to stay open and to recognize the opportunities that the law of attraction and the universe will show and bring into your life. Once you stay open and accept everything that they bring as a sign of what to do next you will open yourself up to new opportunities for love success and abundance in your life.


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