With the power of your subconscious mind, you can attract and manifest whatever you want into your everyday life. No matter what it is that you would like to witness in your real life, you can create that thing with the power of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and vibrations. That is what the Law of Attraction says: whatever once find a place in your mind, you can be sure that you can transfer that thing, from your mind to your reality. So can you manifest faster using lucid dreaming we will tell you how.

manifest with the law of attraction

You probably know that the Law of Attraction offers us many different tools and methods for attracting and manifesting desired things. Maybe you’ve already tried some of them. But, have you tried to attract and manifest different things using Lucid Dreaming? If you haven’t and if you are not quite familiar with the whole concept of the Lucid Dreaming, you’ve come to the right place, we will explain to you all you need to know before you decide whether to enter into this adventure.

Let’s first explain, what is Lucid Dreaming? Well, let’s observe it this way: during the day, when you are awake and fully conscious, you have the power to choose and control your thoughts. But, you have the same power during the night: if you want to choose and control your dreams, you can use Lucid Dreaming. In Lucid Dreaming, you have the power to control your thoughts and dreams completely. So, while you sleep, you can dream whatever you want to dream. In other words, you can fulfill all of your wishes, dreams, and desires, even while you sleep.lucid dreaming and manifesting

If you observe Lucid Dreaming from the Law of Attraction perspective, you can say that Lucid Dreaming is a form of Visualization. You see, while you are experiencing your Lucid Dream, and while you are dreaming about the things you’ve chosen to dream, during your sleep you are experiencing certain events, and at that same time, you are experiencing emotions as if those things are happening, and more importantly, you are vibrating like those things are already happening. While you are experiencing a certain Lucid Dream, with the help of your emotions and your vibration, you are sending a clear and precise message to the Universe. Soon enough, the Universe will manifest your wish in your real life- you are going to experience your Lucid Dream once again, only this time while you are awake.

If Lucid Dreaming is something that you would like to try, here are some steps that you should follow if you want to take the maximum out of this Manifestation Method:

So how do you start lucid dreaming?

First of all, you need to choose just one thing that you would like to insert into your Lucid Dream. Don’t think about several different things that you would like to manifest because if you focus on too many things, it would be harder for your brain. So, simply, focus on just one thing, just one wish, just one desire. It would be best that you focus on a selected thing at night, when you are in your bed, right before your sleep. If you do it at that time, your subconscious mind will adopt it much easier.

After you’ve decided what is the thing that you would like to see in your Lucid Dream, and after you’ve spent some time focusing on it, try to imagine that same thing as a clear and precise picture. While you are imagining, try to visualize as many details as you can. The more details you imagine, the more realistic the picture will be and easier your subconscious mind will adopt it.

Now, when you know what you want to manifest, and when you have a clear mental image of your wish, you need to apply some Lucid Dreaming Affirmations. You’ve probably already used Affirmations and you know how powerful they are. Here, all you need to do is to Affirm at night, before you go to sleep and your Affirmations should be in tune with your wish. For example, if you want to fall in love and experience a wonderful relationship, here it is how your Lucid Dreaming Affirmation should sound: „I know that I deserve to love and to be loved. Tonight, with the help of my Lucid Dream, I will be able to see what it is like to experience a wonderful love relationship. Tonight, in my Lucid Dream, I will meet my ideal partner, we will fall in love and enjoy our time together. And very soon, I will experience the same thing in real life. „ Depending on your wish, you can create your Lucid Dreaming Affirmation. When using your Lucid Dreaming Affirmation, you should know that is enough to repeat it two, or three times, but the most important thing is to repeat it at night before you go to sleep. In that way, you will help your subconscious mind to adopt that Lucid Dreaming Affirmation easily.

Is lucid dreaming safe?Can Lucid Dreaming Help You Manifest

If you are wondering if the Lucid Dreaming is safe to perform or not, we must say that opinions on that are divided. The people who are constantly practicing Lucid Dreaming observe it as completely safe, but, we must warn you that, if you perform Lucid Dreaming, there is a chance that you may be also experiencing: Lucid Dreaming Addiction, Regular Sleep Interruption, Sleep Paralysis, or Somniphobia (which is fear of sleeping).

If you want to succeed in experiencing Lucid Dreaming, you need to repeat the process every night, until you do it. Lucid Dream can’t happen overnight. It requires time and practice. So repeat the process, use all of the tips and tricks that we gave you, and manifest desired things even while you sleep! Focus on your wish, create a clear mental image of that wish and Affirm with your Lucid Dream Affirmations. Maybe you won’t be able to experience the Lucid Dream the first night, maybe you won’t experience it during the whole week. But, if you stay consistent, eventually you will experience your Lucid Dream, and more importantly, you will manifest the desired thing with the help of it.

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