5 Steps To Create The Perfect Morning Routine

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With all these perfect morning routines flying around, all the books, seminars about the perfect morning and what you need to do. The truth is thou that only you can find the perfect morning routine and you alone. Each person is different everyone will need there own tailored morning routine which is why most of the courses you should just ignore!


The fact is we all have different biological rhythms, various preferences, different way of livings, and also different productivity designs. Some of us prefer hard stringent exercise first up whilst others prefer a nice cup of tea and a walk so each person is vastly different which is why the perfect morning routine has to be around what you want.


So what you need to do really is pick two or three ideas or concepts that work for you, Select a couple of, mix them up and also attempt.


Make sure you make yourself flexible when choosing to your own needs, don’t just put something into the routine because you think its best only put it in if it will work.


So lets look then at creating YOUR very own personal morning routine to fit around you.


Just how does your current morning routine look like?


  • Sleeping in until the last second?
  • Checking your emails and social media endlessly until its time to rise from your bed?
  • Rushing out the door as your late?


What are your thoughts prior to you get out of your bed?


  • Didn’t get enough sleep need another couple of hours
  • I hate work and wish I didn’t have to go in today!
  • Nothing to look forward to today expect work boooo



Your perfect early morning ought to look something such as this.

  • You wake up and spend time doing proper breathing and relaxation properly.
  • Some sort of exercise or yoga or meditation where you still yourself.
  • Get the feeling of feeling very grateful for everything in your life, having an attitude of gratitude is vital first thing in the morning.


So now let’s get your very own personalised morning routine based around you.



Lets start the morning with love gratitude and a feeling of happiness that today will be the best day ever and you will only have good thing enter into it.


  1. Wake a tiny bit earlier.

Have you ever woken in the morning and thought crap and had to rush as you where late or running out of time? Being in this state is never good, so try getting up a little earlier. Yes this might mean you have to go to bed slightly earlier as you need to make sure you have the right amount of sleep as this is vital for your body and to make sure you get the sleep you need.


So start by waking 15 minutes earlier you will feel no difference to start with and it’s a great way to start, if you like go to bed 15 minutes earlier.


  1. Keep it very simple to start with

When you first start don’t try to pack to much in to your morning routine, doing so will make it feel packed and to much to do this then can have the opposite effect and make you feel panicked and stressed “how will I fit all this in”


Start with 1-2 morning routines then add to them as and when you think you can, remember it does not matter if it is just two as that’s better than none.


  1. Make sure your morning routine you look forward to

There is no point having a morning routine that you fear and dread because once you do, the whole process wont work. Make sure your morning routine is filled with things that you want to do.


  1. Rate on your own as well as enjoy the voids.

Remember your morning routine should not be a race so do not race from one routine to the next, each one should be taken slow and enjoyed. If you find yourself doing this, then stop and reevaluate what you want and why you might be racing along.


  1. Start slow.

So when adding these morning routines into your morning plan do it one at a time, take your time, don’t add 3-4 to start with go one at a time and take maybe a week or son adding the next until you feel comfortable then think about adding another one.


This is not a race so take your time.

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Ideas for your morning regimen.

So now you have the basis how what you need to do to create your perfect morning routine we now need to look at what we can add into it, so take a look below and decide what you think will fit best into your morning or aid and make it the best possible.


Meditation, is one of the best ways to start your day especially when you have first woken up and are laying in bed. Don’t worry if you don’t know how there are so many YouTube videos on it and courses and articles that please don’t worry. So you basically start by lying down and concentrating on your breathing taking big breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. If your mind starts to wander n o worries bring it back by concentrating on your breathing. Meditation can alone bring tranquillity and harmony into your life.

Take a look at this article for more on meditation

Self-reflection or Self-knowledge. Journaling is an amazing way to discover yourself, writing down each morning your thoughts and feeling on paper is a great for self reflection, you can also write down your goals each day on your journal this will empower you each morning and train you to concentrate on your goals and what it is you want to achieve in your day. Journaling is also a great way to mange stress as when you write down your thoughts and feelings it helps you to get to know yourself.


Being grateful getting or having an attitude of gratitude is an amazing way to get ready for your day. Being grateful now for what you have puts you in a fantastic state of mind and help you create a life full of things you are grateful for. So for this you have to purposefully think each time of things you are grateful for, this could your job, the car you drive the house you live, you need to make yourself grateful for these, because when you do you will find that more thing to make you grateful appear in your life.


Affirmations are quotes or statement that you speak out aloud, doing this will implant that saying or thought into your mind. So pick affirmations that resonate with you, like “I am so happy and grateful now that ……… Always try to say them in the presence tense. Check out our site as we have hundreds of affirmations you can use each day to boost your morning.

Check out a few affirmation posts here for more help.

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Move your body. It’s no secret that work out brings your endorphin level or having a high one makes you feel good mentally. So this does not mean you have to go and run a marathon or spend 4 hours down the gym any sort of movement for 5-10 minutes when you first wake up is enough to get the blood pumping and pleasure hormone running around your body.

What I do is a few press ups or weights that’s it just enough.


Create your own regimen.

So there you have it, remember the only way this new routine will work is if you want it to and you enjoy it you won it and you make it work. Otherwise it will just fail, make sure it turns into a habit also so make sure you stick at it for 30-60 days otherwise it won’t stick.


Morning don’t have to be tough or a struggle they can be and should the thing that sets you up for the rest of the week.

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