It is a completely normal situation that, from time to time you simply “burn out” and that you lose your motivation. But, can you find the motivation once you lose it? With the Law of Attraction, you can get it back get back your Monday motivation, don’t worry. Starting every week on the Monday getting yourself motivated is tough but get it right and you can set yourself up for a great week.

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Why is motivation so important and what should you do to get it back? We will now explain everything that you need to know about that!


We also show you why Monday motivation is so vital for the whole week…


Maybe you are one of those people who don’t like to follow “the rules” or to follow the “steps” for achieving something. But, the more time you spend applying the Law of Attraction, the more you will understand how important it is to follow the steps for achieving something, in this case- for becoming motivated. 

Monday Motivational

So, let’s start from the very beginning. If you want to change your life, and if you want to change your reality that you are not completely satisfied with, the first step that you need to do is to accept your current situation. You need to accept your knowledge and your ignorance, you need to accept that you have Ego, you need to accept your beliefs, you need to accept everything that is a part of your life. Accepting is always the first step because you always have two choices. Whenever you deal with some experience, you can either accept it or resist it.

Whenever you resist something, deep down in your mind, you know that you are not the one who is controlling the situation. So, when you are resisting something, you should know that you can’t change that. When you accept something, your vibration becomes higher, and from that place, you have the power to change things. From that higher vibration, your thoughts, your view of looking at things, and your decisions become different and that’s why accepting is the first step.


When you accept that things are the way they are, then the second step comes along, and the second step is taking responsibility, or, in other words, taking full control over your life. You are the creator of your own life, you are not a victim of life circumstances, remember that.. Acting like a victim of life circumstances is just going to lower your vibration, and you don’t want that.


The third step is the decision. You need to bring only one decision if you want to start living a completely different life.


And the fourth step is application. When people are at the bottom, when they don’t have anything, when their motivation is completely lost, they tend to think that they don’t have anything to apply. Well, they do have. They can applicate their previous knowledge. They can meditate, which is also a form of application.


When you lose your motivation, and when you want to get back your motivation, you need to apply all the knowledge from the past, you need to educate yourself constantly, you need to observe the motivated people and to “still” their recipe. Observe the ones who are motivated and apply the same things that they applied.

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When you start applying all these steps, then you will start to notice just how motivation is. And then you will understand that motivation should be an important part of spiritual “hygiene”. 


Take a moment to think about this: do you force yourself every day to wash your teeth, to wash your hair, to go to the shower, to put on clean clothes? Of course not. That is something that you’ve accepted as a part of your daily hygiene, all those things became a habit to you because you know what is the purpose of all those things.


You should do the same thing with your Monday motivation. You need to make motivation your habit. When you understand all the benefits that motivation will bring to your everyday life, and when you understand that one motivational video, one motivational quote, or something else, can change your whole day, then you will understand the significance of motivation.


Motivation is an external thing. But you are the one who has the power to make it an internal thing! Motivation must be your conscious decision!


How can you get motivated?

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Well, if you find yourself in a situation you’ve never been, you can get motivated just by observing the examples of the ones who once were in the same position. Observe the ones who “solved the problem” and learn from their example how to change your situation too.


Don’t overthink about “negative scenarios” that can happen. Because if you keep focusing on negative thoughts, you won’t go to the gym, you won’t send the application to that job, you won’t go out on a date, you won’t buy that lottery ticket, etc…Instead of focusing on negative things that could happen, change your thoughts and use the Law of Attraction tool “Visualization”. Close your eyes and imagine all of the good things that can happen. 


Find motivational books, videos, and quotes. Instead of watching bad news on the internet, spend that time reading positive motivational things. Maybe you won’t be able to see the benefit of doing that the first day, but, as time passes, your inner being will start to accept all those motivational things, and little by little, your motivation will grow.


Monday Motivation


For some reason, we’ve been taught that from Monday to Friday we need to work hard and that when the weekend comes, it is time for happiness and enjoyment. How wrong is that! If we live according to this stupid belief, that means that we are going to spend a significant time of our life feeling miserable! Well, we can change that! Or better to say, we must change that! And we can change it by being motivated during the whole week. How can we do that? Well, we can do it by recognizing the “small” things that are making us feel good, from Monday to Sunday. Maybe on Monday after you finish your work, you will go to the cinema. On Tuesday you will spend some quality time with your partner. On Wednesday, you will play with your kids in a park, etc.

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Do you understand what we are talking about here? Every single day you can find something that you love doing. Focus on those things! While you are doing that, you will feel good. And whenever you feel good, your vibration is climbing up on the emotional guidance scale. Whenever the Universe senses that you are vibrating high, you will be getting more and more of the things that are going to make you motivated, happy, and satisfied. Apply the things we’ve talked about today, get motivated, and look forward to every new day because every new day is a day when you can attract and manifest something that you wish for.

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