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How would you like to know the secret to having so much more wealth abundance and money come into your life than you ever thought possible?


I was on YouTube the other day watching a few motivational videos and found one which had the best law of attraction and manifesting wealth affirmations I have heard for quite a while….


It went like this.


‘ the very best servants are the best-paid ones’


So when they first said this it actually didn’t make a lot of sense then when they went and discussed what it meant it all became apparent.


When I first heard this, I instantly heard in my head the servant bit and thought of hard work working for someone else every wish…


Basically, being a servant to someone else is not really getting anywhere and definitely having freedom and massive wealth come into my life that was for sure.


There are two things that make these people wealth or these servants actually have a life full of abundance.


These servants use their abilities and there services to the best of there abilities and give them the best experience they can.

They then make sure they can provide these services to as many people as possible and that’s pretty much it!

Let me interrupt you there I know what your going to say but ok David what can I offer how can I offer something to the masses and live a life full of abundance and wealth.


So what can you offer I hear you ask….


Well let me run through a few things that I do that provide amazing value serve a whole bunch of people and make me a little bit on the side whilst helping people.

First up a blog like this! What sort of things do you like that other people like and that you could offer help advice or just your experience on them??


So yes this is on the law of attraction but what about, fishing sports, cars there is a whole wrath of ides you can talk about.


All you need is a domain name a host and an idea that’s it.


I also have many gigs on fiverr for which I charge $20-$100 for and takes me 3-10 minutes to execute each one! Again, I’m offering a great product but being paid for it handsomely.



So to actually attract abundance, you need to think, what can you offer the globe and also exactly how can I provide it to as lots of people as possible, once you start to think out and big the law of attraction and the universe will start to send you ideas on how you can remember to have faith.

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So I suggest you sit down and write down what your interested in and whether it’s a big enough market are there enough people to serve and make enough money from it. So let’s say your interest is a 1972 car which is rare you decide to setup a blog put advertising on it and write about it. Great however if only 150 worldwide like or even know about that car your not going to change your life from it!


But lets say you love dogs you have a real passion for them


So you decide to go into pet grooming. You get a website up and running setup a Facebook page do some ads, work it from your house you quickly grow…


You then need to bring in staff you need a premises then you need two you grow even more, all from this one idea this one passion of yours.


That you open an additional shop as well as an additional as well as one more up until you develop a chain of shops. providing your services to even more individuals.


Making even more cash, attracting more and more abundance into your life.


Or if you didn’t want to open a shop you can setup a blog on pets, do a Facebook page setup a community become an authority within this niche let it grow and bring more money and abundance into your life.


By providing product or services to the very best of your capacity and also functioning as many individuals as feasible.


Now what I wanted to also mention here is how hypnotherapy mp3 tracks have helped me in my abundance and business journey by training my mind on autopilot bring these amazing deals and ideas into my life.


subliminal messages


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The point is when your sub conscious mind become aligned to your goals and what it is you desire the law of attraction and the universe will start to send you gifts or unexpected ideas.


I had show up $278 in a week just from changing and using these MP3 tracks!


So when you get this servant mindset and use the MP3 hypnosis tracks you will start to see things unfold and the universe send you ideas and when you do get them your job is to put them into action


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