Picture your mind as a stream and your thoughts like the wind which incites waves and muddy the water. When the wind ceases, there are no ripples and the water becomes so transparent that you can clearly see the beautiful fishes and other aquatic animals swimming underneath the stream. Such a scenario is the reason why individuals adopt the law of attraction manifestation meditation.

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During periods when the stream is wavy and the water is dark, you can’t view a thing, not even your reflection. But when the water is unperturbed, you can see another realm. A mind that is troubled is similar to a wavy lake. You simply can’t attract your vision when your mind is troubled and always crammed with plethora of unnecessary thoughts. For the law of attraction to be effective, you have to quell your mind. Below are some tips you can adopt to quell your mind.

What is the law of attraction and what is manifestation meditation?

The law of attraction simply states that you will get whatever you concentrate on, whatever you channel your energy or focus on will return to you. So if you choose to remain focused on the good and positive elements of your life, you will automatically lure more good things into your life. If you choose to focus your imaginations on negativity, then that is what you will eventually get.

Relaxing into the law of Attraction manifestation meditation

Find an area, one that is quiet and lacks any item of distraction. In that area, you can relax yourself by either sitting or lying down. Doing this will take about 15 to 20 minutes, so ensure you don’t rush the exercise. Be on something comfortable and remove your shoes.

When you are prepared, inhale deeply and slowly via your abdomen. Maintain it for about five seconds, and breathe in slowly. Perform this one more time and watch your body spread out with inhalation. Always ensure that you maintain your natural way of breathing as you perform each step.

In this exercise, relaxation is done by paying attention to all areas of your body. When your whole body gets into a relaxed state, you will experience a peaceful feeling. Shut your eyes and inhale naturally. Your aim is to relax your entire body starting from your feet to the crown of your head.

Begin with your feet. How does our feet feel? Does it feel warm or nippy? Irrespective of how you feel, simply allow your feet to relax as you inhale and exhale. Your heels is in contact with the ground, try to as much as possible to feel the contact; or if you are in a socks, feel the contact that your legs has with your socks.

Move up slowly, then direct your concentration to your ankles. Feel those ankles of yours. Inhale and exhale naturally while directing your focus on your ankles. Draw the focus back to your calves and your rear kneels. Do you feel anything like a twitching feeling in these regions? Breathe into those areas, and allow your calves to go lame. Ensure you don’t force the process, just transmit your intention with your breathe and leave the rest to your body.

Now shift your concentration to your sheen and knees. Feel the sensation present in this region. Once aging, breathe into this region, then release. If you don’t feel any sensation in any area, do not force it, it is natural to feel nothing. Spend some time on each parts; five to ten seconds is adequate.

Now, to your hamstrings. Feel the contact your hamstring has with either the floor or your clothing, then transmit your breath and let your hamstring soften up.

Notice your thighs. Do you feel anything? Remain with this feeling and breathe normally. Loosen up your thigh with each breathe.

Coming to your buttocks. The muscles present in your buttocks contracts when we are worked up. Direct your breath into those muscles, and release.

Now, bring your focus to your upper back, take note of the muscles present in the back, spine, and shoulder blades. Breathe into your upper back and remain calm. Maintain the feeling for about five seconds.

Now, bring your focus on your hands. Begin with your fingers including your palms, then transcend to your wrists, forearms, and your elbows. Spend about five seconds on your forearm and ten seconds on your fingers and palms. Afterwards, focus on your upper arm. Feel your biceps, triceps, armpits, and the antecubital space or the opposite area of your elbow. As usual. Breathe into those regions, and free up the muscles.

Bringing your attention to your shoulders. Breathe while feeling the tips of your shoulders. Move to your throat afterwards. Ease your throat with each breathe and move on.

Now, move your focus to your face. Feel areas of your face such as your chin, jaw, lips, including your mouth. Spend about five seconds feeling each parts. To your eyes now. Know that your eyelids are stationed on your eyeballs, and your eyeballs are stationed in your eye sockets.

Your focus on your head now. Feel every area of your head such as your skull bone, the slender muscles of the scalp including the follicles of the hair. Now, focus on your mind, feel your brain muscles relaxing while you concentrate on them.

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You now have a relaxed body. Inhale deeply after about twenty seconds. Stretch your body. You are now whole and invigorated. This is the perfect way to achieve manifestation meditation.

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