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Have you heard it stated gratitude is the key to living your greatest life and manifesting anything you desire? But I suppose the big question is how can you be grateful all day and towards everything? As we know life can and usually is very tough at times, this is where we find it most difficult to be grateful, I mean how can you be grateful when someone wrongs you lets say. So getting a grateful heart can be a difficult thing to master and get but read on and see why you must and how you can easily.

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So choosing to be grateful in every area of your life, feeling joy feeling love in everything that comes into your life good or bad. Once you start to change you thinking and give yourself the opportunity to be grateful and live in gratitude it improves your soul it lifts your mood and is generally good for your well-being and your health. Below we have listed the five keys to getting a grateful heart.

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The 5 Keys for Cultivating a Grateful Heart And Living the best life.


  1. The attitude of gratitude is a choice!

I always remember the some of the hardest days of my life when I lost both my parents at the age of 17. I woke up one morning to having a police officer shake me and say “David your dad is dead” or hearing my sisters scream after finding out my mum had died. These thoughts unfortunately live with you they are part of who you are and what makes me me. But even after this I was still looking for things to be grateful for, I was grateful for the time I had with my parents the amazing time I had as a child was something I will never forget, but I was lucky I had a house money and I was looking after my brother and sister and to me I was grateful for that! That was me making a choice to be grateful to bring gratitude into my life I learned early on to have a grateful heart.


I have so many times in my life that I’m happy but when your happy and things are going good for you need to be grateful for these events and have that grateful heart. Then you need to learn even in your darkest times even when your feeling rally down you need to cultivate your grateful heart!


So now you need to be grateful and learn to have a grateful heart in every circumstance good or bad you need to learn to be grateful!


  1. Choose to See Everything as a present.


Grateful people see every little thing they have as a gift and also not a right. This results in contentment and also dispells contrast and also envy.


So everything you have now or receive in the future see it as a gift. So when you get paid next see this as a gift, say to yourself wow thank you so much for this gift I am so grateful for this!

Or when you wake up every morning say to yourself thank you for another day in this amazing world and see everyday as a gift this will teach you also to be in an attitude of gratitude more often thus when things do get tough you can always go back to this.

So when you get bad new maybe think of this as a gift, so say you get a parking ticket say to yourself “ thankyou for giving me the chance to pay this mans wages and fee the local people with this money I’m about to give to the council” now yes I know this one is really tough bad example!!!


  1. Having a powerful viewpoint is one of the keys to a grateful heart

I live in a wealthy Western bubble where I have everything I need for life. I unlike so many other people have a heated house running water, a phone, wifi a job where I can buy things to use in my life. I used to also be and think down about my house and where I lived which looking back is so wrong. I would always be online looking for ways to improve my house either with new things I like, I would look at social media for new ideas of things I wanted to put in my house.

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Then, I took a trip to Antigua and everything was put right into perspective I thought my house was nothing I thought how unlucky was I to live where I am now. But then when you drive by these steel shacks you realize that everything must be in perspective. The key to be grateful and to cultivate a grateful heart is to see everything for that it is, the money you have compared to someone else be grateful the house you have the friends family compare it to someone who has nothing that’s the key.



  1. We see what we search for in life.


One of my most favourite films of all time is Philomena it is about a young mother living in Ireland and living with nuns because she got pregnant. The nunnery would then steal her baby and sell it to rich adoptive parents. The true story is of her search many years later to find out what happened to her son. He went to America and she found out he was gay and died of aids. But worst thing of all was she went back to the nunnery to ask if they had ever heard from her son they said no, but in fact he had been there a few days before, he sadly died a few days later but was asked to be buried at the nunnery. This was so his mum if she did ever look for him would find him.. Now she could be so bitter towards the nunnery for giving her son away and hiding the fact he was looking for her and they had his address!


The reporter who went with her was not so forgiving but she taught him forgiveness and to be grateful, she said look he lived a good life better than I could of given him and he died happy that’s all that matters.

I suppose this is what is meant by having a grateful heart, being able to forgive and see good in people no matter what has happened to you.


Grateful individuals actively try to find possibilities to be thankful in all circumstances no matter how bad they are or how awful they are.


  1. We practice what is necessary to us and makes us happy.

A good pal of mine once did a 800 mile bike ride to me that was very impressive, the training needed is immense. You don’t simply wake up one day and ride 800 miles. It takes training being out of your bike everyday getting injured having a sore bottom a lot of the time, it takes real dedication and commitment to be able to ride those sorts of distances.


This is a great analogy then to having a grateful heart and growing that muscle of forgiveness and being thankful in everything we see and that happens to us. Yes some days will be bad we will have experiences and things happen to us where being thankful is tough and sometimes we might just go oh F%%k this isn’t doing that no more, but this is where getting a grateful heart and people who use and make there lives amazing are separated from the people who are not willing to put in the extra work.

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To get a grateful heart does take some work and dedication and above all consistency you don’t just one day get up and your able to see the good in everything and be thankful it just does not work like that.

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In order to practice thankfulness on a daily basis, I use a journal where everyday I write down what I’m thankful and grateful for, this helps me to put it in words but above all I can look back and think wow yes good things do really happen to me!


Grateful people get a grateful heart by practising and using this everyday!


When we cultivate a happy heart, we are an example to everyone else..


Grateful individuals know they can be a positive instance to others around them.

So when we look at everything in our life as a gift and be thankful for everything in our lives that we get and we start to use this everyday amazing things start to happen. Not only are we getting that grateful heart but we are also setting in place where the universe is now going to send us more good things of which we can be grateful for even more.


A perspective of gratefulness could not alter your situations however it can transform your perspective which actually can alter whatever. Don’t wait till Thanksgiving, practice gratefulness year-round simply deliberately. Your life as well as others will certainly benefit from growing a heart of gratefulness. What are you grateful for today?


Having a grateful heart is a great way to start bring good into your life. As said it wont change everything instantly but it will start to ring more and more good things into your life, you will find your life changes and changes to amazingly that you won’t know what happened, so get the grateful heart and live the life you have always wanted.


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with a grateful heart

with a grateful heart

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