Being Grateful vs. Being Thankful what is it and how can you use it today? So grateful vs thankful is key to living and manifesting into your life what you desire.

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Is there even a difference between being Grateful and being Thankful? Some people would say that there is a slight difference, but, according to the Law of Attraction, that difference doesn’t exist. The Law of Attraction says that both, being Grateful and being Thankful are wonderful things, they are actually both connected to one of the most important things in the process of attracting and manifesting, and that is the Gratitude. So, you can call this feeling whatever you want to call it. The only important thing, for the Law of Attraction, is that you achieve in experiencing this emotion.


Becoming grateful- the most important step in creating the life of your dreams


To become grateful, or to become thankful, means that you need to notice, to become aware of all the blessings that you have in your life. You need to become aware of all of the blessings that you are taking for granted.


Becoming aware of the blessings will bring you to the most important life virtue, and that is the Gratitude. Every single person who is living life with Gratitude will say that Gratitude was the thing that transformed his life. And being able to notice all the blessings in your life is not a thing that you will do just once, it is something that simply becomes the part of you, of your conscious, of your inner being. When you understand just how becoming aware of blessings is important, then you won’t allow yourself another day without counting the blessings. You will continue to count your blessings, every day.

Gratitude is the one that helps you to put your focus on your blessings. But, many people, as we’ve already mentioned, are taking their blessings for granted. They think that those blessings are a normal, regular thing. They don’t value them enough. But, if you change your perspective, when you change your point of view when you start observing those „little blessings“ as miracles, as wonderful things, then your life will start to transform. When you understand that somebody else doesn’t have those „small things“ that you have when you understand that somebody else would give everything to have the experiences that you have, then you will start to appreciate all your blessings, then you will be truly grateful.

This very moment, while you are reading these lines, there is a person who is praying to live the life you are living right now. There is a person who is praying to attract something that you have. And you are taking that for granted.


grateful vs thankful


Have you heard about motivational speaker Nick Vujicic? Do you know his story? It is a guy who was born without his limbs. But, what makes him important to our story? His Gratitude. He is living his whole life, experiencing Gratitude for all the other things he has in life. He placed his focus on the things that he has, and he ignored the things that could lower his vibration. And with his Gratitude, he managed to attract so many other wonderful things to his life- family abundance, love abundance, money abundance. He achieved creating the life of his dreams, no matter the circumstances he had in his life. Nick managed to do that, we can do it too! Man who was born without arms and legs, but yet with so many positive emotions. A man, born with serious issues showed us that we are the ones who are living a life with a disability. Because a true disability is when you are living life not being aware of all the blessings that you have, without being able to experience the Gratitude, and without being able to create magnificent manifestations, with the help of that same Gratitude.


Now, you can understand why it is important that you feel the Gratitude for the possibility to use your legs and walk. It is because somebody else can’t do that. But, the important thing here is that that person who can’t walk can also find something to be grateful for. It is just a matter of perspective. We all have something that brings us joy and happiness. We just need to take some time and find out what are those things. And when we find those things, when we experience the Gratitude, the Universe will keep sending us more and more things that will make us feel the same way. More reasons for being grateful will keep coming to our life.


Being grateful during „hard“ times and „hard“ circumstances


How can we see our blessings when we think that we’ve stuck in a hard situation? Is it even possible to be grateful while we are dealing with some challenges? Can we experience Gratitude for some situations that are not making us happy? While we are experiencing hard times, can we be grateful?


To be grateful for your hard childhood, to be grateful for every fight you’ve had with your parents, to be grateful for every single time your heart was broken, to be grateful for each time you’ve got fired, to be grateful or every tear you’ve cried, to be grateful for all those people who once were part of your life and they’re gone now. Some day, you will be able to feel true Gratitude for all those „bad“ things. And do you know why? Because of all those hard moments you’ve experienced during your past, someday it will become a part of your story of success. All those hard situations made you the person you are today. And more importantly, all those situations are the things that were necessary for creating the life of your dreams, in the future. Those life moments are responsible for making you the person you are today and the person you will be tomorrow. Take a moment and think about this: if all those previous life experiences will eventually bring to the place where you will experience the life you’ve always dreamed of, then, those „hard“ situations were blessings.

being grateful

But, we can look at things this way, only after some time distance. For many people, it is pretty hard to look at the bigger picture in those moments while they are dealing with some hard and unpleasant circumstances.

For example, if somebody who you love, no matter if that is your parent, your close friend or your love partner, gets some bad diagnose with low chances of recovering, it is completely normal that you can’s say „Thank you“ and experience the Gratitude for that situation. You can say, but you can not experience that with your heart. But, what you can do? Well, the Law of Attraction has a few suggestions. You can go and Meditate. Meditation can help you to stop the momentum of negative thoughts related to this situation. You will let go of all the negative thoughts, you will release that feeling of being angry, being mad. And that is one step closer to the feeling of Gratitude. Also, you can visualize. During your visualization, you can imagine the desired outcome- you can imagine your loving one getting better.

And in those moments of visualization, you will experience the emotion of really living that thing you are dreaming of. In the moment of your visualization, you will be able to experience Gratitude. No matter the circumstances, you can always make yourself feel that gratitude. As you probably already know, the Universe doesn’t know the difference between the things we are imagining and the things that are happening. The Universe only reacts to our emotions and our vibration by sending us more and more things that are going to make us feel the same way.

So, you always have a choice, no matter the circumstances that are happening to you. You can just sit down and cry over your destiny, or you can work on yourself, and „force“ yourself to feel better. You can create the Gratitude for yourself, by yourself. Always, no matter the circumstances. And this is important because Gratitude can instantly change your emotion, your vibration and it can bring into your life everything that is on that same vibration as it is gratitude itself.


Always keep in your mind the fact, that someone would do anything right now, just to have what you have, somebody would trade his life for yours, this very moment. This will make it easier to appreciate what you have and to be thankful. Find that one segment of the life that is doing good, focus on that segment, and be grateful for that. Always put the focus on the blessings, because you know what will happen then. Your vibration will move upper on the emotional guidance scale and the Universe will send you something wonderful.


So, you need to become grateful for everything you have in your life.  Make a list of your blessings and write down everything you are grateful for- your family, children, health, food, water, clean clothes, arms, legs, eyes, books, etc. After that, your whole perception will transform and you will start to focus on what is good in your life. It is going to take some time, but, soon, this will become your way of life. 


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