Use these Subconscious Mind Exercises to Achieve Your Dreams

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THE INFLUENCE OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to attract and manifest what you desire into your life, so the question is How do I rewire my subconscious mind?

Your mind has two parts the sub conscious and the conscious they are very different parts and do very different things

The subconscious mind is effective and is one of the wonders of the world when used correctly it can literally bring in and effect whatever it is that you desire literally overnight in some cases.subconscious mind power techniques

Just last night I made a wish to the universe that I needed some money for a course I wanted, well I awoke to find that an old debt I was owed suddenly appeared in my bank and meant I was able to go on this course! That is the power of law of attraction and getting what you want and desire into your sub conscious mind.

You have actually certainly really felt the precise very same psychological reaction to bad things the sub conscious mind can give us feelings such as .

  • A deep fear of the dark or what lies behind it … even when you recognise you remain in a secure location and nothing can really hurt you.
  • You trust someone who you know is not trustworthy … but you still have in your mind a space to trust this person when you know you cannot.
  • It could also could be you get very defensive other silly things … even if you recognise the person suggests well you still without you even knowing it lash out and become defensive.

As you see these are examples of when the sub conscious mind work against you in certain situations you would hope it would not. So if we could use sub conscious exercise to help break free from these beliefs and programming and programme better feelings and actions to situations life would be a lot easier..

The main reason this happens or you are programmed to react in this was is because you have constantly strengthened messages to your subconscious mind about what to be worried of, who to depend on, and what you might be unconfident around. The amazing power of this you do it without even knowing that’s the power of your sub conscious mind.

I love to use these subconscious mind power techniques everyday and what you will learn is just how amazing they really are.

You will certainly connect these beliefs, feelings, and suggestions to your subconscious no matter what but you can change them using sub . You can not control precisely what comes out of procedure, yet you can lead it in the ideal direction by sending it the best messages. So by following a few subconscious mind exercises you can alter the memories and the pattern and more importantly the action to a certain event and change your habit into one which works with you and what is aligned to you.

By doing subconscious mind exercises on a habitual basis, you can transform your decision-making to a point where it is automatic and also simple and easy to make the right decisions the right decisions based on the results you want to achieve. So if you have a fear of heights but you want to fly a plane you need to reprogram your mind to conquer the fear and give you subconscious mind exercises to eliminate this fear.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind does not understand language, making it tough to influence.

What it does comprehend are images, feelings, as well as feelings – particularly under specific “brainwave patterns.”

This is why athletes and high-performers spend time picturing success they will sit down and visualise themselves wining a race from the start to the gun going off to the feeling of crossing the line in first place.  They will make it seem so real it becomes the normal for them. It’s greater than simply a method of building confidence, it is a way to affect their subconscious minds as well as help them make those instant choices on the area.

To use this subconscious mind exercises in your life and start re programming your mind for success or to rid yourself of a belief thought of feeling which does not unconscious mindserve you, you wish to get involved in a state of relaxation so sit down on a comfy chair etc, be careful not to use a bed as you may fall asleep! When you’re totally loosened up, your aware mind does not need to react to outside stimulation’s as well as be on high-alert. This permits your subconscious to take over, and also gives you a possibility to influence it once you can do that you can give it new thoughts feelings and beliefs.

Listed below you will certainly discover an useful 20min subconscious mind exercise that will assist you through this procedure.



You can use these today and they have been scientifically proven so get to work now!

  1. Relocate to a peaceful area where you won’t be disturbed THIS IS VITAL FOR ALL THESE subconscious mind exercises

Rest on your back with your feet a little apart, arms slightly extended from your body, palms facing down and also make certain you’re as comfortable as possible but as said not to comfortable we don’t want you falling asleep! You do not want anything to sidetrack you from kicking back (i.e. audio, temperature level, cell phone, etc).

  1. Focus your eyes and your vision on a point in the ceiling as well as start by taking 3 long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Exhale deeply and slowly and also really feel a wave of relaxation come over you as you let go of any type of concerns or tension you may be feeling with every breath you feel lighter and lighter and all your troubles simply disappear. On the third breath, allow your eyelids close.


  1. Take 7 more deep breaths, each time visualizing on your own sink deeper right into the bed with each breath you are now sinking further and further into your bed.

With each breath, think to yourself “deeper and also deeper” as your body comes to be a growing number of loosened up. After 7 breaths, you must remain in a state of deep relaxation. If you’re not, remain to take a breath deeply as well as wait up until every muscle in your body really feels totally tension-free.

When you reach this state of relaxation, your subconscious does not require to work as hard on points like relocating muscle mass, tracking motor functions and regulating temperature, so it is has your full attention.

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So in scientific language, your mind changes from creating Beta Waves– which are created at your highly mindful state– as well as starts generating Theta Waves. These waves naturally eliminate tension and also enable us to affect our subconscious minds.

  1. Once you have actually reached full deep and controlled relaxation I want you to imagine your perfect day what does it look like what happens who do you meet what car do you drive. Try and be as pin point as possible with every details of what you want your perfect life to look like..

A day where you see yourself at your best in every way, everything you want to happen happens and it brings you massive joy. You wake up and also you are promptly on the top of your game. You have unwavering emphasis and decision. Experience your whole day and all of the essential choices you’re most likely to be making as the optimal you.

Visualize on your own as a top athlete undergoing your workout with intensity and emphasis … Envision yourself getting to function early, accomplishing your objectives and also obtaining results …

It’s your ideal day, those are just some instances, so do whatever you believe the most effective version of yourself would certainly do– however concentrate on making the right decisions.


How can I control my subconscious mind?

This subconscious mind exercise will strengthen to your subconscious mind (which accounts for approximately 85% of your overall mental capacity) that you are the ideal variation of yourself you are the most brilliant version of yourself already and that everything you ever wanted has already and will happen throughout the day.

So when you reach the real decisions in your day like achieving sales objectives, or accomplishing your workout, your subconscious mind will certainly starts relate to the most effective variation of on your own its already got you to your goal so now your mind is showing you and giving whatever you need to have this perfect day without fail it will do this every time!

This change using these subconscious mind exercises won’t happen straight away like anything else you are forming a new habit and habits take a little bit of time, however with enough technique and persistence, the decisions will come to be automated and this will be the new version of you, so whatever you create whatever you want to happen in your life visualise it already happening do this a few times and things will literally just start to show up!

Try to do this subconscious mind exercise for at least 20 minutes daily it is always best you try and do them first thing in the morning as your mind is fresh and not had things literally thrown at it. Below I have listed 3 times that are ideal listed here, simply pick the one that’s best for you:


Pro – Mind already in a natural Theta Wave state from rest, so it’s less complicated to get to use these subconscious mind exercises.

Con – You could just wind up falling back to sleep during the workout this will happen especially right at the start of using this.


Pro – Accomplishing this kicked back state after work will certainly help you relieve your stress and also really feel revitalized for the evening!

Con – It’s more difficult to attain the unwinded state because your mind is totally aware. It’s thinking about what you achieved that day, and also what you’ll be doing tonight.


Pro – Getting to the relaxed state right before bed will certainly enhance the top quality of your sleep. It can likewise affect the subconscious mind before sleep which can assist favourably affect your dreams.

Disadvantage – Your mind is taking full stock of what’s occurred that day so it is difficult to remain focused when attempting to picture your perfect day. It will certainly be harder to quit it from straying.

The Use of vision boards

Another great subconscious mind exercises you can use is the use of vision boards. The reason these work and work best is many reasons and some we have listed below.

Best way to get started using them is get one off amazon there very cheap so just search “vision boards” then you want to go search for things you want to happen in your life whether that be a new job, new car, new house whatever it is get pictures of theses things you want to happen.

Next attach to the vision board and leave just out of main site, this is vital as we said before the subconscious mind works best when it does not know its being used so having these out of your minds eye means your subconscious mind spicks them up!

Also every morning sit there take a look at your vision board and go through every image visualise having that item or job or money what does it feel like?

So there you go a few subconscious mind exercises you can use starting from today to re program your subconscious mind.

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