As you probably know there are so many so-called systems and methods out there for using the law of attraction to attract more wealth and money into your life. The art to manifest money can be one that is filled with potholes as there are so many which one is correct and more importantly which one works!

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But if you which I think you are using the law of attraction to bring into your life more wealth more money and manifest more abundance than read on to see the top 3 law of attraction myths to bring in money.


You can then use them to find systems and manifestation techniques that work and manifest money for you.


The Top Three Money Myths Exposed

Money Myth # 1: Manifesting money takes a lot of hard work time and struggle!

From an early age the art of making money has always been one of which you need to work hard put a lot of effort and time in from school the teachers always told me you need good grades and to work REALLY hard.


The fact is the universe is simply teeming with abundance and all you need to really do is align your frequency to the one of the universe so that wealth and money can flow to you. The key to real wealth is this; identifying that, the riches that we do or do not want to experience in our lives is completely within our control. Get rid of your questions, fear, and also pre-conceptions and limitless wealth and abundance is yours for the taking.


So when we struggle for something or think its not hear yet what’s going on this is actually a state of fear, fear its not coming thus putting you into a lower vibration and one that will not allow you to attract the money you want. As a result of this, we are hindering the universe and the law of attraction in bringing us more money into our lives.


However, if we are loving life and the money we have right now and things we do with it we are literally opening up the universe to bring us more money effortlessly!


So all you need to do is daily techniques we list all other this site, start with the “5 daily actions” or take our quiz to find out exactly what you need to do to bring in more money into your life.


One thing I love to do is to listen to mp3 so effortlessly I change my mindset towards money. Pick up our FREE law of attraction money MP3 below and start to change your thinking and habits in and around money.

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Money Myth # 2: Attracting Money means it appears almost instantly.

So many people think the term “attract” means that you will instantly manifest the money into your life like magic, one day you open your bank account and there it is all there. The law of attraction is not about bringing things money cars, the new house magically into your life! Instead, the law of attraction is about bringing what you need into your life to get what you want. So if its more money, you will start to find new ideas, new thoughts around money leading to new opportunities to manifest that money into your life.


All change and using the law of attraction requires some sort of action however when the money starts to flow in this “action” will be effortless and you will start to acquire and manifest money so easily..


Money Myth # 3: To Get Rich There is Only One Magic Formula

So this is the most important thing for you to remember there is not a just one method to use the law of attraction to manifest and bring in more wealth and money to you. Remember everyone is different some prefer to read some prefer to visualise everyone has their different ideas and goals.. So how we use the law of attraction to bring in wealth into our lives will be different to all of us.


I find it hard to do visualisations I just can’t seem to concentrate but journaling I love and it works great guns for me.


However for money to come into our lives there are certain rules everyone must follow no matter what method you use to manifest more wealth into your life. So to start with you must feel good about money that’s a must.


You must also have faith in the unknown you must believe that what it is you desire will come to you that’s vital.

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So there you have the three biggest myths in and around the law of attraction and using it to manifest wealth.


Don’t forget to use my “law of attraction quiz” above and pick up your FREE law of attraction mp3 you literally just need to spend 10 minutes a day listening to it that’s it. It will then start to re program your mind to manifest more money faster!

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