Ok, you’ve probably already heard that the Law of Attraction can help you in creating the life you’ve always wanted, right? And the people are constantly talking that manifesting desired things is pretty easy. But, is it that easy? Well, if you use some tips and tricks, it can become easy!10 Best Manifestation Techniques

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The best tips and tricks for attracting and manifesting are „hidden“ into the  Law of Attraction „Bible“ – the book „Ask and it is given“, by Ester and Jerry Hicks. In this book, you can find many different Manifestation techniques. But, to save you some time, we’ve created the list of 10 best techniques that are going to bring you fast results.

Technique No. 1: „The Magic Box“

Do you have a clear idea of how you would like your life to look like? Well, if you know what you want, be so kind and tell that to the Universe too. Because the Universe is the one who is going to help you to manifest all the things that you want. How? By creating your Magic Box. All that you need to do is to find some box that you don’t need, you can decorate it a little bit if you want and put all of your wishes inside. Get a few pieces of paper and a pen, and write down every single wish that you have. You can write „a new car“, „a new job“, „trip to Spain“, etc. Write down anything that comes to your mind and place all those papers into the „Magic Box“. While you are putting your wishes inside, keep in your mind that you are sending your wishes to the Universe and have faith that the Universe is going to help you manifest all those things, in the best possible time!

Technique No. 2: „The Prosperity Manifestation Technique“

All you need to do here is to act like you are already living an abundant life full of prosperity. Take a moment and think about how an abundant person would behave. Now, do the same! And don’t mind the ones who observe you as a weirdo. The only important thing is that acting like a weirdo will help you to manifest prosperity! While you are behaving like a person who is living prosperity, you will start to vibrate like that. And then, you will start manifesting the things that are on that same vibration!

Technique No. 3: „Meditation“

Whenever you notice a negative thought or a negative emotion, that is the sign that you are stepping away from the fulfillment of the things that you wish for, and that happens because, at that time, your vibration is low. But, you have the power to stop that flow of negative thoughts and you can do that with the help of Meditation. Meditating 10 minutes a day will help you to raise your vibration instantly.

Technique No. 4: „The Diary  of Positive Affirmations“

If you want to manifest specific things, you need to tell that to the Universe, loud and clear. You are attracting and manifesting different things with the help of your deep beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, and your vibrations. So, if you want to manifest positive things, you need to create positive beliefs first. And you can do that by writing down Affirmations every day. Take 5 minutes every day to write the list of at least 3 positive Affirmations. The longer you write your „Affirmation Diary“, the louder the Universe will hear you.

Technique No. 5: „Scripting“

You’ve maybe heard about a Manifestation technique called Visualization. The whole point of Visualization is to close your eyes and to imagine the desired scenario of your life- to imagine the desired job, the desired relations, the desired financial situation, etc. But, many people have a problem with this form of Visualization because they have some difficulties with concentrating. That’s why you can use a modified form of Visualization called „Scripting“. The point is the same, to create the desired scenario, only this time, you need to write it down on a piece of paper. While you do that, you will experience the emotion of already living that desired scenario, and those emotions are going to raise your vibration!

Technique No. 6: „That would be so nice“

When you wish for something thinking „I don’t have that, that’s why I want it“, you are vibrating like you don’t have it and you are experiencing the lack of that. If you want to turn the situation into your advance, you only need to start using this sentence: „I want that because that would be so nice to have.“ By saying that, your vibration will be the opposite. Try it!

Technique No. 7: „Money in the wallet“

If you are dealing with a lack of money, you can use this technique. Put some money (real or false, it doesn’t matter) in your wallet, and spend that money every day, but, do that „mentally“. Imagine all of the things that you can buy with that money! By applying this technique, you will start to vibrate as you have money to spend!Manifestation Techniques

Technique No. 8: „Gratitude“

Whenever you notice that you are experiencing some negative emotion, you need to change that emotion to stop the fall of your vibration. And one of the best ways for doing that is by using Gratitude. All you need to do is to count your blessings, name all of the things that you are grateful for. There are a million things that you can name! When you start counting your blessings, you will feel better in a moment, and your vibration will start to move upper. And when you spend some time vibrating high, you will be getting more and more things that are going to make you feel grateful.

Technique No. 9: „Universe, I believe you!“

Ok, so you have a strong desire to have something, but, you have doubts, you think that you can’t manifest that. Well, if that’s the case, you can do this: you can say this: „Universe, I believe you! You can do this instead of me!“. Whenever you think that you can’t manifest a specific thing, apply this technique. After all, the Universe has enormous power, the Universe can do anything!

Technique No. 10: „The Vision Board“

This is a Manifestation technique similar to the Magic Box. The only difference is that, while using this technique, you need to place your wishes on a board, instead of in a box. By placing your wishes on a board, and by looking at that board several times a day, you will create a stronger belief that it is possible to have the desired thing. And when you have a strong belief on something, you are going to witness that in your everyday life.

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