When we say “synchronicity”, what do we mean by that? What are the synchronicity signs? Synchronicity happens when God, the Universe, call it whatever you like tells you “I’m here!”. We are all connected, we are all one. Everything that we can imagine, all those things already exist. A thought that comes to our mind, also already exist, somebody has already manifested that thing. All the knowledge that already exists, all the knowledge that is already born and all the knowledge that is about to be born, they all already exist, it is just a matter of time, when we will get in the harmony, vibrationally, with that knowledge, with those ideas.

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Do we, from time to time, get some synchronicity signs during our journey, or is it just the Law of Attraction in its essence? How can we make a difference between a sign from God, the Universe, angels, etc, and between something that you have attracted with the help of your thoughts and focus?


For example, you have a strong desire to travel to France. Wherever you look, you see something that reminds you of that wish of yours. You open your Instagram, and you see your friend taking a picture next to the Louvre museum. You turn on the TV, and you see a documentary about the French revolution. You go to the shopping mall, and the first thing you see is a t-shirt with an Eiffel tower symbol on it. You talk to your friend and he says that he saw affordable plane tickets for Paris, etc. Everywhere you look, you see things that remind you of your wish to travel to France. Are these synchronicity signs? Or you are just “attracting” all these signs with your focus?


If you are finding yourself at the beginning of your self-work journey, it is completely normal that you are confused and that you are asking yourself these questions. That is normal because you are looking for these synchronicity signs like some kind of a confirmation that you are “on the right way”. But here is a revelation for you: you are always in the right way! Even dough sometimes it doesn’t look that way, even dough sometimes the synchronicity signs are missing.


If you are not sure about the previous averment, think about the following analogy: You could be passing through thorns, and a wonderful field could be waiting for you after you are done with the thorny ground. Think about that. So, if you in a certain moment have the feeling that you are doing something wrong, just because you don’t see those synchronicity signs, it doesn’t mean that you are on the “wrong” path! When you understand that the Contrast is also a part of the creation process and when you understand that when something “bad” happens, that “bad” thing can lead to wonderful things, then you will understand that it is ok that you are not able to see the synchronicity signs all the time. 


But, no matter if we do understand this, no matter if we understand that is not necessary for our future experiences that we have the synchronicity signs all the time in front of us, from time to time, we eager for those signs. How can we notice them? We will explain, right away.


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Different types of Sinchrynocity and synchronicity signs


First of all, we must pay attention to the things that are surrounding us. We are all using different gadgets, we are using technology. Many of us are using smartphones, digital watches, etc. Can we see the synchronicity sings on those gadgets? Yes, we can. As we already mentioned, the synchronicity signs can be found on our social media accounts. For example, you wake up in the morning, and for no reason, you start thinking about some ex-friend of yours. A friend with whom you’ve ended the relationship for some reason. And you are worried by the thought that you’ve done something “bad” to your friend. You open your Instagram account and you see a picture with your ex-friend on it. At the same time. You were thinking about that ex-friend of yours, and you see a picture with your friend on it. That is a synchronicity sign! But, what it is that you should do with that sign? Well, we cant tell you what it is that you should do. Should you ignore that sign? Or should you call that ex-friend of yours? That is up to you. And if you are not sure what decision you should make, we suggest that you take a few minutes to yourself, and meditate. During the meditation, you will relax your mind, and you will get the inspire action. After the meditation, you will know what it is that you should do with that synchronicity sign that you’ve got.


Another synchronicity sign that you can get, are the numbers. And what do we mean by that? Well, you should pay attention to the signs that you are constantly seeing. For example, if you notice that, from time to time, you see a certain number repeating if you notice that you are seeing synchronized time, such as 12:12, or 23:23, those are all synchronicity signs that you should “decode”. Those are so-called “Angel numbers”. If you notice this kind of synchronicity, the numbers that are occasionally repeating, that means that the angels have some message for you. And you could “read” these signs easily. Just go online, find some website with angel numbers, and read the message from angels. These synchronicity signs from the Angels are a message for you that you are not alone, that somebody is watching you, leading you, and protecting you. No matter if you are a person who deeply beliefs in the existence of Angels, or you are a skeptic, if you do see constant repeating of some numbers, take a moment, and find the meaning of those numbers. Don’t ignore those synchronicity signs because they could bring you wonderful pieces of advice for your future actions.


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Another synchronicity sign can be manifested into a person you keep seeing constantly. Every day, in different places, you for some reason, keep seeing a specific person. That is a clear synchronicity sign for you. There is a reason for this constant “bumping into each other”. There is a reason for that. We suggest once again that you use the power of Meditation, and that you ask yourself a question: “Why am I constantly seeing this specific person?”. Be patient, and this unclear synchronicity sign will soon make sense to you.


Pay attention to the things you are dreaming about because you can also find synchronicity signs in your dreams. If certain things from your dreams are repeating from time to time, if you are seeing the same things, or the same people in your dreams from time to time, analyze that. The things from your dreams, that are repeating, could be synchronicity signs that you could use in your reality.



Ok, so now, after we’ve listed different types of synchronicity, the most common synchronicity signs, how can we be sure that these are really synchronicity signs, how can we be sure that these are not the signs that we have attracted and manifested with our thoughts and our focus? Well, we can never know that, we can’t be 100 percent sure. And you know what, in the end, it doesn’t matter from where you’ve got these signs. Do you know why? It is because these signs, no matter if they are created by you, or by the Universe, Angels, God, or something else, these synchronicity signs are bringing good things to you! And those signs are going to serve you in a good way!


The synchronicity signs that you see will help you to create the deep belief that is going to serve you. The synchronicity signs that you see will help your vibration to move upper on the emotional guidance scale. And the answer to our question from the beginning of your conversation today, “Is it a synchronicity sign or is it The Law of Attraction?” is- it doesn’t matter what it is! The only important thing is that the thing you are perceiving a sign is the indicator of your current vibration.


If you want to visit France, and you keep seeing pictures of France, why do you care are those pictures synchronicity signs, or you’ve attracted those pictures with your thoughts and your focus? It doesn’t matter! The important thing is that France is in your reality! And keep in mind that you are creating your future experiences with the help of your deep beliefs. If you convince yourself that those pictures are the signs, that’s perfect! If you believe that those pictures are the signs, you will, with the help of that belief, manifest your travel to France. On another hand, if those pictures of France are attracted and manifested with the help of your focus, if you are constantly talking about that, if you are constantly thinking about that, that’s also great! That is also the indicator that you are on the vibration of traveling to France! So, is it the intuition, is it a synchronicity sign, is it something that you’ve created with your focus- it really doesn’t matter! Act like you don’t care from where did you get this sign. Don’t bother with that! Let it be what you want it to be. 


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If you see something and you think to yourself: “This is a synchronicity sign from the Universe”, good for you! If it serves you to perceive somethings as a synchronicity sign, keep looking it like that.

The challenges in this field are happening because many people want to communicate these signs with other people. And when you say to somebody that you’ve got the message from the Angels, a synchronicity sign from the Universe, you will be perceived as “crazy”. Well, if it serves you, be crazy for the whole world, because the important thing is that with the help of the signs you are seeing you are transforming your life in a good way. Be crazy, if it serves you! When you are free from other people’s opinions, then you will understand that it is better to live your wonderful life as a “crazy” person, rather than living a miserable life as a “normal” one.

You are creating your life by yourself. And if you start believing that the Angels are sending you the advice for living a wonderful life, what is wrong with that? Are you doing something “bad” to the others by living your life believing in the existence of Angels? No! You are just overthinking because you want to explain to others the reasons for your behavior. And you don’t need to do that. Relax, and behave according to your inner feelings. Remember that those people who are perceived as “crazy” are the ones who are living wonderful lives. If you do believe in the Law of Attraction, keep believing that. If you do believe in Angels, keep doing that. If you do believe in God, keep doing that. And remember that your inner beliefs are the ones that are creating your future experiences. If you believe in the Universe, you will witness the synchronicity signs from the Universe in your reality. If you believe in Angels, you will witness the synchronicity signs from the Angles in your reality. And if you believe in God, you will witness the synchronicity sines from God in your reality. You will always, without exception witness the things that you believe. That is because the reality, as something unique and fixed, doesn’t exist. You can be sure that the ones who believe in the existence of Satan or aliens are actually witnessing that.

So, is it something a synchronicity signs, or it isn’t, why should you care? If you want to perceive it as a sign, let it be a sign.

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