If you’re familiar with the concept of Law of Attraction, then you’ve probably already used different tools for attracting different things into your reality. For manifesting the things that you desire, besides visualization, one of the most successful tools are surely money affirmations.

manifest with the law of attraction

Affirmations are your deepest beliefs on something. Many people make a mistake and think that affirmations are only positive sentences and positive thoughts. But, the affirmations can also be negative. When you repeat a certain sentence enough amount of time, that sentence becomes your belief, and that belief can be positive or negative.

If you do want to attract the money, then you should concentrate on repeating the positive sentences. When you do repeat them enough amount of time, then they will become your belief and with the help of your new belief, you will increase your money abundance.

Money Affirmations


Here are some positive money affirmations for changing your money mindset:


  1. “Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.”
  2. “I deserve to have the money.”
  3. “I deserve to enjoy in spending money.”
  4. “Spending money on me and the other people makes me happy.”
  5. “I earn the money with ease.”
  6. “This year I’m going to earn more money than ever before.”
  7. “Money makes me a better person.”
  8. “I enjoy spending money on other people.”
  9. “My income is increasing daily.”
  10. “My money investments are wise.”
  11. “I always have more than enough money.”
  12. “My wallet is always full.”
  13. “My bank account is always in plus.”
  14. “Money is good and I love money.”
  15. “I feel good when I have the money.”
  16. “I a magnet for money and money comes easily into my life.”
  17. “I am focusing my energy on the things that are bringing money into my life.”
  18. “I enjoy spending my money.”
  19. “When I give money, I get back double amount.”
  20. “I love to help others with my money.”
  21. “Money is pure energy for me.”
  22. “As my energy increases, my money income increases, too.”
  23. “I deserve to be financially free.”
  24. “I deserve not to worry about the money.”
  25. “I’m improving my ability to earn money, every day.”
  26. “Earning money, for me is not a hard thing to do.”
  27. “I am living the abundance.”
  28. “I am so grateful for the abundance in my life.”
  29. “The more grateful I am, the more money I have.”
  30. “The more I give to the others, the more I have.”
  31. “I know that money is not the most important thing in life and that’s why money comes to me easily.”
  32. “The Universe is constantly sending me more and more money for fulfilling all my needs and for fulfilling the needs of my loved ones.”
  33. “Money is my friend and our friendship will never end.”
  34. “ I enjoy this ability to help others with my money.”
  35. “I am making this world a better place with my money, and that’s why the Universe is giving me more and more money.”


So there you have it 35 of the best Money Affirmations you can use in your life every day to attract more money.

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