Leadership And The Law Of Attraction

This is a much needed book for all organisations in all industries and requires that a new norm emerges that is based on the understanding of the roles played by oneself, the key external relationships and the need to apply direct influence to drive the organisational objectives and vision through to implementation. Can Leadership And The Law Of Attraction work together and can it help you in obtaining the skills needed or choosing the right path.

manifest with the law of attraction

The authors do a good job of integrating the roles of others and the need to make this understood in a language that all in leadership can understand. What they do especially is to take on board the need to “make a choice” as a leader. This is a profound insight into the task of leadership and how it is to be approached in every aspect of leadership practice.

Leadership can be viewed in many ways but the Norm of Attraction can be viewed in an absolute sense. This includes the need to understand the importance of our own inner strengths and then applying them to our external relationships to benefit others. This is the basic Norm of Attraction. This is what the authors of this book refer to as the “Sculpture of Leadership”.

There are a number of very valuable principles that flow from this Norm. This Norm helps us to think in terms of the “Attraction of Influence”. The most important principle is the need to build a “world” of others to work with and not against, the leader or organisational vision. A world where the focus is on the benefit, service and achievement of others first. This needs to be applied in every aspect of leadership practice. The authors offer a helpful set of principles to help us achieve this. They offer a set of “World-Building” principles. This focuses on this key need of the leader to “Create the World”.

So what is purposeful service when using leadership in law of attraction?

* So what is Purposeful Service. This is about understanding that the reason for someone being in a role is to “Make a difference” and be an “effective” contributor. How does this contribute to the “Attraction of Influence”? How does one’s life or career align with the organisation’s and stakeholders’ needs?

* Purposeful Service means taking responsibility for our part in the organisation’s success, meaning we build “worlds” of others that are aligned with our vision, meaning we focus on achieving an “effective” contribution and not on how others think about us.

* The Idea of Purposeful Service means serving others!

* Purposeful Service means a sense of responsibility and a drive to deliver and to achieve, meaning we seek to achieve as much as possible in the time we have. Purposeful Service also means working with a sense of “hope” and “appreciation”, rather than from a sense of “resentment”.

What does this mean for you?

It is important to understand that this leadership focus is a CHOICE and using the law of attraction can help better your leadership. To fulfil the desires of others in a leadership role and to be happy with the results and with the results achieved, may not be in our best interests. And this becomes a leadership choice between “doing as I say” or “doing as I do”. It’s a choice between being an “effective” leader or being an “effective” follower.

This world needs leaders who can deliver, effective leaders who make a difference, and effective followers who contribute to the “attractiveness” of these worlds. Leadership can either be a duty or a choice.

If you want to be a responsible leader, we need to build worlds of others that are aligned with our vision, meaning we focus on achieving an “effective” contribution and not on how others think about us. It’s a choice between doing what’s right and doing what makes us happy. The leader is a person who thinks about what they do, while the follower thinks about who they’re doing it to. You can use leadership and the law of attraction increase success and help others get to there goals faster.

To do the right thing, we need to think about the outcome and the cause, what we are trying to achieve, and what we’re trying to achieve for those we lead. It’s the difference between doing your “duty” and doing your “choice”. It’s also the difference between taking the path of least resistance and taking action.

So what do leaders do differently?

In a recent article titled “What Leaders Do (And Don’t Do)”, the author talks about “doing your duty” and “doing your choice”. The difference between these two positions is what’s really important to us. The idea is that there are many ways of achieving results, goals, and achievements. The path of least resistance and taking action is often a road of least resistance and doing what’s easy and not what is the best option. This is the path of least resistance and doing what’s easy.

Leadership has to be about results, and it is more important that making others happy. This is the driving force behind our duty to achieve what is in the best interests of those we lead. This choice has to be made in order to be able to achieve what’s in the best interest of those we lead. Without this choice, we can’t achieve the results that are important to us and the team.

When we are able to make this choice, we are leading and taking action in the way that is in the best interest of those we lead. As we get better at this, the difference becomes less and less, and we have made the choice and are able to focus on outcomes and cause and effect.

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