If you’re finding yourself at the beginning of your Law of Attraction journey, you should know that it is completely fine to have some doubts and to wonder, is the Law of Attraction working or is it fake. This is normal because you can find the people who are saying that with the help of the Law of Attraction, they achieved in manifesting so many things- a new job, a love partner, a house of dreams, etc. On another hand, you can see the ones who are claiming that the Law of Attraction is a lie, that you can’t attract and manifest anything.

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You know what, both of these groups are right! For the ones who believe that they can attract anything, the Law of Attraction is a wonderful thing. And for the ones who say that the Law of Attraction is useless, the whole Law of Attraction philosophy is fake! There is not just one universal truth when it comes to the Law of Attraction.


But, we can say that the Law of Attraction is always working, no matter if you believe in it or not. The only difference, between the ones who believe in it and the ones who don’t, is that the first ones are attracting and manifesting things consciously, and the ones who doubt or don’t believe are doing that unconsciously.


Your reality is the reflection of your deepest beliefs. If you believe that you can attract and manifest the things you want, you will witness that. And if you think that the Law of Attraction is fake, you will get the experiences that will confirm your beliefs.


The thing that we suggest, to find out by yourself the strength of the Law of Attraction, is a fast Law of Attraction “test”. 


When will you achieve a manifestation? When you believe, when you truly believe that you can attract something. Some would say, “Ok, I will test the Law of Attraction. If the Law of Attraction is working, I want to attract and manifest winning a lottery in the next 48 hours”. But, does that person really believe that winning a lottery is something that can happen? If you really believe that something can happen, then you can attract and manifest that thing. But, if there is the smallest doubt, you will not be able to attract and manifest that specific thing. That’s why, to get the confirmation that the Law of Attraction is real, not fake, we suggest that you use the next 48 hours to attract and manifest something smaller than winning a lottery. Start with attracting and manifesting smaller, specific things- for example, a box of matches, a feather on the street, a red lipstick, a phone call from a specific person…Affirm and visualize something that is in tune with your deep beliefs, and give yourself 48 hours for the manifestation of that specific thing. After you succeed in attracting that small thing, you will start to believe that you can attract and manifest anything else to your reality.

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