Whatever you need in this life is at your disposal; all we need to do is to get them using the appropriate methods. But if we have everything at our disposal, why is that several individuals remain depressed, unsatisfied with their jobs, marriages, position, health, or love life? Why is it that most people out there often fail to build their dream career, relationship, job, or getting what you want etc.? some people aren’t aware that there exists a term known as the law of attraction, and this remains a fact. Individuals who are very conversant with the law of attraction don’t have the necessary insight on how to apply this law. The law of attraction, unknown to some people, can help you in getting what you want.

manifest with the law of attraction

Here are some reasons why the law of attraction doesn’t work for us, and we eventually end up not getting what we want.

The reality reflects your inner world

Our world reflects our inner world. If your inner world is at peace, then it will reflect in your outer world. Everything will work well for you, and you will end up experiencing perfect peace. If peradventure, your inner world is filled with horrible thoughts such as the thoughts of fear, paranoia, hate, doubt, life will look like a battleground to you. It isn’t very easy sometimes to modify things that take place in our outer world, but we have control over things that happen within.

The law of attraction won’t be effective for you if you can’t bring your inner world in harmony; this means you won’t be getting what you want.

The cruel cycle of failure

We can’t escape failure; it is inevitable, a necessary happening in life, which is very significant for your self-development. Each time we fail, we should simply accept it and forge ahead. If we don’t accept our failures and choose to ruminate on them or start afresh, we inadvertently support the belief that we deserve the failure. One thing we fail to do is to focus on being successful rather than concentrating on how to avoid failure. Consequently, the law of attraction offers us more failures because we are unconsciously requesting for it. By so doing, our negative beliefs become so strong that when we fail, we don’t seem bothered because we believe we deserve to. We expect to fail unconsciously, and it morphs into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, we find ourselves trapped in a cruel cycle of failure.

But if we maintain the mindset of success and carry out deeds that are capable of providing us with the success we crave for, it will be inputted in our conscious mind that we deserve to be successful, and as a result, we get the success we desire. But, sometimes, having a positive mindset may not be all that we need to attract success, and here are a few reasons why.

You fail to do all that it takes

Just having faith in your dreams won’t provide you with your heart desires. If you want to achieve a goal, you will have to take the necessary action. If you fail to do that which is required to attain your goal, then you won’t be getting what you want.

You lack patience

To manifest something, probably a dream or a goal, you have to believe in the process. Manifestation doesn’t happen in the twinkle of an eye; it takes lots of time. If you choose not to be patient and give up along the way, the process will certainly stop. Thus, it is important that you remain patient, believe in the process, and ultimately, you will surely getting what you want.


Trying to find out how the universe manifests things may put an end to the process. Just retain the vision in your mind, keep on working on your goal, and be patient. In the end, the vision will morph into a reality, and you will be gifted with that which you desire.


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