For all of you who may have been having challenges with your physical appearance and the weight of your body, we have great news! You can get your body to a perfect shape and you can lose weight by using one of the Law of Attraction methods- the Affirmations. Start using these Weight Loss Affirmations today in your arsenal to lose weight.

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All of you who are dealing with overweight, you should know that the most important factor who created your body the way it is right now is your deep belief related to losing or gaining weight. To modify your body, to lose some weight, you need to modify your negative belief into the positive. And the easiest way is with using Weight Loss Affirmations.

We have selected 27 powerful Weight Loss Affirmations for you:

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  1. I am grateful for my body appearance the way it is right now. 
  2. I am at peace with being overweight, because, deep down, I know that I can modify it whenever I decide to do that. 
  3. Losing weight might have been a hard thing for me in the past, but from now on, losing weight is not a hard thing for me. 
  4. I am allowing my body to change in the most wonderful ways. 
  5. I am allowing my body to remove all those unnecessary pounds. 
  6. I am allowing my body to remove the extra fat from my body. 
  7. As time passes, I am becoming a better version of myself. 
  8. As time passes, I am successfully losing that extra weight from my body. 
  9. As time passes, I am becoming healthier. 
  10. As time passes, I am becoming more and more satisfied with my body appearance. 
  11. Losing weight has never been so natural to me. 
  12. I am losing weight by eating healthier food. 
  13. I am losing weight by adopting healthy habits. 
  14. The more water I drink during the day, the easier that weight is going away from my body. 
  15. The skinnier I get, the more satisfied I become.
  16. Whenever I am grateful and happy about all the blessings that I witness in my everyday life, the easier is to lose that extra weight. 
  17. I feel so good and healthy everyday!
  18. Every day, am forever losing one part of that extra weight. 
  19. Every time I step on the weighing scale, I see a positive result!
  20. How good it feels to be successful in this weight loss process. 
  21. I choose to feel this good every day! 
  22. That’s why I choose to continue with the habits that are bringing me weight loss results. 
  23. As time passes, I am becoming more and more satisfied with my reflection in the mirror. 
  24. As time passes, I am becoming more and more satisfied with how I look. 
  25. Finally, I can wear whatever I want. 
  26. My self-esteem has never been this high!
  27. I am losing weight with ease, I look great and I feel great!

So there you have it 27 of the best Weight Loss Affirmations you can start using today. So each and every morning or whenever you can say them out loud and feel the emotion around each of them.

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27 Weight Loss Affirmations

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