Goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal. This action plan can include a variety of activities that help to achieve the goal. The action of doing the things on the action plan is the goal. The goals are written down as a list or checklist. This checklist can help a person or group decide what to do next.

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In setting goals there are a variety of different factors that can influence whether or not a person reaches a goal. The following tips can help a person or group reach the goals he/she sets.

What are the 4 steps to goal setting?

1. Goals should include a description in full. If a person or a group cannot describe in full just write it out and explain why the goal should be accomplished. It is a better plan to do the things then to have nothing done. This is like putting out a burning house without first putting out the fire.

2. Goals should be written in present tense. Just write down the present tense and add an action for each goal. For example; I am growing or I am growing healthily.

3. Goals should be divided into small achievable goals. If an individual wants a large goal, divide it into small achievable chunks. For example, If an individual wants to make a six figure income, he/she first needs to build a good income and then go on to build up a six figure income. This method helps a person or a person to build his/herself a plan for attaining the goal.

4. Goals should have an end date. In addition, an individual should write the end date, so that he/she will reach to a goal by that date. By doing this, an individual will not be disappointed if he/she does not attain a goal, so that an individual can give up by the end date.

A person or a group can use the checklist method of goal setting. It is not the goal itself that is important but the method by which the goal is attained. This can help an individual to have a plan for the attainment of a goal. If a person or group has a goal but does not have a method to achieve the goal, then the goal will not be attained. In addition, a person or a group that does not take on goals for attaining can not reach the goal anyway. This can help individuals to be self satisfied, and will help to motivate a person to attaining each goal he/she sets.

So making setting out goals is vital for your success in business and life.

When used in partnership with the law of attraction manifesting your goals becomes easier. So make sure to use the law of attraction alongside goal setting for the ultimate.

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