Are you struggling with bringing your desires to your physical reality?

manifest with the law of attraction

Well, the truth is that the law of attraction is always at work. The universal forces are always responding to your thoughts and the emotional states you embody. Then what could be the reason that you are facing a delay in your manifestations?

Maybe it’s because you are making a few law of attraction mistakes that are really jeopardizing your success.

So, in this blogpost, we are going to go over the 5 top law of attraction mistakes you are making, and you will learn how they are causing unnecessary hurdles in your manifestations.

Lack of a definitive goal

The law of attraction is your secret to creating the kind of life you desire. But the biggest reason people fail to harness the power of this amazing law is their lack of clarity about what they really want.

Of course, the universe is always there to give you anything and everything you want, but the whole process of creation starts with a clear intention. Unless you cannot present a clear intention to the universe, the universe cannot give you what you want.

There might be thousands of things you want, but have you gained clarity on any one of them? The most probable answer would be NO.

Journaling is a fantastic tool that can help you gain clarity about things you are really passionate about. Start with journaling for just 5 minutes a day, and slowly you will start getting the clarity you seek.

Clinging to your past

So many of us are carrying the remnants of our past traumas in our subconscious. Also, we like the idea of focusing on our past to predict what kind of future we are going to have.

Let me tell you that if you are relying on your past to predict your future, then for sure, you are going to have a future identical to your past.

Your attention is your asset; you have to learn to use it strategically.

When most of your focus is on your past, you will not be able to connect with the universal life force that creates everything. So, from this moment onward, ensure that you stay out of the loops of your past. Instead, use your attention and focus on becoming more connected to the present moment.

Fear of disappointment

Most people love staying in their comfort zones. They simply don’t try big things, take risks or give a genuine shot to manifestation because deep down they are scared of being disappointed.

They think about failing more than they think about winning this is the biggest law of attraction mistake

Maybe you are making the very same mistake of letting your irrational fear dictate your life choices. I can tell you that if you are fearful of being disappointed, the law of attraction will never work for you. Because fear is a strong negative emotion, and unless you eliminate this emotion, your energy cannot rise and align with the future you are trying to create for yourself.

No sense of self worthiness

Have you ever thought that the reason good things are not coming your way is that you haven’t allowed them to? Not consciously but subconsciously.

No matter how many affirmations you repeat or how many journals you fill, if you don’t believe that you are worthy of your desires, they aren’t going to manifest for you.

Usually, our sense of worthiness is closely connected to the kind of environments we have lived in. As kids, most of us were surrounded by authority figures who either didn’t believe in us or never motivated us to reach our goals. This social conditioning that the child goes through in his early years becomes a rather permanent part of his self-concept.

But you are an adult now, and you have the power to change your self-esteem and sense of worthiness. Start with celebrating your little wins every day and use positive statements to encourage yourself.

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Trying to control everything

Perhaps you are doing everything right with the law of attraction, but your only problem is trying to get ahead of yourself and the process of creation.

When you are on the path of manifesting, you have to understand that so many things are not going to be in your control. In fact, the more you will try to control things beyond your reach, the more you will feel agitated, and that will make the law of attraction bring you more things to be stressed over.

Surrender is a big part of the law of attraction, and you have to learn the art of surrender to be successful at the manifesting game.

Whenever you want something, make sure you get clarity over it and set a strong intention for it. After the intention is in place, your only job is to keep your vibration up as much as you can.

How will your desire come to you? What way will it come to you? Those things are out of your domain so don’t worry about them. Instead, stay focused on your end goal and stay in a state of alignment.

So there you have it the top 5 law of attraction mistakes you are making that could be holding back what you truly desire.

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