The Law of Attraction What is the Secret in Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret“?


If you are into the “New Age”, or if you were at least researched this topic a bit, then, there is a huge chance that you’ve bumped to the name of Rhonda Byrne and you’ve definitely already read her book “The Secret”, or maybe watched her movie with the same title. And precisely, Rhonda, together with her “Secret” is our topic for today.

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Who is Rhonda Byrne?


Rhonda Byrne is a famous Australian author and motivational speaker. Here, we are talking about a woman who experienced a huge existential failure and a woman who managed to turn that bad situation into her advance with the help of a book that she got as a present from her daughter. According to her own words, that book was a life-changer for her. She talked about that new beginning of her life at her first TV appearing in the famous “Oprah Show”. After that TV appearing, Rhonda Burn became extremely popular, and as a consequence of that popularity, a few books appeared. All the books that Rhonda created had one thing in common- the affirmation of the Law of Attraction and the popularization of the idea that our thoughts are determining our whole life. This idea was especially popularized in her book “The Secret”, and later in the movie the “Secret”.


For all of you who haven’t had the chance to read the book or to watch a movie, we will explain all of the important parts.What is The Secret in The Secret


“The Secret Film”


Back in the March of 2006/2007, Rhonda Byrne, producer and writer from Australia, first presented her documentary called “The Secret”. The movie was filmed in a documentary form with a lot of interviews of the “real” people with real-life stories. There, in the movie, we could see people of different ages, different financial situations, and all in all different life experiences. No matter that all of the people who were in that movie had different backgrounds and different life challenges in the past, they all had one thing in common. They all gave their confirmation of the New Age idea that thoughts are the most important thing for the improvement of human life. Or, in other words, they all believed and testified that with the change of their thoughts and their way of looking at things, they all succeeded in transforming their physical, spiritual, and financial situations.

The secret the movie was created an d bought around from the the book the secret, but more importantly was based around one of the most famous books ever. Napoleon Hill’s “think and grow rich”

The movie and the book became extremely popular after Rhonda’s first appearance in the “Oprah Show”, and after that first appearing, Oprah hosted her one more time, together with the people from the movie. After that appearance, the book “The Secret” became a best seller in the USA, and the popularity of the book made Rhonda one of the best-selling authors in the last fifteen years. After publishing “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne wrote a few more books with the same Law of Attraction idea in the center– “The Magic”, “The Power”, and “Hero”. All those books referred to the Law of Attraction, but, “The Secret” is still number one. That’s why we are going to pay special attention to that book and to the ideas from it.


The most important ideas in “The Secret”


As we already mentioned, all of the Books of Rhonda Byrne have one thing in common and that is the fact that they are all based on the Law of Attraction “philosophy”. So, we can say that the Law of Attraction idea is the foundation of all her work. In all of her books, she gave a special place to the concepts of visualization and gratitude.


In “The Secret”, you can see that the Law of Attraction is understood as one of the universal laws. Rhonda explains that, as a universal law, the Law of Attraction is determining our whole life. The Law of Attraction collects and distributes all the existing energy that exists in the Universe. According to her, every person can, with the power of his thoughts, reflect his own energy, the energy that continues to spread in the Universe and attracts the same or similar thoughts. After that, that energy goes back to the person, as an experience. So, the conclusion is that the Law of Attraction has an influence on a person’s life, and more importantly, the Law of Attraction determines a person’s future and all of the future experiences.


The most significant thing in Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” is the fact that all of the ideas that she talks about are explained through the examples.


How to apply Visualization and Gratitude


One of the examples that you can find in “The Secret” is related to healing. She says that if a man would like to improve his health state if he would like to heal from some disease, he needs to do the following things. He needs to have a strong desire for healing and he needs to believe, to have faith, that the healing will happen. The most important thing for making a wish come true is the process of visualization. A person needs to believe and act like he is already healed. He needs to visualize, to imagine himself as a healthy person.


Visualization means that no matter what it is that you would like to attract and manifest., you first need to imagine yourself already experiencing that thing.

Visualization and Gratitude

So, if a person is dealing with a bad diagnosis, with visualizing himself healthy, and with the power of gratitude, he will attract the desired thing and he will witness the improvement of his health state. With the power of visualization, everything is possible.


As we can see, during the visualization, it is important that we have positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are going to emit positive energy and high vibration. When our energy is positive, and when we are vibrating high, we are going to attract and manifest more and more positive things.

Rhonda says that in the process of attracting and manifesting, we need to pay special attention to the following thing: we need to avoid being pessimistic and we need to avoid focusing on negative thoughts. She says that negative thoughts are going to emit negative energy, meaning that our vibration will fall down. When we vibrate low, we are getting further from attract5ing and manifesting all of the things that we would like to attract and manifest. We are getting away from all of the good and positive things and we are attracting and manifesting “bad” things and experiences. So, if you act like a pessimist, you will keep attracting pessimistic people and bad and unpleasant experiences.

One of the keys is to be grateful or live in gratitude

Besides the visualization, in “The Secret” we can find another important idea, and that is the idea of gratitude. To Rhonda Byrne, gratitude is a “magical thing” that can help us in the realization of our wishes, dreams, and desires. If we use gratitude, that can help us to improve the physical, material, and spiritual aspects of our life. Rhonda says that gratitude is an important condition for the improvement of somebody’s life and that without gratitude, we are blocking every possible progress. If we want to get a specific thing, Rhonda says, we first need to give something and that is closely connected with the idea of gratitude.


In “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne shares with us twenty- eight different exercises that are going to help us in manifesting desired things. The first twelve exercises are related to gratitude, the following ten are related to the concrete wishes and desires that we have, and the last six are helping us to reach a new level where gratitude will spread on every segment of our life.


By applying all of the ideas from “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne, together with all the other people who appear in the movie, convinces us that we can turn our life situation into our advance, no matter what it is that we are dealing with at the moment. No matter how hard is the life period you are experiencing at the moment, you can transform that, and you can start living the life of your dreams if you just use “The Secret”.


The New Secret Film

the secret movie 2020

As you can see, it has been more than fifteen years since the movie “The Secret” appeared. Although many people are already familiar with the main ideas of this Law of Attraction “bible”, soon enough, more people will learn about these ideas by watching a new movie “The Secret: Dare to Dream”. This is a 2020 drama, based on the ideas from the book we were talking about today. To all of you who don’t like documentaries and books, maybe this movie, starring Katie Holmes will connect you a bit closer with the whole Law of Attraction concept. And all of you who already watched the documentary and/or read the book could also watch this movie. Maybe in this movie, you will hear something that will help you to understand the Law of Attraction even better.


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