If you, from time to time, go outside at night time, or, you simply take look at the night sky from your window, you will notice that the Moon looks different, from time to time. Sometimes when you see it, the Moon is full, sometimes you will see a crescent moon. Just try to remember, you’ve probably experienced troubles with sleeping while crescent moon sometimes. And do you know why that happens? It is because Moon has enormous strength and energy, and we, people, can sense the energy of the Moon. So what are the Moon Symbols & Phases?

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The Moon is extremely powerful, and, depending on its Moon Symbols & Phases, it can leave certain effects on our lives. If we spend some time observing the Moon phases, we can learn how to take out the best possible effect from every phase. If we learn about the Moon and its phases, we will find out when should we apply Law of Attraction methods and techniques for the best possible result. And that is because, in this Universe, everything is connected- you and the Universe, the Universe and the Moon, and in the end, you and the Moon. We already know the power of the Universe. Let’s now spend some time getting to know the Moon and its phases, in order to make our attracting and manifesting process fast and successful.

Moon Phases

 What are we using the term „Moon Phases or symbols“ for? Well, we are using this term simply to describe the way of how the Moon looks to us, while we are looking at it from the sky.

Given that 27 days is necessary for the Moon to complete its orbit around the Earth, during those 27 days, we can observe eight different Moon Phases. And those phases are:

  • New Moon 

  • Waxing crescent 

  • First-quarter 

  • Waxing Gibbous 

  • Full Moon 

  • Waning Gibbous 

  • Third-quarter 

  • Waning crescent 

As you can see each Moon Phase has its symbol. And each Moon phase has a different energy. And we will now explain each phase.moon symbol meaning

New Moon 

After every 27 days, the New Moon starts its new lunar cycle. While the New Moon phase lasts, you can, from the earth, see how the Moon looks like. You see, during the full moon phase, the Sun sets behind the Moon, so we can see the New Moon appearing. What should you do during this phase? Well, this phase is fantastic for starting something new. New intentions, new ideas, new plans, and projects- for a good result, feel free to start all those things during the New Moon. At the same time, during this phase, you can get rid of all of those things that don’t serve you in a good way- old stuff, old bad habits, people from your past that are not bringing any good to your life, etc.

Waxing Moon

You can notice the Waxing Moon as a crescent of light when the sky is dark. The Waxing Moon appears in those moments when the sun starts to move from behind the moon to the right side of the moon.

This Moon phase is related to raising confidence, and to making specific plans and wishes true. Waxing Moon is a great time to achieve your biggest dreams and wishes. It is a great time because during this phase you will get an enormous amount of positive energy from the Moon. Use that energy and manifest all of the things that you are wishing for.


This Moon phase happens when the whole right side of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun. From where we are standing, during this phase, we can see the half-moon, pretty clear.

This half-moon has half of the Moon’s energy. And this phase is the phase for self-observing, self-reflection, and self-improvement. During this phase, it is advised to pause all your new and big plans and wait for some other Moon phase to do that. Also, you should know that this phase is a phase for celebrating your past accomplishments.

Waxing Gibbous

During this phase, the Moon is almost at the climax of its energy and we can see almost the whole Moon.

moon symbol meaningThe two things that are completely describing this Moon phase are definitely mindfulness and imperative action. During this phase, you need to spend some time with yourself meditating, affirming, etc, but also, it is advised to listen to your intuition and your inner emotions, and to take some actions, if you feel like you need to take them.

Full Moon

When you can see the whole full Moon, that means that the climax of the lunar cycle has happened. During this phase, the Moon is extremely powerful and you can use his strength to make your future better.

You can use this phase for your personal growth, for a better understanding of your life circumstances, but also, you can use it to affirm and visualize your future life experiences. For example, you can imagine your ideal future job, your ideal future house, your ideal future relationship, etc. Everything that you visualize during this Moon phase has an enormous potential to happen in your real life.

Waning Gibbous Moon

In this phase, the Moon slowly vanishes and we can see it the way we could see it in the previous phase. So, what is advised to be done during this Moon phase? Well, the energy of the Moon is going to lower your energy in this phase, and that’s why, it would be good to spend this phase thinking, reconsidering, and being more introspective. Actions should wait for some other Moon phase. Taking some actions during this phase is not going to bring you positive results.

Third Quarter

Ok, so, during this phase, we can again see the half-moon. And what should we do during this phase?

Well, this is the ideal time for letting go of all of the blockages, all of the things that were blocking our progress and improvement. Also, this is the ideal time for letting go of all of your past emotional traumas. During this phase, you can apply some ritual that is going to help you in removing all those blockages from the past.

Waning Moon

The last phase of the lunar cycle is the Waning Moon for Moon Symbols & Phases.Moon Symbols & Phases

Even dough this phase is telling us that we are about to experience a new beginning, during this phase we should be patient a little more, and use this time to give ourselves some care, understanding, love, and compassion. This phase should serve you to fulfil all of your emotional and physical needs, and simply, to make yourself happy, satisfied, and completely fulfilled. Why is it important to end this last Moon phase feeling like this? Well, it is because the energy you achieve during this phase, the phase of the Waning Moon, is going to transfer to the next phase, the phase, of the New Moon.

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As you can see, some Moon phases and symbols are fantastic for practicing some rituals for attracting and manifesting the things that you are wishing for. We recommend you practice affirming, visualizing, and meditating. Applying these techniques is going to give you a new dose of high vibrations and positive energy, and that, combined with the Moon energy, is going to help you to attract and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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