Today we are going to answer one question that parents are thinking about: How can you teach your children the rules of the Law of Attraction. It is hard to even start to answer this question because the truth is that, during the process of education, we often tend to wean the children from everything they already know. So a better question would be How to help the parents can use the law of attraction for kids. 

manifest with the law of attraction

Can you manifest for your child?

The fact is that the children are born with all of the knowledge of this world. After they are born, the children know pretty well who they are and what they are. But, what happens after that? Well, soon enough, we get up on the stage, we parents. We parents, very often tend to repeat the sentences such as „You can’t get everything that you want,“ „Do you think that money falls from the trees?“, „If you want to achieve that, you must work hard.“, „Don’t laugh.“, „Don’t be in a good mood, something bad will happen.“, „If everything is going too well, put a rock in your shoe.“, etc. You see, the parents often repeat the phrases to their children the same as they have heard in their childhood from their parents. And all these sentences, after you repeat them to your child enough amount of times, eventually become their deep beliefs.

Law of attraction for kids 

So, the first piece of advice for teaching your child the Law of Attraction is avoiding repeating negative sentences to them. But, let’s be clear here. Saying things like these is nobody’s fault. It’s something that our parents teched us, and their parents taught them. And all of them acted like that because they wished only the best for their children. So, the fact is that we are the ones who are making the same „mistake“ on the next generation.

How do I introduce my child to the law of attraction

If you have a little child at the moment, here is what you should do. The best thing would be to just try to let him go, to observe him, to see him get everything he wants. To see that your child is indeed the conscious creator of his own life. Allow your child to be free, and to express himself, without the influences from your side. That’s another tip.

How do I introduce my child to the law of attraction?

If your child is slightly older, here is what you could do. Let’s say that your kid wants to get a specific toy. It could be whatever- a doll, a teddy bear, you name it. After your kid told you what it is that he wants to get, go on and talk with your child, by reminding him how he can attract and manifest that specific toy. Advice your child to close his eyes, to visualize, to imagine how nice it would be to play with that toy. Ask your kid how would he feel if he was already holding that toy in his hands. And repeat that process for a few days. Remind your child to imagine the things that he wants to have, and always ask him how having that thing makes him feel. Repeat this process until your child succeeds in manifesting that specific toy. It is just a matter of time because when kids want to have something, be sure that they will manifest that thing. Kids don’t have blockages as we adults have. Their vibration is mostly very high, and that’s why they can manifest much faster than the older ones.


Let’s take one more example. Let’s say that your kid is sad for some reason. For example, your kid wanted to in the school desk with a specific friend, but that didn’t happen. Your kid comes in a bad mood from school. What should you do? You should remind your child that, in his Vortex, he is already sitting at the school desk with that specific friend. In his Vortex, everything that your child wants is already happening. Explain to your child that to make his wish true, the only thing that he needs to do is to feel good. So, for transforming that negative situation into a positive one, your child only needs to do something else that makes him feel happy. It could be playing, watching a cartoon, anything.

The key is to make sure your kid is happy!

Make sure that your kid is constantly happy, smiling, and laughing. When your kid is laughing from the bottom of his heart, that is when your kid is in Vortex. And when your kid is in the Vortex, various manifestations are going to appear in his reality. So, whenever your kid succeeds in attracting and manifesting something, explain to him that the manifestation happened because he was good and happy. It will be a motivation for the future. Making your kid happy is one of the key to the law of attraction for kids.

Can you manifest for your child

Don’t „block“ the manifestation of your child just because you have some more „serious“ things to do. Many parents tend to ignore and not pay attention when their kid is laughing. Even worse, some parents tend to say „ Be quiet!“, because they need peace to cook the lunch, clean the room, or something similar. Don’t do that. Instead of that, allow your child to express his positive emotions, include your child in those things you are doing, and allow the positive energy of your child to influence you and your emotions and your vibrations. So when using law of attraction for kids keep an eye on there emotions, as we know manifestation and our emotions are vital.

Always lead by example when showing them what’s possible!

Teach your children the Law of Attraction on your example. Whenever you succeed in manifesting something you want, express your satisfaction and happiness in front of your kid. When you attract and manifest something, say out loud „I’ve done it!“. Maybe your kid won’t notice your reaction the first time. But, if you do that every time, be sure that your kid will notice it. So when using the law of attraction for kids lead from example.


Remind your kid to be grateful! Talk to your kid, explain to him that there are the ones who don’t have all of the things that he has. Teach him to appreciate the blessings and do that every day. This is extremely important because gratitude is one of the emotions with the highest vibration.


The last tip that we have for all of you parents: allow your children to teach you how the Law of Attraction functions! You just need to observe how they are achieving everything that they want!

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